About us

This background information is about Canada Casino Hub, it's an independent platform that specializes in evaluating online casinos. So that we can guarantee the objectivity of our test reports, we use a whole network of Canadian online gamblers who help us to evaluate the casino providers. From a questionnaire developed by our team, which our casino testers have to fill out, and a reliable evaluation algorithm. In the end we receive an objective conclusion, which is then checked and confirmed by our experts or, if necessary, adjusted. That way we can guarantee you that the casino reviews reflect the opinion of both experts and Canadian hobby gamers.

Helping both new and experienced players

New players usually pay a lot of hard money with their first experiences, whether playing slot machines or classic casino games and whether in the casino or in the online casino. To start off your casino adventure or improve it by winning more with more knowledge on your side, canadacasinohub.com is there for you to help. So that your visit to the casino actually offers the hoped-for experience full of fun, excitement and emotions and does not end in a rude awakening, you should find out in advance exactly what to expect from the gambling providers.

Gambling is fun, but please play responsibly

It's fun to play some online slots or other online casino games to kill time. Please keep in mind that online gambling can be very addictive. If you experience any problems related to gambling please visit camh.ca and let them help you. Stop with gambling when the fun ends.

About Canada Casino Hub team

We at Canadacasinohub.com will help you to master your first attempts at online gambling perfectly. On our website you will not only find game instructions and tips on all popular games so that you can practice and learn the rules for free. We also online casinos and land-based casinos. With our help you can be sure that you end up with reputable providers who guarantee fair play. We use our expertise and many years of experience in the gaming industry to research and provide the information relevant to you.