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The Monopoly Live is a live casino game from Evolution Gaming. It is based on an earlier title called the Dream Catcher. The software provider offers more bonuses and features than the Dream Catcher in the live game, making it a more interesting Live Game Show. Like other live casino games, it is streamed from Evolution Gaming studios in Latvia. Evolution Gaming is known for its quality streaming, which offers incredible video quality that is crisp and smooth. The game is available on mobile devices and desktop platforms.

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Monopoly Live Review

Monopoly Live has a Return to Player rating of 96.23% at optimal conditions. You play the game on a lucky wheel that looks like the Dream Catcher. There are 54 positions to bet on the wheel. Forty eight segments are marked with numbers, with each having a different color from neighboring segments.

The other segments are scattered across the wheel. They include two segments called CHANCE, one segment called 4 ROLLS, and three segments called 2 ROLLS. The game has a bonus round that is triggered by the 4 ROLLs and 2 ROLLS segments.

Best Casinos for Monopoly Live

  • 100% up to $500
  • 200 Free Spins
  • Up to $1500
  • 100 Free Spins
  • 100% up to $400
  • MGA License

How to Play Monopoly Live

Here are the steps to take when playing Monopoly Live:

Time needed: 4 minutes

If you want to play this casino game please be aware, only choose legit casinos that are safe and secure. Here's how to play this game at a real money online casino.

  1. Find your favourite Evolution casino

    Head to your casino lobby by visiting the live casino section of your casino and pick Monopoly Live

  2. Placing the bet

    Determine the segments to bet on. There are six segments on which to bet. Choose a section on the board at the front of the screen. After you place your bet, the host will spin the wheel. There is a window to place your bets in a few seconds.

  3. Sit back and watch the game show

    When the wheel comes to a stop and the flipper points to the number you had picked, this number multiplies your bet. You also get back your initial bet.

  4. Are you in the bonus rolls?

    If the wheel stops at any of the bonus rolls, the bonus round becomes active. Only people who had staked on the bonus rolls will participate. All others will be spectators.

  5. Determining the multipliers

    Once the game starts, Mr. Monopoly creates some multipliers before you throw the dice

  6. Aiming for the doubles

    Once the dices are thrown, Mr. Monopoly makes steps on the board equivalent to the number of dice rolls. Every double thrown begets an extra throw.

  7. Congratulations to the winners

    The game ends, and the software provider credits the accounts of those that have won. Another round starts.

Monopoly Live strategy

There are various strategies on the internet that you can use to play Monopoly Live. Here are some of the popular ones. The multipliers in this section can turn your bet into thousands of Dollars. However, keep in mind that the wheel stops at any of the rolls after approximately 13.5 times

Bonus Trial

If you wish to trigger the bonus round, consider wagering on either the 2 ROLL or 4 ROLL segments. Create a budget that can cover this number of rounds. (Sometimes, the segment will reach earlier). The max you can win on 4 Rolls is CA$500,000.

How to Increase Your Wins

Here are a few Monopoly Live hacks to increase your wins:

  • The game has winning streaks most of the time. Check the scorecard to find out the outcomes that appear frequently. You may stake on such options to see if you will be caught in a winning streak.
  • Take a breather after a few rounds. This allows you to clear your mind and make a calculated move in the next round
  • Be familiar with all the game rules. They form part of the winning strategy.
  • Create a budget for playing some rounds. This ensures that you do not get tragic losses and increases the chances of a win.
  • Make use of a strategy when playing.

Alternative Playing Strategy

The original Dream Catcher payouts are better than those of Monopoly Live. Therefore, you can increase your chances of making a win by playing both games simultaneously. Place number bets on the Dream Catcher and bonus rolls on the Monopoly Live. This way, you increase your chances of winning from both ends. The strategy is called hedging bets.

Monopoly Live is one of the most popular Evolution Gaming live casino games. It is easy to play since it requires you to predict where the wheel will stop. Besides, its wide range of betting limits covers high rollers and those with low budgets. Use the tips in this article to learn and increase your chances of winning.

The Mechanics of the Game

Monopoly Live is easy and fun to play. Besides, the friendly user interface ensures that you play smoothly at various levels. It offers a superb experience, and its payouts are real. The minimum you can bet per spin is CA$0.10, with the maximum being CA$2,500 per spin. You have complete control of which bets to make per round.

Monopoly Live Rules:

  • If the wheel lands on either 4 rolls or 2 rolls, the bonus game will last for the corresponding number of dice rolls (4 and 2).
  • A double dice throw gives an additional free dice roll except where the doubles are to get you out of Jail.
  • If Mr. Monopoly lands on Community Chest or Chance, you either incur a fee or get a random cash prize.
  • When playing on the board, the income tax reduces wins by 10% while super Tax reduces winnings by a whopping 20%.
  • When you pas GO, the prizes you win after that are doubled
  • If Mr. Monopoly stops at Go to Jail, a double must be rolled for you to get out. The double roll does not carry any other prize except to get you out of Jail. However, you do not lose previous bonuses when you go to Jail.
Placing bets at Monopoly Live

The theme, Symbols, and Sounds

For clarity and the ability to see all sections, only half of the wheel appears on the camera. A pointer at the center points to the section where the wheel has stopped. A host stands on the right of the wheel while a board game appears at the front of the player's screen. On the right side of the board are numbers and sections to bet on while the center part shows the results.

You will also find a computer-generated model called Mr. Monopoly, sitting on the left of the screen, reading a newspaper. Evolution Gaming added the element to bring back the fond memories of the old Monopoly board game. This game comes with some upbeat music. When the dealer is in good moods, he or she may just sing along with the music while throwing some silly dances.

This live casino game is a mix of digital rendering and quality live performance. Everything about it is crisp clear, from the betting bays to wheels and control. Besides, by being available on mobile devices and desktops, players can make bets on the go and increases their chances of making some cash.


  • $1500 Bonus
  • 150 Spins

The Bonus Features of the Game

There are two parts of the Monopoly Live game, and these are the main and bonus games. The main game is just like the Dream Catcher by the same provider. You just predict the rolls where the pointer will rest. If the pointer rests on the position you had picked, you will get paid as per the corresponding amounts on the layout.

The bonus section is a little different. For you to join it, you must bet on the 2 ROLLS and 4 ROLLS segments. If the wheel stops at any of these sections, the software provider will take you to the 3D version of the monopoly board game. The ROLLS segment from which you moved to the board determines the number of dice rolls you make on the 3D board. A miniature Mr. Monopoly will move across the board collecting cash prizes for you. The number of squares that he will step over after each roll of the dice will be equal to two dice in the roll.

Mr. Monopoly 3D board has various sections, including Utilities, Properties, and Free Parking. These sections offer basic prizes in the bonus game. During the game, your properties will gain hotels and houses, increasing the prizes you get from them. Once there are no more rolls left on the board, the winnings will be paid and added to the initial bet winnings. Then, the software takes you to the main game.


Where do you play Monopoly Live?

You can play Monopoly Live at any casino that offers games from Evolution Gaming. Check the game in the live casino section of your gambling platform.

Is Monopoly Live a fair game?

Monopoly Live is a fair game. Evolution Gaming, a software provider that has licenses from UKGC and MGA, offers the game. Its games are tested by a third party to ensure no bias when it comes to the results of any of its games. Expect random results when you play Monopoly Live.

What is the maximum you can win at Monopoly Live?

The maximum play at Monopoly Live is CA$500,000. This amount is won when you land the bonus section from a 4 ROLL segment. You then make the right combinations or dices, and Mr. Monopoly steps to win the maximum amount.

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