Winning more with Online Video Poker

Winning more with Online Video Poker

Tips for Winning More with Video Poker like a Pro

With centuries behind it, poker is one of the world's oldest gambling games. It can be traced back almost 1,000 years. Video poker made its first appearance in the 1970s and has since evolved into one of the most popular online gambling games.

Video poker is available to play through many online casinos, and like traditional poker, winning needs some strategy and skill. At least you don't have to worry about your poker face while playing video poker online! So let's get into how you can win more by playing online video poker like a pro.

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How to play online video poker like a pro

Online video poker is very popular among players because it gives you more opportunities to influence the outcome. You can play with odds much higher than other casino games. Online video poker usually has a low house edge with big jackpots that you can take advantage of to maximize your winnings.

It's important to understand the strength of the hand you're dealt because they can influence the outcome of your game. The strongest is the Royal Flush, which means the five cards at the start are a King, Queen, Jack, a ten, and an Ace of the same suit. A suit refers to cards of the same type, like hearts or clubs.

The second strongest is the Straight Flush, followed by Four of a Kind, the Full House, the Flush, the Straight, Three of a Kind, and Two of a Kind, respectively. If you happen to be dealt any of these hands, hang onto them because they all have great winning potential.

Online Video Poker

Tips for Winning More with Video Poker like a Pro With centuries behind it, poker…

10 tips to play online video poker

1. Know your stuff

Knowing how to win more with online video poker involves learning the rules of the game. While there are different versions of video poker, they all adhere to the same five-card draw rule. Find one or a few favourite online video poker games and stick to them so you can base your strategies based on what you learn.

2. Strategic gameplay wins

Winning starts with playing your cards wisely. When you are dealt the first five cards, you will need to decide which cards to keep and ones to get rid of. Playing smart from the beginning increases your chances of winning the jackpot, so don't guess and don't be too hasty. Consider your options and form a winning strategy.

3. Hone your skills with practice

It's a great idea to play demo or offline poker games before you bet using real money. You should be able to find demo versions of video poker from decent online casinos that you can fin in our online casino top 10. You could practice using an actual deck of cards, but bear in mind online video poker does have differences.

4. Bet the maximum within your limits

Browse through the available games and choose the ones that accommodate your budget. That said, play with the maximum bets while staying within your limits. Placing the maximum bets will maximize your chances of winning big because you'll qualify for progressive jackpots.

5. Progressive jackpots only

Make your maximum bets count by only playing online video poker games with progressive jackpots. The winning potential of these games can be huge.

6. Find the best paytable for ideal returns

Slots and other casino games won't tell you what return you can expect, but online video poker games will. Use this to your advantage by doing your homework and choosing the online video poker games with the best paytables.

7. Take it easy

Playing too much too quickly results in the casino smiling all the way to the bank with your losses. With online video poker, you can take your time or even a break, and you should do just that to increase your chances of winning more. Read more about responsible online gambling here.

8. Bonuses!

Free money is an obvious way to increase your chances of winning more. Look out for online video poker games with promotions or use special welcome bonuses as a new player. Find the best Canadian Casino Bonuses here.

9. Don't risk a winning hand

Trying for a better hand is always tempting, but don't risk it if you already have a winning hand.

10. Kick the kicker

Don't hang onto a kicker card, also known as a side card. Contrary to the belief of many players, keeping the kicker won't help you win a larger payout.

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Some parting advice

Remember that online video poker is more than a game of luck, so having sound strategies can make you a winner. If you play online video poker with skill, you'll discover it can be more rewarding than most casino games. Jack or Better is a great online video poker game to play because it offers the best progressive jackpots for your maximum bets.

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