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Playing at an online casino that offers Cashback

Online casino gambling, especially when a cashback bonus is offered, is becoming more and more popular. Wagering with a cashback casino is an easy way to enjoy the thrill of gambling without the hassle of crowds or waiting to play a favorite game.

The following is a rundown of how the cashback bonus works and why you should insist it be part of your online wagering experience going forward, but first the three best Cash Back Casinos:

Cashback casino top 3

  • 100% up to $1000
  • MGA License
  • 20% Cashback Daily
  • MGA License
  • $300 + 100 Spins
  • Every week 10% cashback

How a Cashback Bonus Works

How a Cashback casino works

Every type of wagering game has some sort of bonus that awards a prize of some sort for playing. Getting the bonus in most cases is entirely random – you collect symbols as you play either collectively over several turns or with one turn. The bonus is usually free games, but occasionally it is cash bonuses that are randomly distributed or choices the player selects that have a certain dollar amount prize.

In addition to bonuses collected while playing, many online casinos offer incentives to sign up, return to play, or keep playing in the form of a bonus awarded for certain actions as a customer. For example, some casinos will offer sign-up bonuses in the form of cash or free spins, while others will award an initial set amount of a cashback bonus followed by more cash match bonuses for additional deposits. You can find all the casino bonuses here and use the filter to find the bonus you want.

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Types of Bonus

Cashback bonuses come in many different forms. Here are a few.

Signup Bonuses:

Just about every online casino offers an initial signup bonus. The bonus is what it sounds like: You sign up, deposit money, and receive your bonus. Most signup bonuses are only awarded to accounts that are fresh; that means if you have an old account, you cannot receive the signup bonus, even if your account is dormant.

In some cases, the casino will offer you a reactivation bonus if you bring your account back into “current” or “active” status. You must place some type of wager in most cases for this type of cashback bonus to take effect.

Initial Match Bonus:

You get a credit from the casino for all or a portion of what you deposit into your online account. Generally, this type of bonus has a cap and is only available on the initial deposit amount. Some casinos offer 200% casino bonuses though. You'll then receive two times the initial deposit amount. A casino that offers this bonus is Casimba or Dream Vegas.

Free Spins Bonus:

You get a certain number of free spins you can use as you wager. The number of free spins depends on the casino but some casinos are very generous. Some casinos offer free spins for returning players as well. Almost all free spins bonuses have a limit per day on how many you can use. So, if you receive 100 free spins and the casino limits bonus free spins to 10 a day, you must return to work off any remaining spins you have. although there is usually a limit to how many can be received in one day

No Deposit Bonus:

A No Deposit bonus means that you get free spins or credits to play with. For this you do not need to deposit first! In many cases, this type of bonus is part of a “sampler” to let you get a sense of how the casino operates. You should check with the online casino you are interested in depositing money in to see what their policy on no deposit bonuses is.

Bob Casino

  • $500 Bonus
  • 25 Spins No Deposit

Random Promotional Bonuses:

Some casinos also offer subsequent deposit bonuses for a second or third deposit. Others offer variations of this type of bonus, including a percentage of your losses as a bonus.

Rules for Using the Bonus

The cashback bonus is not always available for immediate withdrawal. In most cases, it works exactly like “Freeplay” or “Rewards Play” at a physical casino. The player must play the equivalent amount of the bonus and can collect the difference.

Whatever you win, once the bonus money is spent, factors into your overall wager deposit and in most cases can be treated just like your deposit as it relates to withdrawing funds from your casino account.

5 Steps to Get a Cashback Bonus

Time needed: 5 minutes

Getting the bonus is straightforward. We'll explain the simple proces in five steps.

  1. Register an account

    Open an account with an online casino you like, use our online casino top 10 to make a safe choice.

  2. Fill in forms

    Input your details: Name, Address, Transfer Account info, PIN, etc.

  3. Make your first deposit

    Transfer money from a bank account or online transfer service or directly via your own bank at an Interac casino. Visit the help section of your preferred online casino to see what the casino recommends.

  4. Using your cashback

    If your money was lost this session you can now collect your cashback. Usually the cachback bonus can be collected the next day or at the end of the week.

  5. Start wagering with your cashback

    It's time to use your cashback bonus and start wagering. Fingers crossed for the big win.

Every casino has its own rules on how to go about collecting your bonus, so you need to read all the rules and agreement legal language thoroughly.

Weekly and Daily Cashback Bonuses

These types of bonuses are awarded every time a wagerer returns during a preset period. For example, some casinos offer a percentage on a deposit every day, while others offer a percentage on how much was wagered – daily and by the week.

Crazy Fox Cashback Bonus

The Crazy Fox online casino offers a 20% cashback bonus every day. This lets you recoup part of any losses you experience. This bonus is not accruable and is dependent on you wagering every day:


Crazy Fox

  • 20% Cashback Daily
  • MGA License


Are Cashback Bonuses Free?

A cashback bonus is free in the sense that it is an award from the casino for playing online. The same rules apply to wagering and specific rules apply to cashback bonuses.

Are there strategies or tricks to using the bonus?

All wagers, online or in person, are governed by presiding laws, which means all wagers are treated the same. Your chances of winning when you wager are the same whether you are wagering a bonus or part of your overall deposit.

Are there cashback bonuses that are more lucrative than most?

A cashback bonus depends on the casino and its policies. Closely review any cashback bonus rules before making that initial deposit. Casinos like Pocket Play and Crazy Fox are reliable and good casinos that offer a Cashback bonus

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