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Traditional Casinos Vs Online Casinos, which is Better?


There has been rapid growth in the online casino landscape recently. Its players have increased tenfold, especially when compared to traditional platforms in East Asia and North America.

However, Europe has not caught up with these countries based on the information collected by the Malta gambling authority. Malta has traditionally licensed many of the global gambling companies like for example one of the most popular Canadian casinos:

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Most market watchers believe online gambling is taking the lead over traditional gambling. However, others believe it depends on the angle one looks at it. While online gambling has the numbers, traditional casinos rake in more money. This means that it narrowly wins the tussle. However, they are expected to go neck to neck in income going into the future.

Where to find the best online casinos in Canada?

For players who like to gamble online safely there are some important aspects to consider when looking for great Canadian casinos. Whether you look for the best landbased casinos per Canadian Region or the best online betting sites, the reputation and licenses are a very important factor. Also always check if the casino offers responsible gaming tools so that you can set limits for yourself. The gambling experts of Canada Casino Hub have carefully made a selection of the best online casino in Canada, here is the top three of them:

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Online Gambling Surpasses Growth Expectations

It is expected that the online gambling marketplace is going to take leadership in the near future. Traditional casinos will continue to draw many older people to enjoy the interaction and their favorite playing styles. However, online ones will appeal to a younger generation who can play on the go with their mobile devices.

There are several other reasons online casinos are getting more players and growing their income, as explained below.

More Games in an Online Casino

A traditional gaming studio has a specified number of games. It takes investment and space to set up another table for a roulette or blackjack game. This is not the case with online casinos, where new titles can be created and added each day. Such has made these platforms grow every other day.

Video Slots at an online casino lobby

Game producers can quickly adapt the new games they create to different platforms. They can add features that people who play them can relate to. For example, they can add adventure features to appeal to young people who grew up playing similar physical games. As more adventure games come close together, the gaming enterprise is becoming more fun.

Software providers also appeal to the sensory elements of the players by creating an environment that feels great and is highly immersive. Players enjoy better quality music, more intensive graphics, images, and action music.

Unfortunately, this sensational experience is hardly present in a traditional casino. The noise and people there do not give users peace as they play.

Cost Savings

Another reason for the growth of online gambling is its cost savings. In the traditional setup, you must visit the nearest casino for a good time. Given that casinos are scattered across the country, it may be costly in terms of time and money. However, you can gamble on an online platform on the go whenever you have time.

The high-speed Internet connection has made it easy for anyone to gamble wherever they are. You will still incur costs when gambling regularly on online platforms. However, the cost of travel is not there.

The Social Aspect of Gambling

Traditional gambling gives players a chance to interact with friends as they play their favorite games. Online casinos cannot match this. However, as technology grows, young people can now meet at casinos online and even interact with each other.

Online casinos allow players to play against their friends rather than strangers, increasing their enjoyment and satisfaction in the gaming event.

The Social Aspects of playing against real dealers is also possible for example at online Live Casinos

Market Expectations

Market watchers that feed information to Malta's gambling watchdog believe that America is the market to watch in the future of gambling. Currently, the American market lags behind major markets in Europe and Asia. However, it enjoys higher Internet density and a greater number of people that leisurely connect to the Internet.

Here is an example: 9 out of every ten people own a smartphone in Canada. Besides, one in every three people who own a smartphone is already into online gambling. While this does not always have to be a betting game, it shows the potential for the market.

Other Areas Where These Casinos are Different

When it comes to game definitions, online casinos use pretty similar terms and abbreviations as their land-based counterparts. Besides, when it comes to buying gambling tickets, both types offer online sales platforms. However, traditional gambling platforms also have physical lottery tickets you can buy and scratch.

Some countries have betting shops where you can wager on sports and events. Unfortunately, you have to travel to the location to place your bets, unlike the online platforms where you just log in and wager on games.



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When making your comparison, you will find that different countries have preferences for particular games. For example, France and Britain favor horseracing more than other games. India has a preference for cricket over other games.

On the other hand, when it comes to profits and turnover, traditional platforms are still leading the way, thanks to the many high rollers frequenting them. Online casinos still do not have as many high rollers.

Overall, in a battle between online and traditional platforms, the former takes the mantle, although by a small margin. Going into the future, online casinos will continue widening the gap as they draw more Canadian gamblers.

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