How to Play Roulette Without Losing


Making more profit with online roulette

Working nine to five jobs can be frustrating. Although most people have achieved high education levels, they get employed in low-paying jobs working more than eight hours a day, including unpaid overtime. Online money-making methods including playing Roulette, provide a simple way for you to earn some extra cash. But if you loose every time you play online roulette it's time to change the way you play and start play Roulette without losing money.

There are several ways to win at Online Roulette. The best system should take advantage of the probability of where the ball will land on the roulette table and use it to make profits. Roulette games like Quantum Roulette or Lightning Roulette also add extra fun and potential by adding extra multipliers up to 500X so winnings are bigger than normal roulette!

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The mathematics of Roulette

A roulette wheel has 38 numbers:

  • 8 numbers are red
  • 18 numbers are black
  • One numbers is green: 0 ( two numbers are green for American Roulette, zero and double zero)

The most straightforward bet in Roulette is to bet on one of the primary colors. For example, red. If you gamble, say, one dollar on red, it is an even-money bet, which means that you will either win or lose the dollar depending on whether or not a red number appears. The game has 38 numbers which have equal chances of occurring. There is a 50% probability of a win since 18 of these numbers are red.

Now, in Roulette, you can bet other things besides color. For instance, you can bet that a number between one and twelve shows up. Let's say you bet a dollar that one of the first twelve numbers shows up. The casino pays 2:1 odds for this bet, which means that the casino will pay you two dollars if you bet a dollar and win.

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How to play Roulette without losing

A good strategy or system should be based on hard facts or accurate insights of the roulette wheel. Everything else might as well be wishful thinking. First, you must identify a truth about the game before analyzing it extensively to take advantage of it and make a profit. Of course choosing the best Canadian online casino is very important to get the best payouts possible.

The martingale betting system

This strategy is commonly used in games with approximately 50% chance of winning; for example, Roulette.
The martingale betting system consists of two simple rules:

  1. If you win, bet the same amount.
  2. If you lose double your bet

An example of the martingale betting strategy

Say you bet $10 on red. If you spin the wheel and the ball ends up on black, you lose. According to the strategy, your next bet should be $20. If you bet on red, spin the wheel, and end up on black, you lose again. You bet on 40 dollars on your next bet, and it finally lands on red; you will make $80 on that one spin. When you total up the losses, they sum up to $70. Your net earnings will be ten dollars.

The martingale system always works this way. You are always looking to earn that initial amount. Intuitively, this seems too good to be true. But there are some critical flaws in the martingale strategy: It requires an unlimited bankroll to guarantee success.

Say you bet $10 on Roulette, and you lose, according to the martingale system, you have to double your bet to $20, and if you lose again, you will have to bet $40. If you keep losing, your bet increases to win $10. When you look at the system as a function its:
10 X 2^x If you increase the exponent x value by one, the value of 2^x doubles, growing very fast.

Why online Roulette is better

Even if you had an unlimited amount of money, the casino would not keep betting that high. So, if you start with $10 and had six losses, your bet will be $640. However, if the table limit is $500, you will have lost all that money, and you can't redeem it.
Your option would be to jump to a table that has a higher limit. The best way to eliminate table limits is to play online Roulette, which gives you unlimited tries ang high table limits.

How to win most

Playing Online Roulette without losing money is possible. You still need luck and a good strategy. In theory, the martingale theory strategy would work. However, it requires you to have unlimited money, and there are no table limits. Another big part of a successful roulette player is to have discipline in money management control. The best way to make a lot of money is to save the money in your account for a specific period before withdrawing it.

Playing online roulette without losing with these tips
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