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Bitcoin casino payment method

Using Bitcoin as a payment method in an online casino has been a gamechanger in the gambling world.

The cryptocurrency giant bitcoin has decided to taste the waters and work with online gambling platforms to offer many gamblers in the market. For years now, bitcoin gambling, also known as a crypto gamble, has increased exponentially, making other types of cryptocurrencies viable to be used too.

Crypto gambling

At a Bitcoin casino often also other Cryptocurrencies are accepted like: Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin.

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Bitcoin casino Canada

Canada has been at the forefront of using cryptocurrencies for online bitcoin casino sites that are legal within their territory. More and more online casinos embrace cryptocurrencies, and bitcoin has been the top for most players. That's because gambling in a bitcoin casino has a lot of advantages.

The pros of playing at a bitcoin casino outweigh the cons and are also more advantageous than the traditional systems. And that's one key reason why many gamblers are getting to use it as their go-to payment system for their accounts. The following are the nitty-gritty details you need to know about bitcoin casino Canada.

Bitcoin as Casino Payment method

Advantages of using Bitcoin at an online casino

If you have some bitcoins and never used Bitcoin as a currency in your online casino, then you are in luck with bitcoin casinos. Anyone who has used bitcoin in their casino games will tell you it has many advantages even compared to the standard currencies we have been using for decades. For s start, Bitcoin has proven to the users' retail privacy is one of the significant characteristics it is involved in. Privacy is maintained both for players and owners of the casinos. There is no space for third parties to access any of your information, especially the financial and personal ones. Compared to standard credit cards, you will never get to see any chargeback issues.

Infographic about bitcoin as casino payment method

It is important to note that many countries have not yet legalized online gambling. Due to this, many financial institutions such as banks don't allow use making transactions using bitcoins from gambling websites. Using bitcoin is the best alternative since it does not necessarily need a third-party service such as a bank to make transactions. Making cryptocurrency transactions using Bitcoin doesn't require a link to a credit or debit card. Some legal online casinos do offer bitcoin payments too. A good example of such an online casino is:

Casino Friday

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Compared to other deposits and withdrawals methods that rely on financial institutions, Bitcoin's withdrawals and deposits are instant. Withdrawals from banks always take a very long time, but with Bitcoin, you no longer have to wait. The amount of the bitcoin you send to your best bitcoin online casinos gets immediately transferred to your account and back when you need to use it.

Another great advantage is that cryptocurrency is never subjected to taxation, no matter where your country is. No taxes make it inexpensive to use, and there are no banks or fees.

Buy Bitcoin first to use it as payment method at online bitcoin casinos

How to deposit and withdraw Bitcoin

Depositing and withdrawing Bitcoin from online casinos is a seamless process, but you need to follow the right steps for the process to work efficiently. It is therefore vital that you first setup your online bitcoin wallet, before executing any bitcoin transactions. The wallets are online-based, just like PayPal or online banking works. You can set up your bitcoin wallets many sites, and to make it better, there are no charges for the process. Then load our wallet with bitcoin from different credible sources.

So now that you have your bitcoins in your bitcoin wallets, you can now take them into your online casino's account. Funding your bitcoin wallet is a bot different from the traditional way of using a credit or debit card. For bitcoin casinos, you will have to use the address of your bitcoin wallet and the bitcoin amount straight to the online casino you desire to use. After they have these details about your bitcoin amount, it may take you just a couple of seconds to execute the transfer. You can now play your real money games using bitcoin and earn more bitcoins. You must check if your online casino allows the use of bitcoin before trying to make any deposits.

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Withdrawing from a Bitcoin casino

Making withdrawals is relatively the same as making deposits. All your online casino will need is the details of your bitcoin wallet. Set the address, the amount you need to withdraw, and then wait for your withdrawal transaction to be executed. You will receive the amount in your bitcoin wallet immediately. Every transaction is faster and secure.

