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Live Blackjack Review

Evolution Gaming Playtech and other software providers are Spreading Excitement Throughout Online Casinos With Live Blackjack.
Live Blackjack was developed by Evolution Gaming in the European style. This includes the rules for dealing the cards. This means that the dealer uses eight decks during the live stream which are shuffled at the conclusion of each session. You can change your viewing mode between normal and full.

Your live stream window can be minimized enabling you to play blackjack on the virtual table. In addition to placing your bet, you can also make an optional side bet. This feature can be turned off to remove side bets from the table completely. Live chat is always available so you can have good interactions with your dealer.

Live Blackjack tables by Evolution gaming

Differences in online blackjack tables

If you have any questions about the rules, payout table, etc., a help section has been included. You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions. The same blackjack rules are used by Evolution Gaming for all tables regardless of the casino. The only difference in online blackjack tables throughout gaming history include:

  •  Table limits
  •  General theme such as table color
  •  Number of live dealers per session
  •  Branded and dedicated blackjack tables

Although online blackjack has become extremely popular during the last few years, nobody knows where the game originated. Once blackjack was developed, the game continued to evolve with online versions becoming available including Live Blackjack. You will discover numerous benefits including:

  • You can use the game’s history feature to view the outcome of your previous hands
  • The video quality is excellent
  • The chat box enables you to talk to your live dealer
  • Place additional bets with different limits for wagering
  • Disabling the option for side bets through advanced settings
  • You have your choice of preferred screen viewing modes

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How to Play Live Live Blackjack

One of the reasons so many players have posted a good Live Blackjack review is the ease of playing and traditional blackjack rules. When the game begins, you select your chips to place a bet. The chips are located on the bottom of your screen and placed in the betting areas. There is an icon on your left you can use to eliminate side bets from your table. If you change your mind later, you can use the same button to turn side bets back on. Your side bet options for Live Blackjack include 21+3 and Perfect Pairs. There is a limit on betting time.

Once you have placed your wager, a sign is displayed in the top right corner of your screen stating No More Bets. When the countdown is triggered, there is still time to clear your bets. The results of your past hands are recorded in the game history accessible using a tab to your right.

Key rules of Live blackjack

Look on the left side of your screen to view table limits. The limits are different according to bet type. Side bets offer a higher maximum betting amount. The key rules of Live Blackjack include:

  • Dealer must stand on 17. This includes a soft 17. Since the house edge is decreased, you receive an advantage.
  • The basic strategy as a 0.49 percent house edge.
  • No surrender or re-split. You are unable to split aces.
  • The game uses the industry standard of eight decks of cards.

Originally, seven players were accommodated by each table. Changes were made due to the high demand for the game. The new feature enables an unlimited number of players to enjoy the game simultaneously. When betting after another player you do not make the decisions. You need to trust the judgment of the person in the main seat. Play Evolution Gaming’s Blackjack Live best at Betamo casino:



  • 100% up to $400
  • MGA License

Helping features

You can use the quick decision feature for making a move before the action begins. This add-on is popular among the players because you will not get bored or restless waiting for a new hand to begin. The casino uses this feature to deal more hands every hour.

Bets on perfect blackjack pairs are extremely common in Central and Eastern Europe. The portfolio for every table allows you to place perfect pair side bets. Your maximum payout is 30 to one. The basic features of perfect pairs include:

  • Pairs with different suits of the same color pay 10 to one. A good example is a 10 of spades and a 10 of clubs.
  • Pairs with different suits and colors pay five to one. A good example is a 10 of hearts and a 10 of clubs.
  • A perfect pair is two cards with the exact same color, suit and value. This combination offers a payout of 30 to one.

House edge

Despite the apparent attractiveness of the perfect pair payout, keep in mind the house edge is roughly 5.80 percent. When you compare this to a straight-up bet, the odds are 10 times poorer. For this reason, some players prefer the 21+3 side bet while others prefer to turn of side betting completely.

The 21+3 side bet is most often found in the United States and is not nearly as popular in Europe. This type of bet is a combination of blackjack and three-card poker. When you place a 21+3 bet, you are basically making a prediction. In order to win, the dealer’s card and two of the first three dealt must be a winning combination.

You need a flush or better to win your side bet. The typical payout table for Live Blackjack is as follows.

  • Suited trips pays out 100 to one
  • Straight flush pays out 40 to one
  • Trips pays out 30 to one
  • Straight pays out 10 to one
  • Flush pays out five to one

Tips to Play Evolution gaming’s Live Blackjack best

You might not realize one of the best ways to win playing online blackjack is not standing or hitting. One of the best ways to win is simply by paying attention. Nearly every experienced player and mathematician agree, beating the odds all the time is an impossibility.

This does not mean you will not get streaks of good cards. We recommend taking a good look at all of the tables. This will help you to determine where good luck streaks are occurring so you can join the table. Think about the traditional coin flip. There are going to be times where the coin continues landing on heads or tails over and over.

If you count the number of heads and tails as the coin lands, eventually they will become somewhat even. The same is true of blackjack. You will have periods where you lose numerous games in a row. Just as quickly the cards will turn and you will start winning almost every round.

We do not recommend playing Live Blackjack until you understand the rules. Evolution Gaming developed the rules according to the basic blackjack strategy. Once you understand the rules, you can play a better game and increase your chances of winning.

Read more about Blackjack tips here.

General gambling tips

A lucky streak will only take you so far if you have no idea how to play the game correctly. You can learn a basic online blackjack strategy quickly. There is a wide range of online tutorials available showing you when to hit or stand. Understanding the game, knowing the rules and playing when you feel good increase your chances of winning.

When you play blackjack online, remember a lot of different versions are available. Make certain you know which version you are playing and the rules before you choose your table and place a bet. Although the games are similar, slight differences in the rules and betting structure will make a difference.

A good example is a six to five payout structure will not allow you to make as large a profit as a three to two structure. If the dealer is required to hit a soft 17, you will not make as much money as the house. You need to understand the different variants of blackjack to determine your best possible strategy.

Live Blackjack Review Conclusion

If you are interested in exceptionally high-quality video, a background with a strong visual appeal, a stable stream and friendly and professional live dealers you can communicate with, this is the blackjack game for you. The advanced video and audio capabilities combined with the gameplay settings allow you to immerse yourself in the game.

You can customize the game according to your specific preferences for an enjoyable and smooth gaming experience. The majority of user reviews are good. Many players are impressed with the immersive experience, fast action and delightful dealers. If you want excitement, look no further.

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