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Types of Video Pokers

As mentioned already, online video poker has become very lucrative. However, because the game only gives the house a small edge, casinos have to maintain a lot of machines to ensure a sizeable profit.

The good news is that means there are a ton of video poker games to choose from. The bad news is to get really good at the game, you'll want to stick to only a couple of variants.

While providing a complete list of the type of games would be impossible, there are a few popular ones worth mentioning.

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First is Jacks or Better, which is one of the most well-known and popular variations. Also popular is Deuces Wild, which is another entry in the “wild” category of games.

Next up is Bonus Poker, which is a variation of Jacks or Better. Unlike Jacks or Better, however, Bonus Poker offers a better payout with four-of-a-kind hands.

Another popular type of game is Pick-em Poker. This game offers a high payout while providing a little more variety than your traditional game.

Last but not least is Tens or Better. A popular riff on Jacks or Better, Tens or Better has the distinction of giving payouts for tens or better, instead of Jacks or better.

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How To Play online Video Poker In 5 Steps

By now you're probably itching to play video poker yourself. The great news is that playing the game is very easy, especially for beginners. Whether you're at home or the casino, trying your hand a the game is a great way to get comfortable playing. The following is a step-by-step guideline of how to play video poker.

Play video poker step by step

  1. Deposit money into the video poker machine

    This may seem obvious, but know in advance how much you're willing to spend. Gambling can get addictive, and losing money is, unfortunately, a part of the game. If you're willing to spend high amounts, go for it. But know your budget if you're afraid of losing a ton of money.

  2. Place your bet

    In video poker, you have the option of betting one coin up to five coins. Now is the time to decide how much you're willing to wager. For the maximum payout, the highest bet is always best. However, if you're new and just getting comfortable with the game, you can always place a lower better. Once you gain the confidence you can increase your bet.

  3. Press the deal button

    Now that you've placed your bet, you're ready to receive your cards. While the number can vary, most machines will give you five cards.

  4. Choose which cards to keep and discard

    This is where the fun begins. By employing the best strategies, you can make an informed decision

  5. Win if you have the right hand

    To win a game, you must have a hand that can be found on the payout table. Every game has different hands. A general rule is that higher value hands will give you a better payout compared to lower value hands. Think a royal flush compared to two of a kind.

Payouts differ per videopoker.

Video Poker Payouts

Part of the popularity of video poker is the payouts. Compare the game to slot machines which don't offer you any probabilities. You're essentially playing a game of luck. Instead of placing money into a machine and hoping for the best, you can actually use skill to win.

Another advantage is that payouts for videopoker are almost always higher than with a game like slots. In fact, the average game has a payout as high as 96% or higher. Slots usually only go up to 95%. You'll be hard-pressed to find a videopoker game that gives a payout of less than 90%. However, slots can go as low as 70%, which can be a huge difference.

While listing the payouts for every videopoker game would be impossible, these are easy to find. Get familiar with a specific game and its pay table to form a winning strategy.

Functions of Online video poker explained

CodeVideo Poker Function
1Winning hand-ranking table.
2Button that opens the game help.
3Other hands panel
4Card from the main hand blocked – not to be discarded.
5DEAL / DRAW button.
6Activate / deactivate automatic card hold button
7Button to activate fast game
8Button to increase the number of hands
9Button to reduce the number of hands.
10Button to increase your bet.
11Button to reduce your bet.

Online Video Poker Strategy

There's a lot of skill involved in getting good at video poker. With that said, there are four generals rules or strategies that will help maximize your winnings.

The first strategy is to always place the maximum bet. That means every hand. For most games, the maximum bid is five coins. The reason you want to place the highest bet is that this will give you the top payouts. If you can't afford the game's maximum bet, find a cheaper machine.

Second, know the rules and pay table for the game you are playing. It's easy to get confused and make mistakes if you are new or unfamiliar with the game. By knowing the rules and pay table, you have an edge that can help you win.

Third, choose the game wisely. Always play the game that gives you the best chances of winning. You'll want to pick the one that will give you an advantage.

Fourth, join a VIP club. A lot of times, joining a VIP club can be free or as easy as placing a minimum bet. These clubs usually offer free meals and other benefits. However, they can even offer cash back for playing.

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An Overview of Video Poker and How To Win At It

The nature of gambling has changed quite a bit over the years. With casinos growing rapidly, there's a lot of people spending money. While card games have always been a staple of the casino, the computer has also changed the landscape. One innovation that has seen its popularity boom is video poker. In fact, video poker has become the most popular form of gambling in the online casino.

Since the 1970s, video poker has become increasingly present in the casino. Rather than having to sit at a card table, players can remain anonymous. They also have the opportunity for larger payouts. There's no doubt that video poker will be around for quite some time.

More so, video poker is just like the physical card game beloved by millions. If you've ever played a game of blackjack or Texas Hold 'em, you'll be aware of the same rules. However, video poker is also a fast-paced game that provides many thrills for players. Video poker also gives players an advantage over the house, which makes the game extremely enticing.

Better yet, more players are going online from their own homes to play the popular card game. When it comes to playing video poker online, gamblers have a variety of options to pick from. Instead of getting dressed and going out, players can sit in their pajamas and enjoy the many benefits of video poker online.


How do I learn the best online video poker strategy?

The easiest answer is to continue playing and growing comfortable with the game. Once you've got the basics down and know all the rules, you'll want to start learning real strategies.
Unfortunately, each video poker game has its own strategies. If you want to become proficient, stick to one game and learn the ins and outs. However, there are a few tips you can start with. First, always place the max bet, Second, find the table with the best pay. Finally, slow down and take your time. Rushing will only cause you to make mistakes.

Which video poker games have the best payout?

One of the best payouts for a video poker game is Jacks or Better, which can have a return of 99.54% or higher.
Other popular games with higher payouts are Aces or Eights and Aces and Faces, with theoretical payouts of 99.7% possible. Another popular game with a high payout is Deuces Wild, which at the right table, can have a payout as high as 99.7%.

Can I play videopoker online?

The good news is that it is indeed possible to play video poker online. With online casinos becoming more and more attractive, many players are gambling from their own personal computers. You usually just need to register an account and make a deposit from your bank or credit card.

What are the best paying videopoker games?

While what constitutes the best video poker game is quite subjective, there are a few fan favorites. These include Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, and Jokers Wild. However, you'll want to find your own preferences when trying to find the best game. Red Rake is a great software developer for online video pokers.

How do I beat videopoker?

While there is no blanket approach to beating every videopoker game, there are a few strategies to keep in mind. First, always play the max bet, which will give you the best chances for high winnings. Also, stick to one or two games so you get comfortable and learn the ins and outs. Finally, know the probabilities of the game to make decisions.


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