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  • Up to $200 bet per number
  • Maximum multiplier of 500x

About Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette is one of the most popular online roulette games

Thanks to Evolution Gaming, you can enjoy one of your favorite casino games in all new and exciting ways. Roulette has been revolutionized to provide you with more thrills than ever before. The result is a very entertaining game called Lightning Roulette. This is a live casino game with an electrifying user interface offering you unlimited thrills.

Not only can you still make the traditional bets you enjoy, but you also have extra chances to win. You are going to love the Lucky Payouts and Lucky Numbers Evolution Gaming added to roulette. Enjoy maximum delight as you experience a stunning gold and black art deco theme. Your live casino experience comes to life bigger and better than ever before. This spectacular game was launched in March of 2018.

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The payouts are higher so you can win even more money. The game already has a reputation for amazing graphics to intoxicate your senses. Also the sound effects are an absolute pleasure to your ears. The gameplay is fantastic. The excitement increases fast when you multiply your bet by an astounding 500 times. Evolution Gaming received several awards for this sensational game including:

  • The Global Gaming Awards Product of the Year award
  • 2018 Game of the Year from EGR
  • G2E Las Vegas

Even the operators for the sector voted for this game due to the visually stunning graphics and RNG Lucky Number. This means you can win higher payouts for every game round. The familiar elements you enjoy with high-class live roulette are all here including:

  • Live dealer
  • The live wheel
  • Complete line-up of exciting roulette bets

The difference with Lightning Roulette is there a whole new level of exhilarating player experience. You have more chances to win than ever before.

lightning numbers with multipliers per round

What Makes Lightning Roulette Unique?

One of the reasons you will find the game so interesting is the winning odds. There are five more Lucky Numbers than you have in standard roulette. You can use the numbers to get multipliers a minimum of 50 times your wager. If you are lucky you can get an unbelievable maximum of 500 times multiplier per wager. You can place just one bet or as many as five. Everything is up to you.

If you place your wager on one of the lucky numbers, you will win between 50 and 500 times what you bet. If you want to experience the thrill of winning a big prize, you can wager on multiple numbers for an even higher multiplier. The extra numbers you get in Lightning Roulette mean there are extra-payouts. This feature is nothing like traditional roulette.

You can win extra payouts because the straight and plain payouts are less. The other payouts remain the same as you receive with European roulette. If you are not interested in making a plain bet, you have other options. You can play for hours and the fun never stops. We have become immersed in the graphics and incredible black and gold art deco.

You even get an extra advantage. The house no longer has a higher house edge unless you decide to place a straight or plain wager. If you choose, you can have a lot of fun placing a traditional bet on odd or even, red or black and high or low. There are so many interesting bets to choose from the game always feels fresh and exciting. You can win extremely high payouts and the lightning strikes are unbelievable.

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  • 20% Cashback Daily
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Lightning Roulette Payouts

When you play Lightning Roulette, you can place all of the same bets available with the standard version of live casino European roulette. The difference is you get extra chances to win because of randomly generated Lucky Payouts and Lucky Numbers. You can take advantage of numerous multipliers including:

  • 50x
  • 100x
  • 200x
  • 300x
  • 400x
  • 500x

First, all of the player’s bets are accepted. Everything else is generated randomly including Lucky Numbers between one and five, the actual Lucky Numbers and the Lucky Payout amounts. When you hit one of the Lucky Numbers, your payout is between 50 and 500:1. All you need to do is place a straight-up bet and have the ball land on the Luck Number you chose.

If you win on a non-multiplied straight bet your payout is 30:1. You get the same pay as standard roulette for all of the other bets including red and black, splits, dozens and corners.

5 tips and Lightning Sroulette strategies to win morw

With this Lightning Roulette strategy tips you get better chances to win more money, so keep reading:

  1. Always bet on full numbers, the so called straight bet, if you for example split $50 on 0 and 3 and lightning strikes 0 or 3, you’ll get nothing! So please bet $25 on 0 and $25 on 3. That way when lighting hits a 500x you’ll win a $ 12.5K!
  2. Cover more numbers with your bet compared to other online roulette games. Keep a minimum of 50 – 60 % of the numbers on the roulette table covered with your bets. This way you have a good chance to get that Lightning Strike.
  3. Keep in mind that every outcome is completely random, which makes totally unpredictable, fair and immune to influence. Dont let the past stats influence you, just stick to your own lightning roulette strategie.
  4. Don’t use regular roulette strategies such as the Martingale system, they don’t work on Lightning Roulette!
  5. Find a good and reliable online casino to play this game, check out the Top 10 Canadian casino’s here:

About the Lightning Strike

The reason we consider Lightning Roulette an electrifying game is the Lightning Strike. During every game round, lightning strikes one to five of the Lucky Numbers. The multiplier payouts for these numbers are 50x to 500x. If you bet on one of these numbers, your payout increases by a maximum of 500x as opposed to the typical 35:1. The first time you hit your heart will be pounding in excitement.

You can win multipliers between 50x and 500x for just one Lightning Strike. We call that maximum excitement. You can win a huge payout playing Lightning Roulette by choosing a number selected by the roulette wheel and hit by a Lightning Strike. Hitting a 400x or 500x multiplier is the best but you will also be excited by a payout of 50x or 100x.

Keep in mind the stylish environment, lighting effects and amazing sound also add to your enjoyment of Lightning Roulette. The game is an electrifying and unique spin on typical roulette. We saw a study that was conducted on the game. The results showed:

  • Out of every 1,000 spins, the 50x Lightning Strike hit an average of 1,024 times. This is more than once for every spin.
  • The 500x Lightning Strike hit once every 11 spins and struck a total of 90 times.
  • The least common Lightning Strikes are 250x, 350x, 400x and 450x.
  • 100x Lightning Strike hit an average of once every spin and struck 1,037 times.
  • The 150x and 200x Lightning Strikes struck more than the 500x. The 150x Lightning Strike hit once every six spins and the 200x once every four spins.

Review conclusion

The best part is you can hit the 500x Lightning Strike just by playing. Even if you decide to pay just one number at a time, the 500x Lightning Strike will hit 0.24 percent of all spins. We guarantee you will not win if you do not play. We believe if you play the game you will be delighted.

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