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Types of Roulette Strategies

When looking for a roulette betting system, you will encounter a lot of roulette strategies that make big claims. However, you will eventually come to learn that five or six strategies out there get most of the attention. The reason they get most of the attention is that they have been around for at least 100 years.

Before we introduce you to what we feel are the best roulette strategies, we need to explain the difference between a progressive roulette betting strategy and a non-progressive betting system.

Fibonacci betting system

Fibonacci Strategy

  • Progressive strategy
  • Difficulty: Advanced
James bond Roulette strategy

James Bond Strategy

  • Non-progressive strategy
  • Difficulty: Medium
Strategy for Roulette named Martingale

Martingale Strategy

  • Progressive strategy
  • Difficulty: Easy
Betting system for roulette of Labouchere

Labouchere Strategy

  • Progressive strategy
  • Difficulty: Advanced
d’Alembert Strategy

d’Alembert Strategy

  • Progressive strategy
  • Difficulty: Medium

Progressive vs non-progressive betting systems

If you want a roulette strategy to win, you might want to lean towards a system based on a betting strategy. There are two primary types of roulette betting strategies. The most popular roulette strategies tend to be progressive ones. A progressive strategy is one during which the bettor builds their bets as the game progresses. They use the outcome of a prior spin to determine what to wager on the next spin.


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Conversely, a non-progressive strategy is one during which the bettor doesn't care about prior events. These are strategies that tend to focus on playing the table instead of focusing on bet amounts.

Ultimately, the best way to play roulette is to adopt an established roulette strategy and stick with it. With that in mind, we would now like to introduce you to six systems that could help you at the roulette tables.

Best Roulette Strategy

If you are looking for the best way to play roulette, you probably want to find a reliable betting system. Above, you have read about roulette betting systems/roulette betting strategies. Actually, there are dozens more just like them. So find a good live casino and try your luck.

For you, the best roulette strategy would be the one that fits the way you play the game. If you want a roulette betting system that helps you manage your bankroll, the Martingale one is as good as any of them. If you want a roulette betting strategy that is consistent, try the James Bond strategy.

At the end of the day, you will still need a little luck to win consistently at roulette.

Roulette strategy at the lightning roulette table

History of the roulette strategies

By most accounts, the first version of roulette appeared somewhere in France in the early part of the 16th century. For at least that long, gamblers, both novice and expert, have been trying to figure out how to beat roulette. Through the years, mathematicians and professional gamblers have been trying to develop strategies that will produce consistent wins.

In all honesty, attempts to consistently beat the game of roulette have largely fallen flat. As a result many have gone broke, thinking they had the right roulette strategy so be warned. The perfect roulette strategy does not exist! When it comes to games of chance, there are two irrefutable facts. First, the odds will always favor the house in the long run.

Second and consequently, the house always wins. As long as people are willing to accept these two irrefutable facts, all is fair in love and roulette. However, playing games of chance like roulette is fun and exciting. Also if you know when to stop and withdraw you can win a nice amount of money with it! And a there is nothing wrong with a roulette system that might helps you win.

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Roulette Strategy FAQ

What are roulette strategies?

A strategy is a betting system you can use to help you control your bets or manage your bankroll.

Do they work for online roulette?

Yes. They work for Virtual roulette and Live roulette with a real dealer.

What is the best strategy for roulette?

Having fun and never wager more than you can afford to lose.

How to win most at roulette?

The best roullete system to win is playing until you hit a hot streak. Also the type of roulette game can help you win more like Lightning Roulette where you can win up to 500x bet.

What is progressive betting in roulette?

Where your increase your wagers in a progression after wins or losses.

What is the James Bond strategy?

Strategically covering a certain amount of numbers on the table.

Does progressive betting on roulette really work?

Honestly, nothing is going to offset the house's advantage but it might help to lose less and get better insights in the roulette game.

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