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Blitz Blackjack is a unique multi-channel game from NetEnt. The game features a live dealer in addition to the excitement of classic blackjack. You play using eight decks of cards. The sets of cards maximize not only your scalability, but also the number of bets that can be made each round. You can play this online game from the comfort of your favorite sofa at home.

The game is often referred to as either Blitz or Common Draw 2.0. This is a modern version of NetEnt’s popular blackjack game. This was the game responsible for NetEnt winning an award for Innovator of the Year in 2014. You play at a completely new table using the same rules as you would with Blackjack Common Draw. The difference is the new name and beautifully updated visuals.

Live dealer at Blitz blackjack

Design and decks

The design of the game was created to match the action you experience while at the blackjack table. If you enjoy multi-player blackjack games, we recommend Blitz Blackjack. Hundreds of players can play at the same table simultaneously. This means the improved version of the game always has a seat available for you to enjoy. As the developer, NetEnt has made a lot of changes to the UI, blackjack table and background.

The new design is so fresh the game has been completely reinvigorated. You can play easily because the rules, betting options and structure remain the same. The eight decks of cards are either shuffled automatically or manually by the live dealer. Every time you play a game developed by NetEnt, you know it is presented by experienced and skilled professionals.

The highest quality high-definition video is used to stream the game and the background is done in Chroma-Key. A lot of exciting new features have been included including:

  • Player chat
  • Available direct launch
  • Eight deck manual show
  • Re-bet feature

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  • MGA License

About Blitz Blackjack

Since the game is available 24/7, you can play any time you choose. The concept is the same as with classic blackjack. You want the value of your hand to be as close to 21 as possible without going over. If you have a better hand than the live dealer, you win the game. You need to place your bet before the cards are dealt. The game is played using a common set of cards the dealer places on the blackjack table.

When all of the players have finalized their bets, one card is drawn by the dealer for their hand and two for all of the players. This is when you decide on your next move. You can hit, stand, split or double. The innovative game is a blackjack variant available exclusively from NetEnt. We have heard the game referred to as Unlimited Blackjack.

Why this blackjack game is unique

The game is unique because there is no limit on how many players can join the game at the same time. Each player receives their own cards and decides which moves they want to make. Once all of the players have had a turn, cards are drawn by the dealer according to the usual blackjack rules. One of the best benefits is each round moves at a faster speed.

You also do not need to spend time waiting for a free space at the blackjack table. You also have the option to double the value for your initial bet. This means you will only be dealt one more card and then your hand will stand automatically. If you split your hand, you have the option to Double Down. We consider the RPT for the live blackjack game to be high at 99.50. The basics of the game include:

  • The dealer must stand on 17
  • Eight decks of cards
  • One split for each round
  • You are offered even money for your blackjack vs the Ace of your dealer
  • You can double down for any two cards
  • If the dealer has an Ace showing, insurance is offered
  • The RTP is 99.50 percent
  • You receive one card for each split Ace
  • After a split, you have the option to double
  • Safe and Fair casino
  • White Hat Gaming
  • 100% up to $400
  • MGA License
  • 20% Cashback Daily
  • MGA License

About Side Bets

Some of the NetEnt casinos offering Blitz Blackjack give you the opportunity of making a side bet. The actual rules vary slightly between the online casinos. You are able to make bets for both perfect pairs and 21+3. The RTP for the game decreases to 93.71 percent when you make a 21+3 bet. The RTP for a perfect pair bet is 94.21 percent. We consider Blitz Blackjack a high volatility game. If your dealer has an up card of an Ace, you can purchase insurance for half of your original bet.

You will only be paid if your dealer has a blackjack. NetEnd has labeled Blitz Blackjack as highly volatile. Despite this, the return rate is 99.5 percent.

Tips to Play This Game Best

  • Always use a basic strategy when playing blackjack. Knowing whether to stand, hit, double down or split is essential to winning the game. This can help you cut down the edge of the house.
  • If your dealer is showing an Ace and a seven, hit when you have a hand between 12 and 16.
  • If your dealer has a six and a two, stand when your hand is between 12 and 16.
  • Eights and Aces should always be split
  • Double or hit sixes and Aces
  • Only play at reliable and fair online casinos

Unless you know how to count cards effectively, purchasing insurance is often a poor move. You are basically making another bet for more money based on if your dealer has a blackjack. If you make an insurance bet, the house has close to a six percent advantage. Even if you manage to get blackjack, you are only winning your initial bet. If both you and the dealer have blackjack, the result is a push.

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More Blitz blackjack tips

We recommend you start out small when you first join a table or a new dealer arrives. Give yourself enough time to evaluate the table and determine if your dealer is hot or cold. Online casinos function 24/7 and you will be impacted when your dealer is hot or cold. Sometimes, it is better to walk away and return later.

Before you do anything, look at the up card of your dealer. A seven through an Ace is a good hand. A two through six is a poor hand. The cards of your dealer make a big difference when you decide what action to take.

Decide ahead of time how much money you can lose comfortably and the amount you want to win. Do not bet money you will not be able to afford to lose. The majority of players will be winners at some point. The reason they walk away losers is that they do not know when to quit. Do not make this mistake. If you are experiencing a losing streak, walk away.

Take the time to review your hand and always consider the cards of your dealer. Rushing to make your move will result in costly mistakes. Do not forget your hand will not be affected by what the other players at your table decide to do. Your only concerns should be what cards your dealer is holding and what you have in your hand. Remaining focused and shutting out distractions are keys to winning at blackjack.

Conclusion of Blitz Blackjack

We find Blitz Blackjack from NetEnt a great alternative to the typical tables with just seven seats. We also like the idea one table can be shared by numerous players all making their own decisions though playing together against the dealer . The design of the game is excellent for a wider audience. And also the minimum limits for the tables are less than the average live blackjack game. This means you can enjoy playing without going through your bankroll too quickly.

You do not have to wait for a seat at a table, and we find the live dealers eager for interactions and extremely charismatic. We enjoy the live chat and re-bet features included in the game interface. Blitz Blackjack is a unique game with crisp video and the feeling of a live casino floor in the background. We believe you will enjoy the excitement of the game.

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