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Top 25 Live casino tips to win more

Live casinos are becoming the next big thing in online casino gaming. They bring out more excitement like never before. The best part is that you gamble in the comfort of your home. Also, you play in real money and chat with the real dealer.

Do you want to increase your chances of winning in a live casino? These tips and strategies will help you increase your winning chances if you apply them appropriately.

TIP 1. Choose the Best Live Casinos

Not every casino you find on the internet is legit. The first thing to do when you decide to play any live casino game is research. Look for a legitimate online casino with high winning chances and payout speed. Check out if its games are compatible with your devices and the internet speed required.

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TIP 2. Make the Most of Bonuses and Promotions

There are thousands of online betting sites, and they are all competing to get more customers. One way to attract more players is through promotions and bonuses.

Take advantage of these bonuses, especially if you want to double your initial income. However, make sure you understand the terms and conditions of bonuses.

TIP 3. Go for Games with Low House Edge

Pay close attention to casino games with low house edge and payback RTP. House edge is the mathematical probability percentage that the house (casino) will win on a particular game. Games like blackjack house edge can go as low as 0.5%. Also, blackjack is among the games with the best RTP at 99.28%.

TIP 4. Learn More on Your Favorite Game

You now know the best live casino to bet in. The next thing is to choose a game you like. There are dozens of casino games to choose from, so you won't have a problem finding the right one. Once you have spotted the most entertaining game, read more on how to play and start practicing. You can also test it out in a free demo version online casino before you risk your real money.

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Lightning Roulette

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TIP 5. Don't Chase Losses

A common rule to note is, “don't chase losses.” Though it's not a good thing, it is statistically normal to lose at some point. Don't try to regain what you have lost by placing bigger wagers or placing high-risk bets.

TIP 6. Play Within Your Skills Limit

Live casinos will offer you a lot of opportunities to improve your gameplay and up your stakes. Though it can be tempting to play for huge jackpots, understand your skills and experience. Remember, experienced players are looking for pitfalls in new gamblers to capitalize on.

TIP 7. Don't Drink and Gamble.

Avoid alcohol when playing your real money. It will cloud your judgment and cause you to make wrong decisions. There is a reason why many casinos offer alcohol to players on the gaming floors.

TIP 8. Learn Live Casino Games Rules

Before you start gambling in a casino, it is important to learn the rules of the games. Despite how simple live casino games look, you should know the rules, strategies, and types of bets. To outsmart other players and live casino dealers, you need to understand the right strategies to use without bending the rules.

TIP 9. Plan Your Budget

Winning in a live casino needs some wisdom in planning your budget. For instance, if you have a budget of $50, it is not smart to play live roulette of $10. You will spend more and play less, which gives lesser winning chances. Look for the games with small bets and higher multipliers like Lightning roulette or Quantum roulette.

This tip will maintain your focus on the strategy and the amount you invest to win big.

TIP 10. Know Live Casino Providers

This is one of the most ignored tips but one that will save you from casino manipulation. Sign up for sites that operate with the best and safe casino providers like in our casino top 10. Also, these vendors are certified by test laboratories that evaluate casino software to ensure transparent gaming. Therefore your winning chances are increased. This is because the casino will not be able to manipulate the outcome of the games.

livre casino tip 11 -  Play only when you arte sober

TIP 11. Play When Relaxed and Sober

Focus is a must if you want to win in a live casino. One way of improving your focus is playing when your mind is relaxed and when you are sober. Take regular breaks. If you are tired, your concentration will be poor, and you won't play repeatedly.

TIP 12. Hone Your Skills with Free Casino Games

Many gambling sites offer free casino games. Players can try them out before risking real money. The gameplay is the same as for real money games, and you get a chance to improve your skills.

TIP 13. Know When to Quit

After a winning streak, many players are tempted to continue betting with the hope of winning more. This is a pitfall, and you may end up losing the money you won. Stick to your budget even after more wins.

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TIP 14. Pick the Best Banking Method

Before you start gambling, research the casino's banking methods. Go with the ones with lower withdrawals fee. Also, Interac casinos offer better bonuses than Skrill casinos.

TIP 15. Manage Your Bankroll

Set a specific bankroll limit that you will maintain. Proper money management and smart playing will increase your chances of winning in a live casino. The idea here is to maintain your wins and avoid going home broke.

TIP 16. Try Different Games

As much as slots are the most popular, there are other profitable live casino games you can try. Games like online blackjack, video poker and online roulette pay well, and they are fun to play.

TIP 17. Start Small

Remember, you can't become an expert overnight. Start betting small while learning and practicing betting strategies. Once you perfect the skills, increase your investment.

TIP 18. Be Part of the VIP Reward Program

If you plan to be a regular gambler playing a huge amount of money, check out the VIP program the casino offers. VIP members enjoy special perks like large bonuses, better deals, loyalty gifts and prizes.

TIP 19. Keep a Journal

Many players don't know the benefit of this betting tip. When you pay close attention to what you are doing, you will know areas to improve. Keep a journal of your wins, losses and strategies you use. It will improve your chances of winning.

TIP 20. Avoid Uncredited Sites

It's almost impossible to win money on the blacklisted sites. Always play in a licensed live casino. After all, why win money that you can't withdraw.

TIP 21. Ask for Pit Boss Assistance

Live casinos have a supervisor mostly referred to as Pit Boss. If you suspect any mistake made by other players or dealers, seek the help of a Pit Boss to avoid losses.

TIP 22. Observe Live Casino Etiquette

Apart from you, other players are playing. Mind the language that you use and follow set rules. Promoting other live casinos is not appropriate also.

TIP 23. Time Management is Essential

As much as you enjoy playing in a live casino online, don't lose track of time. Set a specific time for gambling and once it's over, do other things. This way, you will avoid losing your winnings or spending more than you budgeted.

TIP 24. Avoid Being Superstitious

Gambling is a game of chance. Don't start betting thinking that you can control a game's outcome. Live casinos software use random number generators to ensure every game is decided by chance.

TIP 25. Have Fun!

Don't just play to earn money. You will get frustrated after losses. Playing live casino games should be entertaining, and you should enjoy the game and the experience at large.

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