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Infinite Blackjack Review

Infinite Blackjack is an online casino game from Evolution Gaming. The interesting twist about the game is that an infinite number of players can wager at a go without the game losing its thrill. Evolution Gaming released the infinite Blackjack in 2018 and it has been popular among enthusiasts of live casino games since.

The first impression of the game is that of a casino with an attractive live dealer. The trademark of the game is an Infinite Casino logo with a bright and blue inverted shape of the number 8. Your balance and total bet figures are available at the bottom left of the screen and the 5 side bets are at the center. At the far right, two tabs enable you to either select the lobby or the table. Additionally, at the top of your screen, you can select various languages such as Turkish, English, and Russian.

The infinite blackjack is played on a conventional blackjack table and dealers physically pick the cards. On the other side, your hand is displayed on the table when you wager.

Other unique features that Evolution Gaming offers you include; HD streams, Live chat, special bets, autoplay options, mobile compatibility, and the unique blackjack game.

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Infinite Blackjack Rules

The rules of the traditional blackjack game apply and are very similar to the infinite blackjack rules. For instance, when you start a session in the Live casino, you will notice a sign at the hand of the dealer indicating that the payout is 3:2. Hence, your wagering goals should aim to get a card value exceeding 21 to win against the house.

Even if you are a novice player, the rule of the game is easy to follow. When the dealer deals her cards, you can hit using the + button, split using the blue arrows button, double down with the 2x button, or stay with the – button. Alternatively, the game will provide the insurance button that you can wager with.

The infinite blackback rules are also based on the “six-card Charlie” rule. This means that if you acquire six-card and you do not accrue 21 cards, the game will award you as a winner. Moreover, even if the dealer hits 21 cards or the blackjack, the combination will make you a winner.

Infinite Blackjack Side Bets

Infinite Blackjack Side Bet Payout table

Unlike All Bets Blackjack by Playtech has six side bets, the Infinite Blackjack live casino has four.

Bust side bet will enable you to bet that the dealer will go bust with a specific number of cards. The payouts are different and depend on the number of cards. For instance, if you bet that the dealer will go bust with 5 cards, the payout has a multiplier of 9:1, 4 have 2:1, and 3 will earn you a 1:1 payout. You can also try your luck with a multiplier of 250:1 when you stake 8 cards.

Secondly, 21+ 3 side bet depends on combinations that you and the dealer hit. You will win if the dealer's card and your two cards are flush, straight, or any other combination. Suited stripes reward is 100:1. A straight flush earns you 40:1. Three of a kind wins 30:1. A straight combination is 10:1 while a Flush win is 5.1.

Thirdly, the Hot 3 side bet enables you to bet that the dealer's card and your two cards will form a specific total whether suited or unsuited. For example, 20 pays 2:1 and three 7s will reward you a payout of 100:1.

The last side bet will reward you when you hit a pair on the first two cards that you wager.

How to win more with Infinite Blackjack?

Winning more in an infinite blackjack depends mostly on the casino that you are playing in since the wins are random regardless. Therefore, a casino that with a high limit is ideal. In most casinos, the minimum deposit and stake are CAD 10, and CAD 1,000. Hence, the higher you stake, the higher you win.

In as much as the wins are random, there are several strategies that you can use adopt to increase your chances. They help you to improve your RTP that usually ranges between 94.12% to 99.5%.

The first Infinite Blackjack tip is familiarizing with the flow of the live casino by playing for free when your casino rewards you with a welcome bonus. But also the infinite blackback rules are very important to understand before playing. The second trick is to take your chances and try the side bets since they have a higher multiplier than what the blackjack main hand offers. The second option however has a low RTP since the house almost always wins. If you are not confident enough taking the bull by its horns, you can progressively start by using the insurance bet, then try the non-blackjack winning hand.

Winning a Side Bet Paar 8:1 Real Money

Where can you play it?

You may have come across various online casino platforms offering Playtech games. However, we at Canada Casino Hub have made it easy, and found the best online casinos for you to play Infinite Blackjack. The casinos are tested and are user-friendly. We found the best exclusive bonuses that you can use to increase your winning chances. Most importantly, we will enlighten you with a blackjack guide and winning blackjack strategies if you want to learn how to play Blackjack best.

Best Infinite Blackjack strategy

It is important to note that the best infinite strategy will not always result in a sure bet as winning is random in ideal scenarios. However, some tips can mitigate your losses and increase your odds.

The first tip is to avoid using the insurance especially when the dealer hits an ace hoping to limit the losses when a dealer makes a blackjack. On the flip side, the dealer's chances of making a blackjack are the same as yours and you end up losing your insurance.

The second strategy is doubling down an 11 in all circumstances except when the dealer has an ace. The last and most vital strategy is paying attention to the game and use the Side Bets as a Infinite Blackjack Strategy.


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The Infinite Blackjack live casino game offers you an epic gaming experience. The game is easy to understand, the lobby and table have no hidden features that increase the odds against you and the side bets come in handy to multiply your wins.

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