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Adventures Beyond Wonderland

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Adventures Beyond Wonderland review

Adventures Beyond Wonderland is an entertainment game show based on the famous themed slot with the same name. With its attractive presentation, this game gives you a chance to win a handsome amount. Playtech has been successful in raising the bar of online casino games. With its improved version of the existing slot graphics and Alice in Wonderland theme, Playtech has now come up with an exciting, engaging and interactive live game show.

How to Play?

This game uses a modified version of the live Spin a Win wheel to navigate the game. As a live casino player, you bet on one of the 54 sections of the wheel, which can be a number – one, two, five and ten, or one of the bonus rounds – WonderSpins, Mistery Bonus Spins and Magic Dice.

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The wheel also has two mystery sections that you can't bet. If the wheel stops at one of the mystery sections, everyone wins a special prize – a multiplier for the players' current bet or multiplier for every number for a free spin.

When the wheel stops on a section you have bet on, you either win cash or get entry into the next bonus round to win more. The winning amount is capped at some big amount, and you have chances to get big wins. The player uses three wheels, one for the chief game round and two for the WonderSpins rounds. The game is a mixture of animated and willing live characters who enter in the bonus game round. The characters in the game are so interesting that you keep playing the game for hours.

Game rules of Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Apart from the bets you place, the game is packed with surprises and bonuses to help you win more. After the initial period for placing bets is over, the wheel spins, and the game starts. You can use different coins on different bets, which helps you diversify your risk and increases your chances of winning a prize. When the wheel lands on a number, the winnings are paid out. If it lands on a bonus segment, the bonus rounds shall begin.

The bonus rounds help increase the payout of your bets. The first bonus feature mostly appears randomly and can be activated before the wheel stops spinning. These bonus segments offer attractive prizes by multiplying your initial bets and increasing the payouts.

The bonus rounds consist of WonderSpins with two variants – two and five spins, Mystery Bonus Spins, and the Magic Dice.

WonderSpins Bonus Round:

 The game shifts to a new wheel when this bonus round triggers. The wheel either lands on two WonderSpins segment or five WonderSpins segment. This bonus wheel consists of an outer wheel and an inner wheel, which spins simultaneously. The inner wheel applies a multiplier to the symbols of the outer wheel, which features various segments with symbols associated with a multiplier amount. You win the multiplier where the wheel lands.

Magic Dice Bonus Round in Adventures Beyond Wonderland: 

The Magic Dice round features a grid instead of the wheel. This grid consists of four rows and six columns with green arrows and multipliers. Before commencing the round, you need to select one of the coloured dice from red or white dice. You get the column on which it lands. Whatever number appears on dice corresponds with its position on the grid. If the tile contains a green arrow, you move up the grid, and if the tile displays a multiplier, your stake multiplies with that amount.

Mystery Bonus Spin: 

The wheel consists of two mystery segments on which the players cannot bet. If the wheel lands on the two mystery sections, you are entitled to one of the special mystery multipliers – Card Soldier's Mystery Bet Multiplier and Caterpillar's Mystery Free Spin Multiplier. If you land on Card Soldier's Mystery Bet Multiplier, you will win a cash award from the win multiplier. You can choose one of the four cards that carry a hidden win multiplier, which combines with your bet to grant you a special cash prize. If you get Caterpillar's Mystery Free Spin Multiplier, you get a free spin to the bonus round and a win multiplier for all your betting positions.

Tips and tricks to win more

The average RTP for Adventures Beyond Wonderland is 96.58% to 96.82%. Before starting the game, it's recommended to set a budget for yourself to avoid overspending on the game and keeping control of your bets. This game is all about bonuses, and you can make this work in your favour to get a bigger payout. Here are some suggestions to help you win more at this game:

  • You can choose the auto-play feature so that you don't miss any of the game rounds.
  • To make the most of the bonus rounds, don't place bets only on the numbers.
  • The highest multiplier in the initial bonus round is 300x. You can see higher multipliers in the mystery round when multiple multipliers apply to a bonus round.
  • While betting on numbers, remember that number one has the highest return to player at 96.98%, followed by number ten with an RTP of 96.7%.
The wheel of Fortune at Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Adventures Beyond Wonderland Strategy

You can use various strategies to play Adventures Beyond Wonderland in a live casino. Some of the popular tactics used to play this game are:

#1: Focus on Bonuses: You can place all your bets on the bonus segments. The best-known strategy is to place one bet on number ten and one bet unit each for three bonus rounds. This way, you bet four units every round.

#2: Multiplier on Mystery spin: The bonus rounds alone cannot help you win maximum awards. These rounds get boosted by multipliers in the mystery spins. Consecutive mystery spins add multipliers, and if one of the bonuses gets selected, you are likely to win 100x or more.


The game is governed by the fortune wheel concept that triggers bonus rounds and is easy to understand for anyone regular at live casinos. The game theme is attractive, and the animated characters make the game more engaging and fun.

The sound and graphics are pretty catchy. The hidden wheel at the back of the main wheel is innovative and captivates the players throughout the game. The RTP of the game gives you the feeling that you'll win something, which keeps you absorbed with the game.


Where can I play the Adventures Beyond Wonderland game?

You can play Adventures Beyond Wonderland live game in the live games lobby of Playtech casinos. The game is available under entertainment games in the live lobby and is available in real-time on a 24-hour basis.

Which is the worst bet on the game?

The worst bet is the five-segment. The number five has an RTP of 96.58%, the lowest among the other numbers on the wheel and has coverage of only five segments out of 54.

How can I cheat on Adventures Beyond Wonderland?

There is no way for you to cheat in the game or hack the systems. So it is best to try your luck and use your planning fairly and squarely.

What if I need assistance during the game?

You can live chat with the dealer to convey any difficulties you face during the game. There is also an option of 24/7 customer support that you can contact to address your issues

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