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Live Sic Bo

Live Sic Bo

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Last updated on April 25th, 2023 at 11:43 am

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Roll the Dice on Luck with Sic Bo, the Ancient Chinese Game, now Live and Online

The first Sic Bo players were the ancient Chinese, but it was widely played by people throughout Asia. It would find its way to the west in the early 20th century and, eventually, on screens around the world thanks to online versions of the ancient game.

Depending on who you ask, Sic Bo means precious dice or dice pair. Either way, both translations highlight the importance of dice for playing Sic Bo. It's a game of luck in which a dealer rolls three dice to determine the winning wager. Players make their wagers on a table displaying numerous wager outcomes options.

Sic Bo vs Craps

Sic Bo is, in some ways, comparable to Craps because it is the only other popular casino game that involves dice. Unlike the win or loss criteria of Craps, all dice rolls in Sic Bo result in a win or a loss. Where Craps is a game of strategy, Sic Bo is mostly a game of chance.

Chance aside, it never hurts to have some knowledge of the game. Knowing the rules can help you make better betting choices. With so many betting options available, Sic Bo accommodates different gambling styles and even has some room for strategizing. Let's get into how you can find your own live Sic Bo betting style and strategy to improve your chances of winning.

The rules of online Sic Bo and how it works

It's easy to be intimidated by your first glance at the Sic Bo table in the online Live casino. The many betting options make it look very complicated, but it is easier to learn to play than it may look. Playing Sic Bo online is a great way to learn the ropes.

Whether you're a high roller, prefer making low bets, or somewhere in between, you can play your way. You can adjust your bets according to the table's options, the house edge level, and payouts. As you play, you'll begin to see the table's complexity works in your favor and is, overall, a game that's easy to learn and play.

In Sic Bo, there are two main types of bets, the big and the small. The bigger involves you placing a bet between 11 and 17 across the three dice, while the small bets range from 4 to 10. You make your bets by placing your chips over the available outcomes options on the table. If the dice fall in favor of your prediction, you win!

Bet from 4 to 17

You have the option of placing bets on a sum of your choosing, so long as it's anything within four to 17. Such sums will have corresponding winning possibilities. Live Sic Bo also allows for single, double, and of course, triple bets. There are several more betting combinations to take advantage of.

If your chosen number of between one and six happens to appear on one of the dice, two or all three, you win one-to-one, two-to-one, and three-to-one respectively. Winning a double bet means you win ten times the amount and 30 times for triple bets.

Unlike other casino table games, Sic Bo gives players real potential to win truly large prizes. It's also great for earning a steady stream of many small wins.

Sic Bo live

Sic Bo Odds

In Sic Bo, the odds go from one-to-one all the way up to 180 and vary according to each bet. Big and small bets come with the lowest house edge and come with the best Sic Bo odds you can hope for. Be careful when betting on a particular set of triples because the odds are more inclined to be against you.

As you learn to play Live Sic Bo, you'll better understand how different odds are affected by certain bets. For now, especially for new players, it's a good idea to keep your bets to the big or small area. With a little experience and luck, you'll be placing winning bets in no time.

Playing Sic Bo at an online live casino in 6 easy steps

Time needed: 5 minutes

  1. Find your online live casino

    Navigate your way to a trusted online casino to play Sic Bo online. Find the best online casino in Canada here. After making sure the games are appropriately certified, consider which payment method to use. It's advisable to use the online casino's preferred payment method. Doing so has been known to earn bonus rewards.

  2. Find your preferred game

    There are multiple versions of online Sic Bo. Their is Sic Bo based on the traditional game, and the others are Super Sic Bo, Mega Sic Bo and Sic-Bo Deluxe. These versions have different features and multipliers up to 1000x which makes them very rewarding. The original Sic Bo offers better payout odds though.

  3. Sign up and practice for free

    You should take advantage of the free demo versions of Sic Bo available online to get some practice before betting money on live online games. Make sure to sign up, you might earn some bonuses.

  4. The best odds and even money bets

    Compare available Sic Bo games and play those that offer the best payout odds. Try to increase your chances by playing with even money bets because they're easier to play and usually have higher winning probabilities.

  5. Place your bets

    When you're ready to play, you will select chips of a specific value. Next, you'll proceed by placing your bets on the live dealer's online betting interface. When time is up for betting, the live dealer will roll the dice.

  6. Collect your winnings or play again

    When the dice come to rest, any winning bets will be highlighted on your screen. With most online casinos, payouts for your winnings are automatic, as are the debits from the balance should you lose. for the fastest payouts check the fastest paying casinos

The best Sic Bo strategy

Strategies are usually lost on luck-based games, but you can use some strategy in your Sic Bo gameplay to improve your chances. Most of the strategies for winning Sic Bo depend on the player's choices and gaming style.

Some good advice would be to avoid placing too many bets on the table at once. You could lose more bets than the multiples you might win. Consider the payouts for each possible bet and weigh your odds of winning those bets before deciding which bets are worth the wager.

Lucky Days

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Roll the dice on luck with today

Sic Bo has stood the test of time and has become a favourite casino staple around the world. Thanks to the many quality live and online adaptions of Sic Bo, you can quickly and easily embark on your own rewarding Sic Bo experience. Remember to place your bets wisely, consider your options to improve your luck in the unpredictable game that is Sic Bo.


What should I bet to win the highest payout?

Place a bet on the outcome of all three dice. Winning a triple bet is of course, very rare, but if it's money you're after, betting on all three dice can lead to big winnings. Remember, the bigger the payout, the bigger the house edge.

What's the Sic Bo house edge?

The house edge, being the profit the casino makes on each bet, depends on your bet. The house edge for online Sic Bo also varies according to region. Online casinos in Canada, have an average Sic Bo house edge range of between 2.78% and 4.08%.

Is the Return to Player (RTP) high?

Sic Bo is one of the few casino games with a high RTP, relatively speaking. You can definitely look forward to high RTPs and many different probabilities to make you a winner.

Is it safe to play Sic Bo online?

Yes. Make sure you source games from trusted online casinos only. In our Top 10 you can find trusted online casinos that are certified and safe to play as a Canadian. Have a look at the footer of each site you visit. Ensure the games have been tested for compliance with the regulations in your province or country. Overall, playing online Sic Bo is safe and recommended.

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