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Power UP Roulette review

Live Game host presents PowerUp Roulette

Pragmatic Play has risen over the past few years, providing quality gaming experiences to players around the globe. Recently, the software provider has developed quality new titles for table and live games. One of their latest is the Power UP Roulette, which gives a new spin to the popular wheel.

Power UP Roulette is the second live roulette game from the software provider to provide multipliers. It surpasses Mega Roulette by offering thousands of times the multiplier. In addition, it's a single-zero European roulette wheel, meaning it has a low house edge.

However, unlike the regular straight-up win of 35:1, the payout is reduced to 24:1 in this title. It makes up for it by nominating straight-up bettors for the bonus game. All the bets on this table follow the standard European roulette payout scale. There are several amazing features of the roulette game, as explained in the review below.

Where to play Power Up Roulette?

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Unique Features of Power UP Roulette

Power UP Roulette has several great features that you may want to try. Here are some of the most popular ones.

Payouts and RTP

The European roulette-based live casino game has an RTP of about 96.20%, considerably lower than many roulette games. However, the bonus game takes care of this with its fantastic multiplier.

The payout varies depending on the multipliers you will get in the bonus game. Power UP Roulette has payouts of up to 15,525 times your bet amount. However, the fifth bonus round has a multiplier of up to 8,000x of your bet amount.

Bet Amounts

You can bet any amount between $0.10 and $5,000 per spin. The casino software interface allows you to select the suitable chip from various values on the table. Check for the options at the bottom of the screen.

The Bonus Round

Power UP Roulette has up to five bonus rounds where players who have placed straight-up bets get a chance to win cash with high multipliers. The first bonus round has a maximum multiplier of 500x, followed by 1,000x, 2000x, and 4,000x if the final bonus round has a multiplier of up to 8,000x. However, a game may end at any number of rounds. There are lower multipliers in each of the rounds.

The live casino has a giant screen behind the dealer where the random numbers are picked as the wheel rotates. If the ball rests on any of the selected numbers, the game goes to bonus mode. Here, players can get multipliers of up to 2000x their amounts in a single game.


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Other Features

The table has an autoplay feature where you can have randomly selected numbers for your bet entered by the software for you. It also has a bet history feature where you get to know the winning numbers of the last few rounds. Use this information to make a decision. However, remember that this is a game of chance, and results may not follow any pattern.

How to Play Power Up Roulette in a four Easy Steps

Time needed: 5 minutes

  1. Go to the live casino section of your Pragmatic Play Casino.

    Log into your favourite Pragmatic Casino and scroll to the live games section. Search for or locate the Power UP roulette table and click on it to enter the live studio, where a live dealer will introduce the game to you.

  2. Place the bets.

    A software interface will give you a chance to pick your numbers and make bets with ease. You also get to determine the value of the chips you will use for the game. This game's objective is to choose the number you think the ball will stop at. You have several options: colour choices, even and odd, upper and lower, or a straight-up bet. However, it would be best to bet straight up to be nominated for the bonus game.
    You have 20 seconds of betting time before the game starts. The game allows you to place the bets on the table, on the race track, or using the special bets menu on your phone interface. Check the statistics screen for other betting opportunities.

  3. The selection of ball spins Power numbers

    All bets are closed before the live dealer spins the ball. During the spin, the system randomly selects three to five spin numbers. The bonus game gets activated if the ball rests on one of the bonus numbers.

  4. Play the Power Up Bonus game.

    In the bonus game, all 37 numbers on the wheel have a multiplier assigned to them. The multipliers range between 25x and 2000x. The bonus game does not require players to bet to join. However, a big multiplier requires you to have bet on a straight-up number in the initial game just like the XXXtreme Lightning Roulette game by Evolution.

What Is the Best Power Up Roulette Strategy?

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When playing Power UP Roulette, you may consider and develop winning strategies. If you plan to maximize the value of every dollar spent on the table, consider going for outside bets. They have a higher chance of winning than straight-up bets. However, remember that they are not eligible for bonus rounds.

On the other hand, straight-up bets are an excellent way to maximize profits while taking a higher risk. You will be chosen if the game goes to the bonus mode. To be on the safe side, you can make a modest bet on a straight-up number and another on the outside bet. Here, you get to increase your chances of winning cash even if the game does not reach the bonus mode while maximizing possible wins.

For successive rounds, manage your bankroll according to your risk appetite. You may increase it after a loss and increase it after a win, or vice versa. Besides, try several rounds to see if you will get to the bonus game.


Power UP roulette is a refreshing change from popular roulette titles. Key among its features is the ability to bring wins of over 15,500 times the original stake. It has a simple yet excellent game presentation, a great studio, and dozens of great options. Besides, unlike many live casino titles, you can check the past results of the game.

Power UP Roulette is the game to play if you want to win big in just a few rounds.


What is the maximum multiplier on the Power UP roulette?

What is the maximum multiplier on the Power UP roulette?

Is Power UP Roulette free?

No. You can only play for free with any bonus that applies to the game. Otherwise, you need to bet with real money to play the game.

Where can I play Power UP Roulette?

You can play the live casino game on any Pragmatic Play casino with a live casino section. Check the best casinos here

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