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Martingale Strategy

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Last updated on May 4th, 2021 at 11:34 am

The Martingale strategy or system is by far the most recognizable and popular roulette strategy in the world. Why? Well, there are three reasons gamblers like this system.

  • First, it is very easy to understand and use.
  • Second, It's a great system for roulette players with deep pockets.
  • Finally, it's a progressive strategy, and gamblers tend to lean that way.

We are going to take through how the system works.


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How the Martingale Strategy works

To implement the Martingale roulette strategy, you would have to start by deciding on a base betting amount. In the following example, we will use $1. That amount is the target net income you would expect off every roulette sequence. A sequence begins with the $1 bet and ends when you hit a win.

Martingale Strategy in action on a roulette table at an casino

You would also need to select one of the 50/50 betting options on the online roulette table. For our example, we will use odd/even. For the purpose of this discussion, it does not matter which side you decide to play each spin. Here is how the Martingale strategy system works.

You start a sequence with a $1 bet on odd or even. If you win, you collect $2 after betting $1 for the required $1 profit. Accordingly, the next bet would be $1 again to start a new sequence. If the first bet of the sequence loses, you would wager $2 on the second bet of the sequence.

If you win the second bet, you would collect $4 after betting a total of $3 for a profit of $1 on the sequence. With the next bet, you would start another sequence with the $1 bet. If the second bet of the sequence loses, the next bet would be $4. Subsequently, you would keep doubling on prior losing bets until you win, quit, or run out of money.

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Reverse Martingale strategy

If you believe in winning and losing streaks, this might be the right roulette strategy for you. While the Martingale strategy calls for the doubling of losing bets, the reverse version calls for doubling of winning bets.

Let's run this strategy through. In this case, you would keep betting the $1 base amount until you hit a winning spin. After hitting a win, you would double your bet to $2. If you lose that bet, you would return to wagering $1. If you win that $2 bet, the next bet would be $4. Consequently, you would start building significant profits if you hit a winning streak. Meanwhile, you would be controlling your losses until the winning streak occurs.

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