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Netent Advance Virtual online roulette game

Review about Roulette Advanced – NetEnt

In the past few years, there has been a significant rise in online gaming. Access to the internet and computers is one of the factors that have significantly contributed to this rise. NetEnt is a company that has built a positive reputation in the online gaming industry.
This Roulette Advanced review will explain to you that the name ‘advanced’ shows the extra features of this game. Such include the 37-pocket wheel, different betting options, and a detailed table design. You can be sure of an unforgettable gaming experience with this online game.

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The table comes with a broader gaming limit, whereby in some unique situations, bets of up to 500 dollars are allowed. If you are a beginner trying to familiarize yourself with the betting options and roulette rules, this is the right game. It takes so little time to understand the game’s basics and take the challenge brought forth when playing Roulette Advanced.

Enjoy the classic graphics and background music that will set you in the mood for betting. You are absolutely going to love the classic experience that this game gives you while playing in the comfort of your home. In this Roulette Advanced review, we shall look at how to play the game, its rules, pros, and cons.

How to Play

Grasping the basics of this game is not a complicated process. However, you need to learn and understand more than the basics. Like any other game, Roulette Advanced comes with its rules and regulations. We will look at how to play this game and its rules in this Roulette Advanced review.

Gameplay and Rules

Playing this game is simple and convenient as you do it from the comfort of your home. The fairness of this game is enhanced by the winning odds that are programmed before its kick-off. The first thing to always remember is that Roulette Advanced is a game based on pure luck and chance.
Once the ball is in motion around the spinning wheel, you cannot tell which slot it will eventually settle. Grab your chip and place it in the section you choose to bet on. A virtual dealer does wheel spinning once you have placed all your bets.

However, you have to command the spinning by clicking on ‘SPIN’ or ‘QUICK SPIN’ if you are very anxious and eager to get the results. The small white ball goes around the spinning wheel with an eventual speed decrease until it lands and settles on one of the slots. Playing roulette online should be the first consideration for people who enjoy the optimum thrill of the riskiest bets.

This is because there are a lot of wagering options. Additionally, you are allowed to make call bets from the racetrack, which include Orphelins Plein, Series 0/2/3 (Voisin Du Zero), Zero Game, and Series 5/8 (Tier Du Cylindre). Special Bets allows you to explore more gambling options. The minimum and maximum amounts that you can bet with are 1 dollar and 500 dollars, respectively.

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What makes Roulette Advanced Unique?

Although this game does not come with ground-breaking features, it sure has some features that will make your gaming fun and comfortable. They include:

  • The wheel – this one has red and black slots numbered 1 to 36. However, it comes with an extra slot, green in color, and labeled 0, making the total slots 37.
  • Racetrack – this racetrack offers a convenient and alternative way of placing your bets. The racetrack also has numbers that are arranged in a similar order as to those on the wheel. It allows you to place any straight bets or consider the 5 unique bets, including neighbor bets.
  • Graphics and sound – the game’s graphics are exquisite, and there is a sound in the background that triggers your moods for betting. Interacting with this game’s innovative layout is simple to avoid time wastage. You have the freedom to set the background sounds according to your preferences.
  • Additional settings – on the bottom left corner of the game’s interface, you will see a ‘settings’ icon. Clicking on this icon will enable you to switch sound, and background music ON/OFF, set your preferred game speed, and adjust the Special Bets settings.
  • Billboard – this one appears on the left side of your screen. The billboard of online roulette gives you real-time gaming statistics. Such include details on HOT and COLD numbers, odd and even numbers, and zero depending on how often they have won.
  • Autoplay – an “AUTOPLAY” button is located at the bottom left side. Clicking on this icon turns the autoplay mode ON/OFF. When it is ON, you have the freedom to choose how many spins you want to play without interruptions.

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Pros of this Game

Some people have not yet grasped the benefits that come with playing online roulette. They still prefer going to a physical casino for their gambling and betting. If you are among these individuals, then you need to know the pros of roulette online. They include:

Extra Bonuses and Rewards

Some years ago, it was normal for players to get free stuff, such as free rooms and buffet coupons, at the brick-and-motor casinos. However, this has changed with time, and nowadays, it isn’t easy to get such rewards. Online casinos don’t have staff or rent to pay. Therefore, they can offer you better rewards and bonuses. Sometimes, you will see some bonuses and rewards even before you begin betting. This is because the majority of the online casinos give bonuses upon signing up on their websites. Online casinos accurately track your real-time gambling, and they can reward you immediately. This is unlike the physical casinos, where it takes time before you get recognized and rewarded.

Play at your own pace

Playing in a physical casino means that you adhere to the speeds dictated by the dealer. The game could go slowly or fast, depending on how the dealer’s day is going. And the case with playing this game online is different as you get your table.
The white ball and the wheel spin only upon your command. You can also choose how much time to give yourself between spins.

Access the whole Table

In a brick-and-motor casino, the shape of the table may not allow you to access all its sections. This is not the case with online roulette as all the bets are placed through your computer screen using your mouse and keyboard. Waiting in queues for a table to free up is a normal thing at a physical casino. Nevertheless, thanks to technology, online casinos can create as many tables as there are players. So, you don’t have to wait in a queue for a chance to make money.

No Commuting Needed

It is clear that with online gaming, there are no commuting costs incurred. This is because the exercise can be done at the comfort of your sofa. Additionally, you can handle some chores and still participate in playing with little or no hassles. It could take you some considerable time to get to a physical casino.
However, with online gambling, that commuting time is cut down to about thirty seconds to get to your computer or device. If you already have your computer with you, then the time is reduced to a few seconds consumed when accessing your preferred online casino website.



This is true, especially considering that accessing online casinos is quite simple from your computer or device. Having such access means that you can gamble at any time of the day, which may result in addiction.

Reduced Socializing

Unlike in a brick-and-mortar casino where you interact with different people, playing Roulette Advanced only requires you to have your computer and internet.

Risk of Overspending

When using a credit card, it is hard to track the money you have spent on playing online roulette. Once your adrenaline skyrockets, you may not be able to observe caution. This could lead to significant financial losses.

Tips for playing the game

Find a Legit Online Casino

There are many online casinos today, some of which are legit, honest, and trustworthy. Others are scams and dishonest. Check the casino’s reviews and licenses to establish its legitimacy before playing Roulette Advanced online.

Play with what you can afford

Some people wager with too much money, and this could result in huge losses. Have a budget in place and place conservative bets that make winning much more effortless.

Placing Large Bets

The common mistake among new players is placing large bets on one number. It is advisable to distribute your bet to multiple numbers or place outside bets.

Don’t Play while Under the influence

Drugs and alcohol cloud your judgment, and this could adversely affect your winning chances. The simple rule here is a clear head is equivalent to higher winning chances when playing Roulette Advanced.

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