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Cash or Crash Live is not just another new game from Evolution. It's easy to play, meaning anyone can play it. However, the simplicity does not stop Cash or Crash Live from being the fantastic and lucrative game it is. Not to mention the huge potential winnings. Here is our review on Cash or Crash Live and everything else you need to know as a player.

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Cash or Crash Live Review

In many ways, Cash or Crash live resembles the gameplay of Mega Ball from Evolution gaming. This is because it also relies on drawing balls. However, Cash or Crash Live is simpler to play, which explains why it's gradually becoming a player favourite.

The game takes place in a virtual blimp, which seems to fly above a busy metropolis. In addition, the game has a show host who controls the game, with a lottery machine that's used to select Red, Gold or Green coloured balls, used in determining the fate of the game.

As a player, your ticket is your bet. After placing the bet, the machine draws one of the three balls. If you draw the red ball, the game comes to an end, and you get crashed, losing all your money. That is unless you had a golden ball to save you. The Golden ball is your ticket to huge winnings, and if you're lucky and take it to the top, you stand to win 50,000X of your stake as a cash prize.

Green balls

If you draw the green ball in this Live Game Show, you get a chance to climb a 20-step ladder, and you also get to face three decisions which include:

  1. Take all your money and cash out 100% winnings
  2. Continue with 100% of your stake, letting the next ball decide its fate
  3. Take half of your winnings and continue the game with the remaining 50%

Note that the Gold ball also triggers a bonus round and acts as a life, shielding you from the next red ball. If you get a bonus round, you skip the decision step and watch as you hope more green balls get drawn, allowing you to rise higher up the ladder. Going up the ladder gives you a chance to win 18000X of your stake, which is boosted by the 50,000X cash award given that you also draw a golden ball.

How to play Cash or Crash in 5 easy steps

Here are five easy steps for playing Cash or Crash Live:

Time needed: 10 minutes

  1. Placing bets

    Find the best Live Casino and place your bet

  2. Hoping for green or gold

    Once you place a bet, the machine produces a Green ball, a Golden ball or a Red ball. To continue with the game, you need a Green ball. If you get a Red ball, the game ends at this point

  3. Continue or take win

    Assuming a Green ball gets drawn, you have to decide on three options. You either continue the game with all your winnings or half the winnings. You can also choose to cash out all your current winnings at this point, which brings the game to an end.

  4. Continue playing

    If you continue, the round keeps going until a red ball gets drawn or until you reach the top of the ladder. If you draw a Golden ball along the way, it prevents you from getting crashed when a red ball gets drawn, which means you continue playing.

  5. Getting Paid!

    You get paid all your winnings at the end of the game, which is reaching the top of the ladder.

Cash or Crash Live Payouts and Odds

Unlike most casino games, the Cash or Crash Live winnings depend on how you play. If you decide to continue playing with 100% winning, there's a potential of winning much more than someone who only continues with 50% of their winnings. However, the risks of that decision are pretty high.

The top prize of this game is 50,000X your stake, which only happens if you get the golden ball and if you continue up the ladder. The optimal RTP is 99.59%, which means it's highly volatile.

How Cash or Crash works

The Cash or Crash Live game is relatively easy to play. The aim is to climb up the 20- step ladder by drawing a Gold or Green ball as you avoid the Red balls. As a start, the players place a bet, and a random ball gets selected, as in the lottery. If a Green ball gets drawn, you continue up the ladder after deciding whether to continue with 100% of your winnings or half. You can also choose to cash out all your winnings, of which the game comes to an end. The game continues until you draw a Red ball, reach the top of the ladder or decide to cash out.

Cash or Crash Live is a classic gambling game, which leaves the decision making to players. It's suited for all players since everyone has an equal chance of winning, depending on your decision. Therefore, Cash or Crash Live depends on your preference and style, and for that reason, it's worth trying it out.

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Cash or Crash live is a simple game with minimal features. The game contains 8 Red balls, 19 Green balls and one Gold ball. The game's main objective is that you climb up the ladder as fast as possible before you get crashed. The other option is cashing out. Each time a Green ball gets drawn, you climb up the 20 step prize ladder. Note that the claimable wins are displayed on the ladder's steps, motivating players to keep rising and getting more wins.

Another extra feature is that Cash or Crash Live allows you to view the last round results. You can see the balls that were previously drawn and calculate the probability of winning. The interface gives you the option of setting up an Auto Play, which is convenient for players looking to play longer.

Typically, the Cash or Crash Live unique feature is the Golden ball, which triggers a bonus round and protects you from getting crashed. This is why it's one of the most straightforward game shows.


Here are commonly asked questions about Cash or Crash Live:

Can you choose the ‘Take half' option more than once in a single game of Cash or Crash Live

Yes. There are no limits as to how many times you can choose the ‘Take Half' option. If you prefer to take calculated risks, you can secure some of your winnings as you continue playing with the remaining half.

Is there a free spin feature in Cash or Crash Live?

No. The unique feature is the Gold ball which triggers a bonus round. The Gold ball also protects you from crashing or making a decision, and this is as long as the Golden ball remains intact.

Where can i play the game?

All you need is a good live casino, here you can find the best Canadian online casinos

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