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Football Studio Dice

If you're a football fan and enjoy a good live table game, like roulette, Baccarat, or Sic Bo, Evolution Gaming has something just for you! Introducing Football Studio Dice, the live betting game with a unique gaming concept and themed after one of the world's most exciting sports – football! Don't care much for soccer? No problem! You don't have to know anything about the sport to enjoy this new live game.

As a leader in live casino gaming, Evolution has delivered a fresh and exciting live dealer game. It is a live gaming experience that should be on any roulette gamer's “to-play” list. Evolution's new live casino game offers friendly live dealers, a high RTP and more. So, let's get into Evolution's revamped Football Studio Dice and see what it's all about.

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Unique Features of Football Studio Dice

The title “Football Studio” or “Football Studio Roulette” may ring a bell if you're an avid casino gamer. So, to jog your memory, Evolution first launched the game in 2018 to coincide with the FIFA World Cup. Since then, Evolution developed the game further, adding unique features and improving the roulette game. Their handy work would result in the Football Studio Dice joining the online gaming world in mid-2022.

So, what exactly makes this latest iteration of Football Studio unique? Evolution incorporated the concept of the Bac Bo dice game into Football Studio. So, instead of the original version's cards, you'll play using dice in what Evolution calls a “never-before-seen game concept.” That said, Football Studio Dice isn't an entirely revolutionary game. It is, in essence, a high-low casino dice game with a soccer game environment as a backdrop.

The football theme goes further by letting you control which leagues you'd like to follow or keep track of scores and news updates for actual football games. For the frequent casino gamer who also follows football matches, and its original counterpart is a fantastic merger of two of your favourite things!

Evolution took a “less is more” approach to the mechanics of Football Studio Dice. Aside from the three main bets, there are no side bets. So, you can focus on what's important – your winnings and the soccer match.

What is Football Studio Dice and how to play it

Football Studio Dice – Winnings and How to Play

It doesn't take very long to learn to play Football Studio Dice. It's quite easy to learn, so it's also ideal for less experienced players in a live dealer setting. It can't hurt to be better prepared, so keep reading to learn more about how the game works.

Having some knowledge of Bac Bo will be of great help in learning the simple rules of Football Studio Dice. Similarly, understanding Baccarat is good for playing the original card-based Football Studio game.

You, your team and your competitors will be joined by a host armed with four dice. The hosts also happen to be avid football fans. If you're playing the original live game, the host will use two cards instead of dice (across eight decks without jokers), but the game remains much the same.

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You can place one of three bets per round. Like a football match, there are two teams, “Home” and “Away,” and you'll be on one of them, or at least betting on one to win. The game begins with you trying to make a winning prediction on the outcomes of two dice and which side, Home or Away, will win. Four dice shakers with a pair of dice each are used – two for each team. The sum of both pairs of dice is added, and the scores are compared. The winning total is, of course, the dice pair with the highest combined number.

You can also bet on a draw (or tie) in Football Studio Dice and take advantage of varying payouts. It's not uncommon for rounds to end in a draw, so if you bet on this being the outcome, your payout could be 8:1. If you're lucky enough to score a 12 across both dice, you get a massive 80:1!

  • Excl: 100% up to $1,600
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  • 100% up to $1000
  • MGA License
  • $1500 Bonus
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Football Studio Dice – RTP and Betting Limits

Football Studio Dice offers a generous RTP of 97.75% for Home and Away bets, a little higher than the original live Football Studio's 96.27%. Tie bets earn you a 95.68% RTP. Scoring the biggest win in this game doesn't necessarily rely on the highest RTP. Instead, a good strategy for large wins would be to aim for the lower RTP by placing your wagers on ties.

The minimum bet allowed is C$1 and a maximum bet of C$5,000. This may vary between operators. With such a wide betting range, you can easily plan for the cost of your gaming adventure.

Football Studio Dice Strategy and Tips

Football Studio Dice is a game of luck, so you can't exactly strategize your way to winning. That said, there are tips you can use to suit different winning objectives. For example, you could chase the draw bet's largest possible win of 80:1 at the expense of a lower RTP and higher house edge.

If the low RTP and high house edge don't sound appealing then it's safer to bet on the Home and Away. In fact, it's due to those reasons that sticking to the Home and Away bets and avoiding the draws at all costs may just prove to be the best Football Studio Dice strategy in a game of luck.


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Soccer fan or not, Football Studio Dice is a great and rewarding gaming experience for anyone who enjoys quality live roulette. Its straightforward and minimalist approach eliminates the dread of spending a long time getting to know a game.

Some reviewers find the soccer theme to be just that – a theme, one that's only skin deep. That may be so, but interacting with a football enthusiast host through the chat function is a nice touch. Football Studio Dice does manage to cater to its target audience nicely and is well worth some gaming time. Why not sign up and enjoy a few rounds with a friendly host. If there's a game on, you can be sure to hear all about it while placing your bets.


Is it safe to bet online with Football Studio Dice?

Yes. Evolution is a reputable games provider and holds multiple licenses in various jurisdictions. So, you can rest assured that your transactions are safe and that your gameplay is fair.

How much do I have to know about soccer to play?

Not much, if anything at all. A soccer match vibe provides the setting, but Football Studio Dice is a game that anyone can easily learn to play. For Sports Betting we recommend you to gather more knowledge about football and the other sports you can bet on.

I've heard of Football Studio Live. Are they different?

Yes and no. As mentioned, Football Studio Dice is a newer version of the same game. The main difference is that the original uses cards, while the new game uses dice, as its name suggests.

What devices can I use to play Football Studio Dice/Live?

Both games can be played on mobile devices or on your desktop. The game works across Apple, Android, and Windows platforms. It's probably best to use a device capable of connecting you to the host. It is a live game, after all.

What's the house edge like?

Football Studio Dice's house edge on Home or Away bets is 2.25%, while draw or tie bets are at 3.32%.

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