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Quantum Roulette bij Playtech

Experience Fun Gameplay and a Live Casino with Quantum Roulette

Quantum Roulette is a casino game that has various features to keep the player engaged. Made by Playtech, this virtual experience is part of the rapidly growing live gambling streaming. That means there’s a real live dealer you can see that’s interacting with the game.

Playing games like classic roulette can be fun for a time, but you might get bored after a while. No matter what you bet on, each of the matches feels the same. That’s why you should try out a variation of roulette that’s appealing in more ways than one.

This feature alone helps make this live casino game engaging. You’ll love talking to the host and listen to them crack funny jokes while making your wager. This roulette version has many fun factors, but you don’t have to worry about those features overcomplicating the gameplay.

Regardless of what the name seems to imply, Quantum Roulette isn’t that difficult to understand. If you know how to play regular online roulette, then you know the basic rules of this game. The main difference has to do with an additional gambling element: the multipliers that make your wins higher.

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  • Up to $1500
  • 150 Free Spins

The Multipliers in Quantum Roulette

Once everyone places their bets, the game begins. During that time, five random numbers are chosen to receive multipliers ranging between 50x and 500x. If a player lands on that specific slot, then they win the extra cash.

Further bonuses to the game include Quantum Boost and Quantum Leap. At random, the Quantum Boost mechanic adds 50x to one of the multipliers. The Leap doubles or triples a bonus up to 500x.

You’ll be happy to find that the Quantum Roulette rules are as easy to use as the interface. If you’re not used to virtual casino games, this experience won’t make it difficult. Everything is properly labeled, you can watch others play before you to give you a better idea, and the host can give you more information.

This article will tell you how Quantum Roulette rules differ from Lightning Roulette rules, payouts, and strategies to play the game. This live casino has many great factors that extend past the spinning wheel. For example, the Quantum Roulette RTP is high enough to encourage players to keep coming back.

The highest multiplier at Playtechs Quantum Roulette

What’s the Difference between Quantum Roulette and Lightning Roulette?

Playtech has certainly taken inspiration from Lightning Roulette. If you played that game, then the Quantum Roulette rules would be familiar. They have many similarities.

Both games have a live host that can interact with the chat. This feature adds to the overall atmosphere of both roulettes. They also contain lively music, an attractive studio, and other factors that help make the players feel like they’re in a real casino.

The roulette wheel functions with compressed air and lasers, meaning the hosts don’t interact with the wheel. That’s good news for those who might worry that the presenter is out to get them.

These two games are based on European Roulette. The basic Quantum Roulette rules are the same, and so is the mechanic of multipliers. Their bonuses have incremental values of 50x up to 500x.

The significant difference is with Quantum Roulette’s Boost and Leap mechanics. Though they’re random, they can add more to the game. Besides, wouldn’t you rather play a game where you have a chance of gaining greater rewards?

Another slight distinction is the payout for non-multipliers. It’s 30:1 in Lightning Roulette and 29:1 in Quantum. Playtech’s version is a little less but makes up for it with the Boost and Leap bonuses.

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  • 100% up to $400
  • MGA License


29:1 is smaller than the standard European Roulette’s 35:1, but it’s still pretty decent. The Quantum Roulette RTP is 97.30%. For all of you casual players, RTP is the return to player percentage.

Each of the multipliers has its particular payout ratio. The Quantum Roulette RTP is a little lower for them, but it’s still pretty high in general. Here are what each of the multipliers are with their ratios:

  • 50x-49:1
  • 100x-99:1
  • 150x-149:1
  • 200x-199:1
  • 250x-249:1
  • 300x-299:1
  • 400x-399:1
  • 500x-499:1

These payouts are given when someone wins the Straight Up bet. The Quantum Roulette rules don’t really get that much more complicated. Keep in mind that there are limits on Straight Up bets for each table.

Addressing the casual players again, you might think that the payouts look strange. It can give you the same slight frustration you feel when an item in a store is $9.99. However, there’s an explanation for this.

The ratio, which can also be a fraction, is the odds of winning. For every single dollar you bet, your returns are multiplied by the advantage plus the wager you made. If you gamble $8 on 10:1 odds and win, for example, you’d get $88 back.

This information might not make the ratios less frustrating for you. We apologize for that. You might feel less annoyed after winning one of those multipliers.

Don’t forget to take chips into account when making your bets in this live casino.

Dealer at the live roulette game Quantum, Roulette

Strategies and tips to Get You Ahead

As fun as the multipliers, Boost, and Leap is, coming up with a tactic for those is more difficult than the base game. They’re supposed to be fun and additional random elements that help make the game more interesting. Strategies work best with the main game.

However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give it a try anyway. For the players willing to risk it all, you can bet on all of the numbers. You’ll definitely win the Straight Up wager and the multiplier if it appears.

Try not to aim for the highest bonuses, as there’s no way to know whether they’ll show up. A random number generator is used to determine how many multipliers there will be and how high they are. Not even the host knows when the higher-value multipliers appear, and there’s a lower chance for these bonuses to emerge in general.

You can treat a Straight Up bet like a side wager. This approach is more for casual players that are looking forward to a fun, non-frustrating evening. If you feel neutral about winning or losing, then this strategy is for you.

Another tactic is to play how you usually play roulette. You might have particular numbers that you typically bet on. It’s a method with familiarity, which can contribute positively to your results.

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