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Jammin Jars video slot review

Jammin Jars – Push Gaming Slot review

There are so many slots out there that it can be hard to distinguish between some of them. Beyond the aesthetics, much of the gameplay and payouts are similar. That is until you get to the online slots.
What’s fun about these virtual games is that developers can program all kinds of ways to play. Physical slots might be limited by their machines and can’t receive updates like their online counterparts. Because of the various possibilities of internet slots, you get unique games like Jammin Jars.

Rather than the typical 3×3 or 5×5 reel design, this variant is 8×8. Jammin Jars allows for greater chances to win prizes. That’s because, in addition to the number of rows and reels, this game has cluster pays and has an RTP of 96.83% and a very high volatility.
The Jammin Jars slot rules aren’t too complex, but taking a crash course can help you take advantage of certain features. If you like the theme of Danger! High Voltage we think this slots Disco vibe will be one of your favourites soon too.

If you have five or more of the same symbols bundled together, you get a win. It could be horizontal, vertical, or a combination of the two. Larger symbols mean that you could get a multiplier.
This game utilizes various factors that make it appealing, including aesthetics, music, mechanics, and more. The various features and bonuses liven up each spin. In our Jammin Jars review, we’ll tell you about the gameplay, symbols, payout, and more.

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How Does Jammin Jars Slot Work?

The way the game operates might remind you of match-three mechanics. After you win a cluster combination, new symbols fall and replace them. You could get a streak from constant matches from new collapses.
Jammin Jars has a trade-off to its 8×8 design; its many symbols. That makes these slots high-variance. Luckily, the rewards are great because you can win up to 20,000 x per stake.

What really makes this slot shine is the sound and aesthetic design. The theme is colorful and features fruit symbols stylized so appealingly that it'll make you crave produce. We jammed, pun not intended, to the 70s-style disco music that took some of us back on a nostalgic journey.
Jammin Jars is available on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. As long as the electronic apparatus supports HTML 5, you can pretty much play it anywhere. The 8×8 slots don't look too bad on a small mobile screen.

Many slot games have the same basic functionality. However, it would help if you learned about the tiniest details of the features so you can take advantage of potential wins. For example, each of the pieces is more than just a decoration.

Jammin Jars symbols

Symbols and Payout

All of the fruit in the slot is worth a particular amount each. Here is a list of each of those symbols in order from lowest to highest value:

  • Blueberry
  • Plum
  • Apple
  • Raspberry
  • Orange
  • Strawberry

The strawberry can pay out 100x if there are 25 of them in one cluster. That's not even counting the multipliers. Payouts can start at 0.1 of your total stake, specifically for the minimum cluster amount for blueberries.
The coin value ranges from 0.01 to 5. That, in combination with the low starting payout, might feel like it isn't much. However, you can rack up multipliers every time the fruits collapse.
Another important symbol to look out for is the game's namesake: the jam jars. These look like glass containers with a rainbow substance on the inside. The slot is fun, but the real game begins when you encounter this piece.

Jar Jar symbol, collect three and the bonus round will start

Jam Jar Symbol

Wilds and scatters are standard with these kinds of virtual interactions. The Jam Jar is the symbol that represents these features in Jammin Jars. Once you've reached this piece, you've unlocked a whole new part of the game that will lead to more fun and rewards.
Jam Jars open the door for multipliers and other bonuses. It works in different ways, depending on the circumstances. You'll most likely encounter it as a Wild.

When a Jam Jar becomes a part of a match, a multiplier chain can begin. It's possible to get an unlimited amount of these bonuses at a particular time because you get an additional spin every time you get a winning combination. If there is more than one Jam Jar on the “dance floor,” you can rack up numerous multipliers that are all a part of the same matches you make.

Start of the Jammin Jars bonus round

Bonus Round

There are three additional features that help spice up the gameplay:

  • Jam Jars Multipliers
  • Free Games
  • Rainbow

More information to know about the slot's namesake bonus is that, once they're part of a match, the pieces stay in place. Each consecutive winning combination increases the multiplier by one.
If you get three or more Jam Jars on a single spin, you'll trigger the Free Games feature. That means you get six complimentary turns. This part of the game is where you can get unlimited multipliers, and they only increase.

Don't feel too bad if you don't make a match during one of your spins. When that happens, there's a chance you'll trigger the Rainbow feature. That's when a rainbow covers the board and creates a giant fruit, and the same pieces bordering it will be a part of the cluster combination.
We hope that our Jammin Jars review helps you understand that this game is more than a typical 3×3 slot. Besides having unique mechanics, it has a fun presentation. You might even feel like you're playing at a real casino.

Where this game really shines is its bonus features. Making a match with a Jam Jar is satisfying, but it gets even better when you get a winning combination with more of them at once. Once you trigger the Free Games feature, the dopamine will flow.


The symbols are colorful and stylized fruit. Some might argue that this is a “healthier” version of Candy Crush. Instead of using confusing symbols from a popular movie you've never seen, Push Gaming goes for a simple and appealing theme that anyone can catch onto.
We recommend Jammin Jars for people who want to try a slightly different slot experience than what they're used to. We'll admit that it's not that revolutionary, but it's still enjoyable. Check out Push Gaming's slot for yourself, and be amazed at the fun graphics and gameplay.

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