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Double ball roulette by Evolution

Duplicate Your Possibilities with Double Ball Roulette

The great thing about casino technology is its advancements in gameplay. There are so many different ways to experience classic casino entertainment, and roulette is no exception. Some variations are so popular that they are available both virtually and at physical locations.
Double Ball Roulette is played the same way as its traditional ancestor, but with a twist. Each match launches two balls at once, instead of one. This mechanic can increase your odds and make the game more intense to play.

You might think that virtual Double Ball Roulette, or DBR, might make sense because details like physics don’t have to be programmed for the game to be fun. However, you’re probably wondering how it’s possible to get two balls spinning on a wheel without them crashing into each other and flying everywhere. It’s possible because of the way they’re launched.

In classic roulette, you or the dealer physically puts the ball in the wheel while it spins. With Double Roulette, you use a compressor to launch both orbs. The second ball always seems to land in a pocket first. We’ll focus on Evolution Gaming’s version of DBR. They released their rendition of this classic in 2016 as a part of the line of their virtual live casinos. That means the game features a real dealer, and players can participate through online streaming.

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How to Play Live Double Ball Roulette

The wheel has a European layout, so there’s only one green zero. That’s called the single zero arrangement. Since there are two balls, that can change the way you choose to bet on the game. If you’ve played any form of roulette online, then you might not run into very many problems when starting this game.
Evolution Gaming made the interface for Double Ball Roulette easy to understand. Even if it’s the first virtual version of the game you’re playing, you’ll still feel right at home with the rules and aesthetics.  Double Ball Roulette is an international casino game. This game is available in various languages, including:

  • English
  • Russian
  • French
  • German

You can access this virtual casino via a desktop computer or mobile device. The user interface allows you to access various information, such as stats and options. Though the sights and sounds will make you feel like you’re at a real casino, you can adjust some of those features. Players can tailor the experience to their preference to make the game more enjoyable. You have a choice between three video performance formats. One of them is HD. The screen size might impact the experience if you’re playing on a mobile device, but it can still retain the same atmosphere.

How to play double ball roulette

Betting and Payouts

Because there are two balls in this roulette version, accommodations are made for rewards and other details. You can still make inside and outside bets. The two balls will increase your chances of winning either.
There’s a trade-off, however. A greater advantage is reeled back by the lower payout ratios. We’ll start with inside bets.
If the two balls landed on the two numbers you wagered, you win twice the money reward. The chances of both balls landing in the same slot are 1/38. For those who go for the Straight Up numbers, they’ll win if either orb rests on it.
The reward for betting on the two balls settling in the same pocket is the Double Ball Jackpot. That one pays the most, but it has the least chance of happening. If you prefer winning small prizes often to larger rewards once in a while, Double Ball Roulette is for you.
Here are the Double Ball Roulette payout ratios for each kind of wager made in Evolution’s Double Ball Roulette:

  • straight up is 17:1
  • split is 8:1
  • street is 5:1
  • corner is 3.5:1
  • line is 2:1
  • Double Ball Jackpot is 1300:1

Outside Bets

If you’re making one of these stakes, the ball must land on both for you to win. Outside betting also has a trade-off: the payout ratio is higher. The greater chances of yielding these types of wagers make this version of roulette so much fun.
Here are the payout ratios for outside bets:

  • column is 8:1
  • dozen is 8:1
  • red is 3:1
  • black is 3:1
  • red or black is 1:1
  • even is 3:1
  • odd is 3:1
  • 1-18 is 3:1
  • 19-36 is 3:1
  • both balls on any number is 35:1

Wagering on red or black means that you’d win if one ball lands on red and the other settles on black.

Tips to Play DBR

The right strategies depend on the type of player you are. If you like to win often, then spend more time with the outside bets. People who want larger rewards at once can go for inside wagers.

Outside bets are riskier to win because both balls have to land on your chosen slots. Because there’s already a lot of choice variance in roulette, making this kind of wager in DBR can lead to long losing streaks. However, it might be worth the chance because the payout ratio is higher.

Those who want to play it safe would feel more comfortable with inside bets. The most dependable kind of wager would be the six-number. When you’ve built up enough confidence, you can try your hand at the 1300:1 Jackpot.

The additional ball gives you more chances to receive a Double Ball Roulette payout. There are some additional or different rules for the wagers, but it’s not too complicated to figure out. Once you’ve played enough, you’ll probably develop a signature Double Ball Roulette strategy just for you.

What’s great is that you don’t have to relearn how to play DBR when switching between versions. You can utilize the same Double Ball Roulette strategy for Evolution’s rendition, and they’re worth checking out for the presentation alone. We recommend playing this game if you like twists on this timeless classic and want to feel like you’re at a real casino.

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