Playtech Money Drop Live Review

Playtech Money Drop Live Review

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Playtech Money Drop review


Money Drop Live is a new game from Playtech Live. It is one of the games that has built a winning balance. Playtech money drop is all about risk and reward; the more a player risks, the more the chances of winning. In addition, you can decide to play conservatively. Suppose you choose its conservative strategy; you are almost sure of winning money with each game round! Read more about the payout and best Strategy in the review below.

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How Money Drop Live Works

Money drop players play it on a large wheel with 54 sectors. Players can win 8 – 5000 times their money, depending on where the wheel stops. There are eight different bets below the money wheel. A player's work is to predict which color the wheel will stop on. Suppose you get it right; the stake is multiplied by the number indicated on the wheel. Additionally, you keep as much of your winnings as you can by playing conservatively on different money drop game rounds.

Although money drop is principally about risk and reward, players can employ the conservative strategy where they are almost sure of winning cash with each round. One can additionally opt for risk strategies where they stand a chance of winning massively at the best online casino in Canada.

Money drop works in reverse. Unlike other games where you start from scratch, in Playtech money drops, one wins a chunk of money in money drop rounds and tries to maintain it. Money drop uses four platforms to distribute cash depending on the player's winning appetite.

A Random generator decides whether to drop money on one to three platforms, with the remaining cash either being won or carried to the next drop round. Suppose you chose the remaining platform, then you win that sum of money.

Money Drop Live Payouts

Winning on Playtech's money drop isn't difficult; the challenge is only maintaining that win. It is tough to maintain winnings. Therefore, it is prudent to opt for high-risk bets if you wish to go home with a massive win. For example, to win the 5000 times prize, play a three money drop round, picking one zone. Unfortunately, with such a bet, losing in one position means losing everything. Thus, to maintain the payouts, many players choose to play conservatively by spreading wins across all four zones of the live game show.

Playing Money Drop Live at an Online Live Casino Easy Steps

The cash clash game round and money drops have different ways of playing as discussed below.

Money Drop Games

As you play the live casino money drop game, remember two things, first the four platform zones and secondly, remember the objective is not to get money dropped during the money drop rounds. The money remaining after the money drop is either carried forward to the next rounds or is awarded.

Having a playing strategy is key to beating money drops. Moreover, as you select your Money Drop Live strategy, remember the following:

  • Eight times multiplier drop game: you can only place the stake money on one platform; thus, it is all or nothing.
  • In a 15 times one drop game: you can spread the money across four zones.
  • The 30 times one drop game: this is another one drop game where you can scatter money across four zones.
  • The 100 times multiplier two drop game: in this multiplier, there are two drop rounds; therefore, as you play, you can spread money across four zones.
  • 250 times multiplier two drop game: in this game, you must get through two drops to keep the money unto yourself.
  • 1000 times multiplier two drop game: another three-drop round game; thus, one has to play three rounds to win.
  • 2500 times multiplier three drop game: although the 2500 times three drop games win massively, one has to play three rounds.
Money Drop live casino game multpliers

General Money Drop Playing Steps

You play each of the games similarly. However, there is a difference in the number of rounds and their respective zones. First, you will be presented with zone A-D. After that, you will need to pick a zone that you think will not be dropped. Thus, any money on dropped zones is lost.

Suppose you are sure you can keep some money by selecting all the zone zones, then do so. Divide the money across the zone by considering conservative probability. Slide your mouse or finger up or down the ladder to choose the amount you leave on a zone.

Secondly, you can opt for the auto stack option where the computer decides for you. The only requirement is to provide the number of zones you want to cover, after which the computer divides the money across the zones.

Additionally, players can opt for the autoplay option whereby a similar bet is repeated for several rounds. Autoplay ensures a player does not miss a game round. Alternatively, one can let the game do all for your option. In this option, the game picks all zones without taking unnecessary risks.

Cash Clash Game Round

It is played on a shuffled deck of 52 playing cards and has two playing positions; blue and pink. The game has three rounds. The dealer deals one card to the pink position and the other to the blue position. The position with more cards wins after that. Subsequently, the multiplier is awarded to the winning position.

After that, the process goes on two more times to make a total of three. Subsequently, one is awarded the multiplier that their playing position achieved. Unfortunately, your playing position can win nothing.

Playtech's new live casino game Money Drop Host presenting the wheel

The Best Money Drop Live Strategy

The most striking thing about play money drop is that you have the potential of winning big from very low stakes. Play Tech Game Markers want a player who risks and takes chances. Otherwise, you won't win anything. For example, if you play Playtech and cover all four zones, you stand a chance of winning 78 times your stake amount.

One can employ several strategies to win big on Playtech Money Drops. Here are some of the top-notch strategies:

Playing Conservatively

With this strategy, you not only stay in the game for longer, but you also have time to study the game. To play conservatively, one should cover zones with money. There are several ways to play conservatively. For example, you can use the autopay option to select the optimal stake amount for each zone. Alternatively, you can decide to distribute money evenly. However, pay close attention to the total bet amount since it is what you should aim at a minimum.

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Being Keen, and Going for All- in Big Wins

To win the given amount requires one to bet once for each money drop. Each time you play this, you have a 25% chance of winning. However, the dilemma is, “can you be lucky enough up to three times continuously?” Although it is hard for this to come by, one and two drop games are worth trying.

Hybrid Strategy

In the hybrid strategy, a player combines both of the above strategies. Try to be in the game by spreading money across four or three zones. However, on the last drop, cover 1-2 zones. Compared to the All-in strategy, you are likely to succeed with a hybrid strategy. Unfortunately, a player is more likely to lose more times with a hybrid strategy than a conservative one.


In conclusion, playing and winning on Playtech money drop is straightforward. Unfortunately, it is hard to keep the wins. It has three main strategies that players can employ depending on risk appetite. If one wishes to win massively, they must risk more, for example, by choosing one zone instead of spreading all the money across all the zones.


1. What is the RTP of Playtech Money Drop?

The RTP of Playtech Money drop lies somewhere between 94.40% and 96.48% depending on the game round.

2. Where Can I Play Playtech's Money Drop?

You can access money drop at all Playtech's live casinos like Slot Hunter, Bizzo casino, 20Bet, National Casino etc..

3. What is Playtech Money Drops Maximum Win?

The maximum available multiplier available is 5000 times a player's bet. However, the payout cap depends on the individual casinos and how much risk they are ready to take.

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