Ways to buy and sell Cryptocurrency

Combining Bitcoin with other payment methods

Interac, Skrill, Muchbetter and EcoPayz have been leading solutions for casino players for a long time as a banking solution. Even with the introduction of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, they've still managed to provide various banking options. That whay players can make deposits using other forms of currencies too. Interac casinos have become very popular among players over the years. They are using it to top up funds and withdraw without waiting for a long time or incurring other hidden fees.

If you are using one of these as your payment method, well, you are in luck since you might combine it with other payment methods for your bitcoin casinos. You can make deposits using both EcoPayz and your bitcoin wallet. Whichever you choose, it is possible. You can also use skrill or Interac as a method to buy Bitcoin.
Before using EcoPayz as your deposit method, you must fund it first. There are different ways that you can make the transfers. The transfer rates vary depending on the method. You can also fund your EcoPayz or Skrill wallet using the bitcoins you plan to use in your casino.

Ecopayz and Bitcoin

After you top up your EcoPayz account, you can now deposit the money straight to your casino to use in all kinds of games. For EcoPayz, the deposit will take a couple of minutes, but you won't wait for a long time. Instead of some other options. You can try EcoPayz today with bitcoin casinos when making your deposit, and you can be sure not to be disappointed.

Bitcoin accepted at Bitstarz casino
Accepted Crypto currencies at Bitstarz

About gambling with other cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency you can use on gambling sites. There are many other cryptocurrencies you can use. As long as your online casino allows modern currencies in the games they provide. Other than Bitcoin, some of the top gambling cryptocurrencies include Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, and Bitcoin Cash. The use of these alternative coins is gaining momentum from around the world.

For online gamblers, relying on credit or debit cards is no longer necessary to introduce cryptocurrencies on most of the sites. Electronic payment systems have competition from the growing world of cryptocurrencies.

Other Cryptocurrency at a Bitcoin casino

Using cryptocurrencies is not easier, and it's gaining traction in many sites and gamblers. Before using alternative cryptocurrencies, it is vital to research your online casino. That way you find out if they accept the cryptocurrency you have. Some online casinos may accept other cryptos over others. Other sites may require you to convert the cryptocurrency into cash which beats the purpose of it a bit.

If you don't know an online casino that allows cryptocurrencies, our Bitcoin casino top 5 will help you definitely. From this top 5, LevelUP casino gives you a bonus of up to 5 BTC! From the same top 5 Casino Friday is a great choice, if you want to use other cryptocurrencies.

LevelUp Casino

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More and more cryptocurrencies are being developed even as bitcoin stays at the chain's top. As more gamblers use bitcoin, it is bound to increase value over time. Even newly developed online casinos will embrace cryptocurrencies as their main features.

To be ready for the future of cryptocurrency online casinos, get as much cryptocurrency as you can. It is important to try your luck using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to make as many winnings as possible. Crypto gamble is bound to be lucrative in the years to come. Check more information about the best casino Canada here.


Is it allowed to gamble with Bitcoin in Canada?

Since digital currencies are not backed or controlled by the Canadian federal government, gambling with bitcoin is not restricted.

What is the best Bitcoin Online casino?

There are a couple of approved Bitcoin casinos around the world. Some of the best bitcoin online casinos include Playamo, LevelUP casino, Casino Friday and Bitstarz.

How fast are payouts?

The payouts for the best bitcoin casinos are instant. You don't have to wait for minutes or days to get your money.

Are there fees at Bitcoin casinos?

No fees are depending on how you are using bitcoin. When receiving bitcoin, there are no fees, and many wallets are free for bitcoin transactions.

What is BTC gambling mean?

BTC mainly stands for Bitcoin, and BTC gambling means gambling using the bitcoin currency.

Is a Crypto casino safe to play?

All approved crypto casinos are secure to play.

Does every casino accept Bitcoin?

Not all casinos accept using bitcoin as a currency. There are a couple of casinos that accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

What are the Best Bitcoin Online Casinos?

The Best Bitcoin Online Casinos are licenced and tested. Here you can play at the top 5 best tested and licenced bitcoin casinos.

Best online casinos that accept bitcoin

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  • Up to $450
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Woo casino

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National Casino

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  • $330 Bonus
  • $150 Free Sports Bet

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