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Casino Stud Poker by Playtech Review

Casino Stud Poker hit the casino tables quite some time ago, so we can class it as an old game. Since its release, casino poker has turned out to be a massive success in the iGaming industry. It is a five-card poker game with a live dealer. The main goal for the players is to finish with a better five-card poker hand than what the dealer has. Most developers release regular updates to the game to add more configurations and live dealer choices, making it an incredible experience for all players.

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Casino Stud Poker Rules

The live casino game is a heads-up casino table game meaning that every player plays against the house and not each other. Both the dealer and the player get a 5-card poker hand. Except for one of the dealer's five cards, all the cards are face down and concealed from the other players and the dealer.

You can lose the game in two different ways. First, you lose your ante bet by folding your hand. To play, you must add an extra bet twice the value of the ante. Therefore, you save 2/3 of the cost by folding resulting in a one-third loss. If you stay in, you can only lose if the dealer shows a hand that is no less than an Ace-King high that beats your hand.

You can only win the game if the dealer doesn't have an Ace-King high or something better. In this case, you win a third of the value of all your bets. If the dealer has an Ace-King high or a better hand, and you beat them, you get even money on a third of your bet. You get the remaining two-thirds depending on the paytable on the right.

How to Play Casino Stud Poker

Like the other live dealer poker games, you should have no trouble playing casino stud poker live. You need to have a good understanding of the poker hand values if you want to enjoy games. However, it is not an essential part of the game, and you can pick up as you continue playing.

Casino Stud Poker play at table
  • Before dealing with any cards, you must place an ante bet. You can also place optional side bets of 5+1 Bonus and progressive jackpots if the casino offers one.
  • The dealer then deals five cards, with one facing up to the dealer.
  • At this moment, you decide whether or not to play the hand. If you choose to play the hand, you must place a Call bet and double the ante bet's value. If you do not play the hand, you fold and lose the ante bet.
  • The dealer then turns the remaining four cards to compare the two hands.
  • The dealer has to qualify to play his hand. In simple terms, they need an Ace-King or better to play. If not, the player gets their call bet back and has the ante paid at 1:1.
  • When the dealer qualifies, they compare the two hands. If the dealer beats the player and they lose both the ante and the call bet.
  • When the hands are similar, the bets are pushed.
  • If the player has a better hand, the ante bet is paid at even money, while the payout of the call bet depends on the paytable.
  • The player receives a 5+1 bonus no matter the outcome of the main hand.

The best Casino Stud Poker strategy

You can win casino stud poker in two different ways. The first option involves beating the dealer with a better hand. In this instance, the ante bet pays 1:1 while the call bet pays at the rate of the winning hand. The second way to win is if the dealer does not qualify, you get a 1:2 pay on the ante bet.

Therefore, a player with a hand of rubbish cards can still win if the dealer fails to qualify. The strategy involves playing a hand with a king-high or better. You can say any picture card will do. The dealer's up card can help you decide. If it has a higher value than any of your cards, then the dealer has beaten you, and you should fold immediately. If the dealer turns a card of the same value as any of your cards, it means that the deck has one less card for the dealer to pair with.

This info can help you make your next decision. In most cases, the dealer's upcard does not hold any importance, so you end up paying 95% of the hands till the end. The RTP rises to 98.18% with this strategy. You will fold a hand that would have ended up winning and lose a hand you thought would win if the dealer pulls straight of flush from nowhere.


Casino stud poker remains one of the oldest table games in the iGaming industry. In this game, all players play against the house. While it helps to understand the poker hand values before playing, you can learn along the way. You can win the game in two ways.


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