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It’s not easy looking for quality casino games online with the ocean of websites and options. Your best bet would be to stick to entertainment made by developers known for making good interactive experiences. One company you can check out is White Hat Gaming or WHG. If you can find online casinos running on this platform their well worth it to try.

Best White Hat Gaming casinos

  • $500 + 100 Spins
  • Fast cash outs, 2,000+ games
  • $7000 + 120 spins
  • Great games / fast payouts
  • Excl bonus for Canadians
  • C$1500 + 150 Free Spins

This distributor is known for producing goods that appeal to a diverse audience. They have offices all over the world and have relatively popular brands. WHG's business model centers around issuing games to real money casinos.

What separates them from other casino platforms is that they do more than create these digital gambling experiences. WHG's other services include fraud detection, CRM integration, licensing, customer support, and more. With this much care and security established for their games and clients, you can tell that this company strives to provide a quality experience.

WHG has over 1000 casino interactive amusements from more than 100 prominent developers. To ensure that they produce various genres and styles, this company has a group of third-party creators making games for them. You know that you're in for an excellent experience if you see their logo on some digital slots or a gambling app.

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One of the main reasons this company has so much to offer is the size of its operations. WHG has locations in London, Chicago, Cape Town, Gibraltar, and Malta. The owners founded this distributor in 2012, and they have over 300 individuals working for them today.

What's great about this company is that it gives you the opportunities to play their quality games and start your own online casino. White Hat Gaming has many tools and resources to help out even beginners in this business. You don't have to be a gambling software developer to work with them, either.

Before you look to White Hat Gaming for this endeavor, you must first understand how this venture operates.

Barz Casino

  • $1500 + 130 Spins
  • MGA License + Great loyalty program

What is a White Label Casino or WLC?

The convenience of internet access has caused more and more online casinos to pop up. Since many parties distribute them digitally, virtual gambling games are very accessible to obtain or play. This advantage has led to WLCs, a profitable business strategy.

Did you know that you could rent out an entire digital gambling establishment? That's what a WLC is. Here's how it works: a company provides the technology and shares ownership with another party that focuses on the marketing.

The third party is a developer that focuses on the functional aspect of the games, interface, website, and much more. Those who are splitting the casino with that business spread the word on branding and builds up the audience. They divide the profit, though the renter usually pays a setup fee upfront.

How the Full service platform by WEhite Hat Gaming works

Advantages of White Hat Gaming Casinos

Sharing a virtual gambling establishment has more benefits than creating one from scratch. One significant advantage is that it's safer because the company already establishes many factors. An example of that is the complex payment process, a feature the technical design team has already set up.

Arranging one of these online casinos is much quicker. It can take time to produce the games, website, and overall design from the very start. The one sharing the establishment only has to take over, which can take about two weeks.

A huge concern with any business selling properties and entertainment is licensing. Companies need to obtain this authorization to run a casino, whether online or in person. The whole process is complicated, but individuals wouldn't have to worry about those details if they're renting rather than building from the ground up.

Quality customer service is a crucial feature that gambling establishments must contain. Businesses that rent out virtual casinos usually include that in their partnership bundle. That's because they have the money, experience, staff, and resources to carry out this utility.

White Hat Gaming is one of the multiple companies that offer this business opportunity with all of these benefits and more.

Is a White Hat Gaming Casino Safe?

As a player, you might feel skeptical about putting your money anywhere near an establishment like this. It's not a traditional business model and can seem more temporary. However, WHG has been in the gambling market for almost an entire decade.

This company has had plenty of experience setting up WLCs with trusted parties. They put in various measures to ensure that your capital doesn't get stolen, even if you hit the jackpot with any of their games. WHG has legal and fraud protection and licensing for the products you play.

Those who run into any issues at one of their casinos can contact their excellent customer service. They can answer your questions, help solve any technical problems, and much more. WHG not only produces fun games you can play but security for all of their clients.


  • Excl bonus for Canadians
  • C$1500 + 150 Free Spins

The world of gambling has evolved and branched out because of the internet and its advancements. It's allowed more people to participate in the business of casinos through WLCs. That means more games and options for you.

Third-party developers can create games that could end up being some of your favorite. If they're working under WHG, then that means that they have plenty of protection and trust for their brand. It's also through WLCs that they can bring their interactive experiences to a broader audience, including you.

WHG is a company that strives to make its products and services beneficial to everyone involved. They want their players to be happy, so they only present quality games to them. This business wants its developers to enjoy working for them, which is why they help provide the tools needed to ensure that their goods are secure.

Starting your own online casino

You don't have to search for the best online casinos or gambling products blindly. Save yourself the time by looking at the ones working with WHG. This company has a long list of goods and websites you can check out and experience for yourself.

Even if someone new to this business model establishes their first WLC, White Hat Gaming has all the tools they need to run their establishment. That means you don't have to worry about trust issues when you encounter a new white label casino from this company. You can experience different games from a fresh gambling software developer.

With that said, feel free to work with them if you want to start your own online casino.

White Hat Casinos



  • $500 + 100 Spins
  • Fast cash outs, 2,000+ games


  • Excl bonus for Canadians
  • C$1500 + 150 Free Spins

Vegas Lounge Casino

  • 400C$ Cashback No Wagering
  • MGA & UKGC Licenses

Barz Casino

  • $1500 + 130 Spins
  • MGA License + Great loyalty program

Skol Casino

  • $1300 + 250 Spins
  • White Hat Gaming platform

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