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Introduction to Lightning Dice

Lightning dice is a fun and easy game with no complicated rules to follow. Because it is a live casino game, players feel the fun, enjoy the thrill of the Lightning Multiplier,and anticipate the outcome as the dice roll through the Lightning Tower – all from the comfort of their home.

Before Evolution launched the live gaming concept, the player felt detached from the activity. Now, with live casino gaming, the odds seem fairer, the physical dice are seen, the luck or disappointment is authentic and the chance real.

As one of the most successful casino games developers, Evolution Gaming specialize in the production of live casino games like Lightning Dice . By participating in streamed events, players are part of a hosted game, able see the action live, with fun, friendly dealers interacting with the players.

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How Lightning Dice Works

Lightning Dice consists of five elements: The players; the live dealer; three standard 6-sided dice; the lightning multiplier; and the lightning tower which randomizes the dice roll. Let us look at these individually for clarity. Remember, the proof is in the pudding and the real fun lies in trying it online. You can see a list of real money casinos here. This online live casino game is hosted in an art-decor studio with traditional black and gold decor.

The switch activates the random Lightning Round numbers. In this case a total number of 3 or 18 would payout 150X.

The Players of Lightning Dice

An infinite number of players can place their bets by either choosing a single number between 3 and 18, a selection of these numbers, or all the numbers. Each player wager's a bet (or bets) on the likelihood that the dice roll total will match their chosen number or numbers. The minimum bet value is €0.50 and the maximum, €500.00. The payout for different numbers varies, with a higher payout for the lowest and highest combo (3 & 18) and lower payouts as you head to the center (10 & 11). More on this later.

The Dealer of Lightning Dice

The dealer makes this online casino game experience more real, as though you are in a casino with a croupier. Hosted in an art-deco black and gold studio, the friendly and fun hosts take online casino gaming to the next level – live and fast-paced.

The Dice

The game is played with three physical standard 6-sided dice. The dice roll through a transparent randomizer, gravity cascading through a maze of obstacles and pins to end up at the bottom on a tray. This is so much better than hand thrown dice as it removes the suspicion of any slight-of-hand shenanigans. Also, the camera is live on the process, so the anticipation is authentic just as it is at Lightning Roulette The stated RTP (Return to Player) rate is 97.6%, making the game engaging and fun, but unlikely to make you rich, though some wins can be substantial with the up to x1000 multiplier on random rolls.

Winning bet at Lightning Dice

The Lightning Multiplier

At the bottom of the players screen is a panel of 16 numbers – 3 to 18. Each number has a pay-out clearly indicated on the bet selector:

  • 3 and 18 have a payout of 150x your bet if the dice totals match
  • 4 and 17 have a payout of 50x your bet if the dice totals match
  • 5 and 16 have a payout of 25x your bet if the dice totals match
  • 6 and 15 have a payout of 15x your bet if the dice totals match
  • 7 and 14 have a payout of 10x your bet if the dice totals match
  • 8 and 13 have a payout of 7x your bet if the dice totals match
  • 9 and 12 have a payout of 6x your bet if the dice totals match
  • 10 and 11 have a payout of 5x your bet if the dice totals match

You also have a tray of chips in different denominations. By moving the chips to a number, bets are placed on the number or numbers. Lightning Dice also has a BET ALL feature, allowing you to cover all the bases – ensuring a win.

Lightning Round Payouts

On random throws, shortly after bets have closed, a Lightning Round may display. When the lightning strikes,your payout could multiply as follows:

  • 3 and 18 can pay up to 1000x with the lightning feature
  • 4 and 17 can pay up to 500x with the lightning feature
  • 5 and 16 can pay up to 250x with the lightning feature
  • 6 and 15 can pay up to 100x with the lightning feature
  • 7 and 14 can pay up to 100x with the lightning feature
  • 8 and 13 can pay up to 50x with the lightning feature
  • 9 and 12 can pay up to 50x with the lightning feature
  • 10 and 11 can pay up to 50x with the lightning feature

Please note, the base multiplier becomes invalid when the lightning strikes. For example, the base multiplier of 10 and 11 is 5x and the lightning multiplier is 50x, you will not get both. You will win 50x your bet, and the 5x will not apply.

Remember, this is a game of luck where you must guess the total of a 3-dice roll. No wins are guaranteed to cover your betting total. The immersive nature of this game combined with the simple rules make it fun. Add to that the lightning multipliers and the interactive space and you have an exceptional experience with the potential to win big.



  • 100% up to $400
  • MGA License

The Lightning Tower

At the beginning of the round the dice is placed in a holder at the top of the Lightning Tower. Players place their bets, and once betting has closed and time is given for the lightning to strike (or not), the host pulls a lever that releases the dice to tumble through the Lightning Tower. This transparent maze of paddles and pins shows the dice tumbling all the way down until all three roll out into a tray at the bottom. The action is on camera, the tension real and wins exhilarating. The losses not so much. Please gamble responsibly.

Lightning Dice Strategy

This lovely interactive platform with streamed live casino gaming has a friendly user interface that makes it fun. Consider that its purpose – FUN. You may have the luck of winning big on occasion, but it is unlikely that any Lightning Dice strategy would result in you becoming a wealthy person overnight. This Lightning Dice strategy might help however to understand the game better and increasing the chances of winning:

If you bet on the outliers, 3 and 18 your returns are potentially higher, but the calculated odds are that the likelihood, per throw, that either of those numbers will be the total is 1 in 200. There are no accumulation of odds, each throw is independent.

Dices falling. Exciting times because will it land on our bet?

You may want to choose a number with reasonable odds from the list below:

  • 3 or 18: 0.5%
  • 4 or 17: 1.4%
  • 5 or 16: 2.8%
  • 6 or 15: 4.6%
  • 7 or 14: 7.0%
  • 8 or 13: 9.7%
  • 9 or 12: 11.6%
  • 10 or 11: 12.5%

Just remember that there is no guarantee that your selected number will ever be the total. The only way to win every time the level is pulled is to tap the BET ALL button. if you bet 1.00 on all sixteen numbers, it will cost your 16.00 for every pull of the lever. Using this strategy may seem wise but remember that there are only six numbers (with a combined likelihood of not being selected of 91.6%) that will payout more than 16.00.

So be careful in following any suggested strategies. Following your gut instinct is often the best strategy.

Conclusion of Lightning Dice

The take-away key features of Lightning Dice are:

  • The rules a straight-forward
  • Ideal for beginners
  • The transparency of the Lightning Tower randomizer
  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • The potential of your return multiplying a THOUSAND times
  • Live Casino Game streaming
  • It is FUN

And then of course there is the Lightning Round!

Play and have fun!

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