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Introducing the Peek Baccarat Live difference

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Innovations in online casino gaming have produced many exciting new takes on traditional casino games. Thanks to Evolution Gaming, you can enjoy Peek Baccarat Live, an online casino gaming experience that combines the traditional with a radical twist. Baccarat has truly evolved, and the new features in Peek Baccarat Live are good news for players.

So, what are the new changes all about? Quite simply, it's you, the player. Peek Baccarat Live gives you the chance to improve your winning potential! In this live version of Baccarat, the special “peek” feature allows you to get the most out of your payout and strategize your way to victory with a unique advantage. Let's unpack this game and explore how its revolutionary features were designed to help you maximize your winnings.

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Know the Peek Baccarat difference – how it works

The first thing to know about this live dealer baccarat table game is that all the usual rules and payouts apply to Peek Baccarat Live, with one exception. This new Baccarat game uses eight decks of cards. You get to peek at up to four cards dealt to both the Player and Banker. You can even change your bet in the middle of a round! If you're thinking this would give you an edge when placing your bets, you're right.

Peek Baccarat Live allows players to adjust bets with the benefit of peeking at the cards dealt. If you like what you see in the revealed cards, you can double, or even triple, your bet. All bets are placed on an expanding betting grid.

This feature was designed to allow you the luxury of changing your mind on any bets placed during the initial bet placing phase. With traditional baccarat, all wagering would be over at this stage, with all bets being final. The dealer will finish dealing each of the hands. You would have been given a peek at the cards and placed your bets. Being the closest to nine makes you a winner!

You unlock this peek feature with a 20% fee taken for a bet placed on both Player and Banker. You'll get a chance to see between one and four of the dealt cards. This happens before the bets are final. The fee automatically applies, but it does not apply to any following bets. There are also no fees for ties or bets of banker/player pairs. Banker wins come with a 5% commission.

Playing Peek Baccarat Live in 10 Easy Steps

Time needed: 5 minutes

How to play Peek Baccarat best in 10 easy steps.

  1. Find the Best Live Casino in Canada

    Start by signing up with your trusted and best live casino and setting up any payment method requirements.

  2. Find the Evolution Game lobby

    Look for a baccarat table in a green and gold setting. The game begins, and you must find your best betting options and place wagers within 14 seconds. Choose wisely between the Banker, Player, and tie betting options.

  3. Placing you bets

    You could also place your wages on Peek Baccarats side-bet options, which include Banker Pair and Player Pair.

  4. Side bets yes or no?

    If you're planning to make a side bet, make sure to place your main bet beforehand. The game doesn't allow side bets without the main bet.

  5. Betting time is over

    All bets are final. The cards are dealt face down to both Banker and Player spots on the table. At this point, the dealer will reveal the cards on the Player position.

  6. Doubling or Tripling your bet

    Make sure to get a good look at the cards and then decide if the cards are favourable enough. You might like to double or even triple your wager.

  7. If card are bad fold them

    Of course, you could always keep to your original wager or fold if the card situation isn't very favourable. Just remember that it's best to up your bets in Peek Baccarat Live as much as possible.

  8. Using the new Peek Feature

    Use the peek feature to steal a glance at a banker card. Peek Baccarat Live allows you to peek at up to four cards. Remember, peeking comes with a 20% fee price tag.

  9. Round end, big win?

    You will have made adjustments to your wages at this point in the game. The dealer reveals the Banker cards, and the round ends.

  10. Payout

    Soon, the results of the game will appear. The win goes to the wager that was on the hand with a total closest to nine. All the appropriate payouts follow.

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Peek Baccarat Live's Odds and Best Playing Strategy

While guessing and luck play their parts in Peek Baccarat Live, strategic game-play goes a long way to maximize your winnings. In fact, it's probably well worth beginning your game with a strategy because playing randomly won't do for Peek Baccarat Live. Your bankroll will certainly benefit from a sound strategy.

So, speaking of strategy, you might consider betting on the Banker. The odds in Peek Baccarat Live appear to favour the Banker's position more than the Player's. Knowing the payout structure might also influence your wager. The payout for the Player position is one-to-one, whereas the Banker position is 0.95-to-one. The 20% peek fee will unfortunately affect these numbers. The fee does not affect or influence any other part of the game or outcomes.

The new features set it apart from ordinary baccarat games, although it is not entirely dissimilar. It's always advisable to increase your bets and use the peek feature to make your best betting decision. Not increasing your bet in Peek Baccarat will not be kind to your bankroll!

Doubling or tripling your bet often during Peek Baccarat Live rounds will keep you in the game. This is also a great way to keep the 20% commission on peek bets from becoming too expensive. You could always take advantage of the five in-game roadmaps for plotting your Peek Baccarat Live strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Peek Baccarat Live for free?

No, it is a live table game, which means you can only play for real money.

Is it safe to play Peek Baccarat Live online?

Yes. Peek Baccarat Live and Evolution Gaming hold licenses that ensure the game passed fair play and security tests.

What is the RTP and volatility on Peek Baccarat Live?

The return-to-player is 98.80% for the main hand. However, the RTP varies when it comes to ties and pairs. Ties carry a 93.36 RTP, while both Banker and Player Pairs have an RTP of 89.64. The volatility is high.

Does the 20% fee still apply if I lose?

Yes. Win or lose, the fee applies to all initial bets. Playing with a strategy for Peek Baccarat is the best approach, and it will help you avoid depleting your bankroll too quickly.

Is Peek Baccarat mobile-friendly?

Yes, you can play for real, and from anywhere, using your mobile phone or tablet. The live casino game also works perfectly on desktop computers. All you need is a reliable internet connection, and you're good to go.


Being able to see cards you otherwise wouldn't have been allowed to before the game begins is perhaps the most attractive feature of Peek Baccarat Live. It almost feels like cheating, but it's really just giving you enough of an edge to make the best bets for the best payouts. That said, don't be too seduced by the peek feature. Your fortunes in Peek Baccarat Live still rely a great deal on chance.

The 20% fee on bets and its impact on your payroll can be something of a drawback. Even with the benefit of peeking at cards, the chances of your bet winning or losing are equal. Add the 20% fee and it becomes clear why strategy is important in Peek Baccarat Live.

If you've been browsing for a fresh and rewarding yet challenging baccarat experience, you need not look further than Peek Baccarat Live. You can apply what you already know of baccarat while taking advantage of new rewarding game mechanics. If you're up for the challenge, try your hand at Peek Baccarat Live.

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