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All Bets Blackjack

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You might be familiar with Playtech virtual games particularly slots. Some of their epic progressive slots are Age of the Gods, DC Superheroes, Great Blue, and more. Adding to their collection, Playtech has released its iconic all bets blackjack game. This is a live dealer game that is more exciting, thrilling, and rewarding.

All Bets Blackjack

Live All bets Blackjack by Playtech

All Bets Blackjack is a live dealer game that is touted as having six Playtech blackjack games in one. This is because when you play, six progressive side bets increase your odds for a bigger payout. The multiple side bets do not affect the gameplay and the wins remain random throughout your session. Moreover, even if your hand doesn't win, the side bet comes in handy in ensuring your win streaks are regular.

Additionally, for first timers, All Bets Blackjack is very easy. It's easy because it's similar to the regular game of 21 at a different twist. It is important to note that the standard online blackjack terms and rules apply.

Interestingly, the all bets blackjack live game has 52 card decks that get shuffled in before all rounds. The rule of the game can allow three hands where possible but usually allows a single split. Interestingly, you can win if you draw ten cards to a dealer.

Regarding the number of players, the game allows as many players as possible. However, the lobby only shows your hand. This means the other players can not interfere with your moves nor see your hand.

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All bets Blackjack game Rules

There are 6 decks of cards that the game reshuffles after each hand. You start by placing your bet. Afterward, the dealer moves three cards with two cards facing upward and another facing downward.

Once the dealer makes a move, your next move will be either hitting, splitting, standing, or doubling. Some of the aspects of the online All Bets Blackjack game that you can note are: The first 2 card hand avails a double down and the game will allow you to split the card only once; The dealer will give you a peak for blackjack and bonus insurance when she produces an ace. There are more moves borrowed from the traditional European blackjack that you will notice as you wager.

The online live all bets blackjack best betting strategy is presented by the 6 famous side bets. These side bets increase the RTP to 98%. Also they do not affect the progression of your main game. This means that if the odds are against you on these side bets, you still stand a fair chance to hit big. The side bets, since they add more thrill to the game are the best blackjack betting strategy.

Players Pairs - All Bets Blackjack
Lucky Lucky Side Bet
Buster Blackjack Side bet at Playtechs live game:  All Bets Blackjack

Side Bets

Dealer / Players Pair

When you use this strategy and the dealer gets mixed, colored, and perfect you will receive a payout.

Lucky Lucky

If you play and get two cards and the dealer has one face-up card the game recognizes the three cards and different combinations earn different pays. For example, a 677 and a 777 pay different. 777 is the lucky combination with a payout multiplier of 200:1.

Buster Blackjack

When the dealer busts with different cards, the game will pay you depending on the number of cards in hand. The goal here is to ensure that the dealer has low-value cards and when you land a blackjack against 8 low-value cards on the dealer's hand, the pay rate is 200:1.

Player Pair

This bet is the same as the dealer pair bet only that the game pays you when you land a mixed, perfect, or colored pair.

21 + 3

When you have a combination of two cards and the dealer has one card in hand, the game creates a poker hand. For example, three diamond 7s will pay 100:1.

Top 3

The side bet is triggered when the dealer has one face-up card against two from your hand. The payout depends on what combination the cards make where the highest paying is a flush at a multiplier of 180:1, sometimes this multiplier could be as high as 270:1 when you land 3 identical diamonds.

How to win more with All Bets Blackjack

The RTP for the six side bets is relatively low. However, this is countered by the high payouts the live blackjack offers against the standard multiplier of 2:1.

  • Top 3 = 93.7 % RTP
  • Buster = 93.79% RTP
  • Perfect Pairs = 93.89% RTP
  • 21+ 3 = 95.38% RTP
  • Lucky Lucky = 96.05% RTP

Overall, the RTP of the game is one of the highest at 99.4%! This means that the houseedge is just .6%. On the other hand, the interface of All Bets Blackjack is easy to use even if you are a novice player. Playtech has offered online and mobile versions that are equally efficient, fast, and reliable.

The music and speed of the dealer are ideal, and the pace will set off your adrenaline rush the same way as a brick-and-mortar casino.

On the flip side, the all bets blackjack live casino is not ideal for high rollers. Because the deposits are capped at a low sum of money bigger stakes are not accepted. Nevertheless, high rollers can still indulge progressively provided the online casino does not limit player activities.

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All Bets Blackjack strategy

The All bets Blackjack, in addition to the high paying side bets also offers a progressive jackpot. This is triggered when you wager and land 4 aces of the same kind in consideration of the first card in hand.

However, when you play online for free, the chance of winning a jackpot will not be available. Nonetheless, playing for free is the best strategy to familiarize with the rules if you are not an experienced blackjack punter. See more: Blackjack tips.


The online live all bets blackjack game resembles the traditional blackjack where you win after beating the hand of the dealer. However, the innovating 6 side bet feature is making all the difference by increasing the multiplier payouts. Hence, if the odds are against you, the side bets can rescue you.


Where can you play it?

You can play the all live bet blackjack by clicking this link.

What is the winning formula?

The winning formula is straightforward, beat the hand of the dealer and multiply your win.

Can you play the game on a mobile device?

Yes, the all live bets blackjack casino is supported on mobile phones and tablets.

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