20 Best Strategies for Slot Machines

Video slot Strategies

Since the invention of slot machines, casino players have been wondering if luck is the only determinant of winning. Well, Luck isn't the only way out. In this article, we discuss some of the best strategies for slot machines.

Best Strategies for Slot Machines

There are a number of strategies to employ to bet slot machines, here are the 20 best strategies for slot games.

Slot Strategie 1: Place Enough Bets to Trigger a Jackpot

A slot machine can give you a hefty jackpot if you approach it correctly. Make sure your stake is high enough to be eligible for a jackpot. There are several jackpots you can activate; it all depends on your wager. Although they have lower RTPs, jackpots are worth playing to improve the chances of winning.

2. Play within Your Budget

Ensure you have bankroll management to help you plan how much money you bet per session to remain within your budget. Having a bankroll enables you to play till you get to your limit; otherwise, you can lose all your money in few minutes.

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3. Choose Slots with High Payouts

To get the best out of a slot machine, you first need to identify the slots with maximum payouts. To determine the highest-paying slot, pay attention to the House Edge and RTPs. Both are given in percentages and indicate the amount of money the casino is expected to win in the long run.

Slot strategy: Check for the Volatility level

4. Check on Volatility of the Game

Playing the correct volatility slot is one of the best strategies for slot machines. Slot games volatility is of 4 types; Very high, high, medium and low volatility. Low volatility often pays in small amounts, while high volatility pays less often but in large amounts. If you want to play with smaller bets and big prices, go for high volatility slots.

5. Make Use of Free Spins

Free spins bonuses vary with the slot you play. Some offer regular free spins while others offer occasionally. Choose a slot machine that provides more spins to increase your bets and chances of winning. Besides, if the RTP of the slot is high, the more free spins you have the better the chances of winning huge prizes.


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Slot Strategie 6: Avoid Branded Slots

Developing branded slots is very expensive. Thus developers may compromise a lot of things to remain within the budget. Since most money is spent on the license, less is left to develop the game. However, this is not the case for all slots.

7. Avoid Progressive Slots

Progressive slots have RTPs of 91 or 92% compared to 96 or 97% in fixed slot games. Suppose you choose to go progressive; make sure you bet large enough to be eligible for a jackpot.

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8. Always Bet Maximum

Betting maximum gives players access to larger bonuses, jackpots and free spins. Slot machines are entirely random; thus, the more you stake, the higher the chances of winning big.

9. Join Casino Player Clubs

Joining slot clubs, reward clubs, loyalty clubs, or any other casino's offers is the only way a casino can track and reward you. If you don't join, you have zero chances of winning free stuff such as free beverages.

10. Play a Low Denomination Machine

We always recommend you check and analyse the available denomination and pick the cheapest if you want a low risk of losing money. Cheaper slots have the least risk but offer little in return. If you play slot games for fun, low denomination machines are the best or you can play slots for free in trial mode without real money.


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Slot Strategie 11: Take Note of Promotions and Bonus Codes

Many casinos reward loyal players with promotions and bonuses. These come in the form of codes; therefore, it's good to note the specific bonus and promotion codes.

Setting limits is one of the best slots strategies. It can help you quit at the right moment

12. Have a Win and Loss Limit

In casinos, you can have a bad or good day. To get the best, have a loss and win limit past which you can't continue playing. You can begin by winning; then you start losing again. Be disciplined to quit online gambling if you get the win you hoped to get or whenever you suffer huge losses.

13. Avoid Cheating

Cheating isn't a slot games strategy. It is a criminal act that can get you to prison; therefore, avoid it completely.

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14. Check and Think on the Pay lines

Whenever you know how many pay lines your slot game has, you can have an idea of your winning chances; thus, it is prudent to research pay lines before you kick-off. It's best to play with maximum paylines. If you want to gamble a bit more you can raise your stake and minimize your winline to three or five, when you hit a win it's far greater! A great slot to to this is Pimped by Play ‘n GO.

Slot strategy: Know what it takes to land a bonus or free spin game

15. Eye the Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds are the mainstay of winning jackpots and unlocking free spins, which offer more winning opportunities. Ensure you have an understanding of bonuses and free spins and how to land it or even buy it.


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Slot Strategie 16: Play in a Reputable Casino

Playing in a reputable, licensed and legal online casino is very crucial since the games are fair and regularly monitored to avoid cheating. There is no point in winning if you can't be allowed to withdraw your winnings.

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17. Play Simple Games

The complex the game, the more money and time the developer has invested; thus, the developer may require making more money before giving big payouts. Sticking to traditional games may improve the chances of winning.

18. Take your Time

It is normal to be caught up with excitement in fast online slots, but try resisting and controlling it. Always take your time, relax and think before you make your next move.

19. Play Games you are Conversant with

Never try slot games if you haven't played. Take your time; learn before you begin betting big. If there is no free or fun mode available, stake small until you understand. After learning, you can now stake big.

20. Have discipline

In conclusion, to get the best out of slot games, you require a lot of self-control, discipline, and understanding. Otherwise, you may lose all your money, leading to frustration. Also, if you lack discipline and self-control, you may get addicted to online gambling, which can be very destructive in life.

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