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Sweet Bonanza Candyland review

Sweet Bonanza Candyland is a live casino game full of entertainment from Pragmatic Play. It is an outstanding game rivaling Crazy Times from Evolution gaming and Playtech. Although it has 54 segments, it has only five unique segments that offer big payouts. This live game show is presented by the sweetest game hosts for a true feast for the eyes.

How Sweet Bonanza Candyland Works

Sweet Bonanza Candyland begins after a betting time, lasting only 13 seconds, is initiated; thus, you must be quick. It has an all-bet function that places bets of similar value on all bet spots. However, we don't recommend this; there are better strategies for massive wins.

Secondly, an auto bet option allows gamers to repeat the same bet for a particular number of spins. However, the maximum is 100 spins. Although each betting spot has distinct payouts, each payout corresponds to the numbers as shown;

The number one pays 1:1 while no 2 pays 2:1. On the other hand, no 5 pays 5:1 while 10 pays the maximum payout, which is 10:1. Bonus payments pay from times 1 to time 20,000. In addition, it also has Sugar Bomb Option, which is an optional side bet with a 25% main bet value. Sugarbomb can double all multipliers during the bonus round and is free.

Whenever betting closes after 13 seconds, the presenter spins the wheel. Gamers then wait for the wheel to stop following resistance from a flapper. The segment where the flapper stops is the winning segment; therefore, all players who placed bets on the segment receive their payouts. That marks the end of the game unless the bonus round is initiated when the wheel stops on bonus segments.

  • $1500 Bonus + 100 spins
  • Fair and trusted casino + Fast payouts
  • 100% up to $1000
  • MGA License
  • C$ 2250 + 150 Spins
  • New + Hot & 3000+ games

Payouts and Chances of Winning

The payouts of Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live runs between 91.59 and 96.83 %. We are not sure how they calculate their RTP. Nevertheless, gamers should expect 96.83% in your number one segment.

The casino has the potential to pay massively. However, the maximum multiplier applicable is 20,000 times. Here is an outline of how this can happen;

First, the Sugar Bomb bonus boosts any segment in the wheel, including the bonus segment. Since it is possible to win consecutive Sugar Bomb Bonuses, your final payout can be multiplied massively. Suppose it happens; your initial multiplier will be multiplied with the new one.

Furthermore, Candy Drop Bonus can pay 1000 times if all the purple squares pass through.

Playing Sweet Bonanza Candyland Online Live Casino in 5-10 Easy Steps

Like any other casino game, the first thing to do is to at an online casino is to register by the following steps;

  • Select an online casino you want to join
  • Then click on the sign-up button to kick off the registration process
  • Enter your exact details into the relevant fields on the online form
  • Verify your email and age; that is, one must be above 18 years old.
  • Finally, start by logging in to confirm account registration.

After that, you can play with the welcome bonus or go ahead and begin playing with real money. To deposit, follow the steps below.

  • Click on the deposit button
  • Then, select a preferred deposit option from the list
  • Enter the deposit amount, then confirm the deposit and refresh

From here, go to the casino's lobby and start playing. However, before spinning the reels, adjust the bet level and value for each available line. Furthermore, gamers use the max bet button to achieve the best settings to autosave. After auto-saving, you only need to sit as you watch the reels spin and activate the various gaming components. Unfortunately, the cost per spin increases; therefore, you must consider your bankroll or budget.


  • $1500 Bonus + 100 spins
  • Fair and trusted casino + Fast payouts

Tips before playing Sweet Bonanza Candyland

Sweet Bonanza Candyland is one of the outstanding casino games available on the internet. In case you are a fan of simple old-school games with no struggles, then it is what you should give a shot. In addition, it gives you fun for just a little money. Furthermore, playing Sweet Bonanza is straightforward; all you need is to select it from the list and make your initial bet.

The playing strategy for Sweet Bonanza Candyland is about deciding the most appropriate sections to place your bets to achieve two goals;

First, you have to maintain your bankroll as long as you can as you try to hit bonus rounds. Secondly, get a bonus round when Sweet Bonanza stops on them.

Best Sweet Bonanza Candyland Strategy

The best strategy is to ensure you have a good bet on number one, which increases winning. It also retains a small profit suppose you lose the other bets. Moreover, the strategy sustains your bankroll as you wait for candy drop, sugar bomb, and sweet spins bonus rounds.

Place three units on number 1, one on candy drop, and one on sweet spins with the number one strategy. For instance, if one comes in, you will win one unit. Conversely, players lose five units if two, five, or ten lands.

Secondly, in my opinion, a player should avoid Sugar Bomb Booster. Although it adds 25% of the total bet when hitting the bonus round, it has only a 3.5% chance of happening. Therefore, you will probably lose more than what you win when the multiplier is boosted in the long run.

Thirdly, avoid the bet-all strategy. Although gamers believe it pays dividends in the end, it is wrong. However, there may be a short gain suppose hit the bonus round that pays more than what you outlay. Thus, you recover lost bets with a single win over a short time.


In summary, Sweet Bonanza Candyland is a game worth trying. It is easy to play and a mix of entertainment and investment. With the best strategy you can maintain your stake as you wait for bonus rounds. All you need is to join any online casino to feast on the best cash prizes.


What is the RTP of Sweet Bonanza?

Sweet Bonanza has a high RTP. For instance, the video slot has a 96.48% RTP. In addition, having bonus rounds increase your winning significantly.

What is Sweet Bonanza Candyland Bonus Features?

Candy drop
Sweet spin
Apart from these two bonuses, it also has a multiplier feature that increases the winnings from the money wheel.

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