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Introducing Luxon Pay

The rise of e-commerce saw many different online accounts and payment methods emerge. Online casinos are no different.

Most online casinos accept various online payment methods, but Luxon Pay is becoming a clear favourite. This is because of the super fast  transactions that are free of charge. Cash outs and Deposits can be instantly made via credit card or Interac.

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E-wallet Payment Method



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  • 100% up to $400
  • MGA License
  • C$500 Bonus + 150 Free Spins
  • 10% Cashback
  • 4000+ Games
  • 1 BTC Bonus

Luxon, the Popular Online Casino Payment Method

You can safely store different currencies in your e-wallet. Buy and convert currencies as you go. Luxon Pay is not only suitable for personal and business use but is also great for online gamblers. If you're looking to make instant online payments, but without racking up fees, Luxon is for you.

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Luxon Pay offers its services to people and businesses in over 120 countries. The e-wallet works with many different banking and payment methods. In Canada, you can make deposits and withdrawals safely from your Luxon e-wallet to your Visa or Mastercard bank account and through Interac e-Transfer.

Let's get into why Luxon Pay is a rising favourite payment method in the online casino and poker world. This review will give you a good idea of what Luxon Pay offers you and how to get started.

Why Luxon Pay is so popular for online casino players

The advantages of Luxon Pay and why it's so popular with online casinos

Luxon Pay describes itself as “perfect for poker players and gamers,” and online casinos agree. Payments between online gamblers are fast, safe and easy. Luxon Pay is popular with online casinos because it takes the fuss out of online transactions for online gamblers and won't absorb your winnings in fees.

You can deposit money to any participating online casinos using Luxon and withdraw just as easily. It's worth using Luxon Pay to make deposits and receive winnings because it saves you both time and money. While there are no transaction fees, some limits apply to currency exchanges and withdrawals.


Some of the popular supported currencies by Luxon Pay like Canadian Dollar, Euro, Britisch Pound and US Dollar

You can deposit and transact seamlessly between 10 currencies on Luxon so you have complete control over your bankroll. Luxon Pay can convert currencies for you at the spot rate, which is the current price of the currency you're converting.

It's a good idea to work your way into Luxon Pay's VIP program because more benefits open up to you. All it takes is to keep using your Luxor Pay account to make deposits to the online casinos and merchants of your choice. Keep making enough deposits to reach the minimum threshold because this gets you access to the first VIP level.


National Casino

  • Up to $1500
  • License CA

The Benefits of a Luxon Pay VIP

The Luxon Pay VIP program is a four-tier system. Going from bronze to platinum requires different deposit amounts. Make the required deposits every three months so you can earn related benefits. Withdrawal fees are charged, but you can change this by increasing your VIP status.

All four tiers get you free deposits, and it's free to receive and send money across all four. You get one free withdrawal every month on the bronze tier and two on silver. Unlimited withdrawals are reserved for the gold and platinum tiers.

All tiers have access to Luxon Pay's 24 hours and seven days a week customer service. You'll want to become a gold or platinum tier member because you enjoy access to your own personal VIP account manager.

As you climb the VIP ladder, you'll get free currency conversions at the spot rate. The amount you can convert for free increases with your VIP level. For platinum members, the perk is free for any amount.

National Casino

Transact with Luxon Pay with these 5 easy steps

Getting started with Luxon Pay involves a simple sign-up process and choosing your preferred security verification method. Support is always available through live chat should you need it. Here's how to get the most from your Luxon Pay account:

Time needed: 6 minutes

  1. Log into your account, or sign up if you don't have a Luxon Pay account

    Both options are at the top right corner of the site. If you're signing up, you'll need to provide proof of your address and government-issued ID.

  2. Enter your mobile phone number so Luxon can verify you.

    Now you're ready to sign up. Fill in your details and upload your ID and proof of address. Remember to choose a strong password. Your documents are verified electronically and the process can take up to 24 hours. Click on the Account tab so you can keep an eye on your verification status.

  3. To deposit money, find the deposits option on your dashboard.

    Continue and select your preferred deposit method. Deposits are easy to make, but only from an account in your name. Make sure to use the same currency as your deposit method so that you avoid additional fees.

  4. Simple Cash Outs – Withdrawing money form Luxon Pay

    Withdrawals work in much the same way as deposits. Select the Transfer option, and the next step is to select the withdrawal option. Now you'll select the destination account of your choice.

  5. Get to know the Dashboard

    Use the e-wallet dashboard to add contacts so you can send money to them. Select the Transfer option and add or select a contact from your list. Choose an amount in the appropriate currency, add a reference, and click continue to proceed with the payment.

Luxon Pay app with Two-Factor authentication

Luxon Pay's security features and reputation

The Luxon Pay platform was designed with user security in mind. Your sensitive data is safe with Luxon Pay's processes. Luxon Pay's automated transactions are monitored around the clock and are further safeguarded by internal fraud and compliance staff.

Any data needed for online transactions are encrypted when not in use. Layers of security measures protect every transaction and account. Every precaution is taken when verifying your identity. Don't use a VPN or IP Proxy when logging into your account because you could be suspended as a safety precaution.

As the user, you get to choose your method of two-factor authentication. Luxon Pay provides secure verification services through email and SMS. You can also use Google Authenticator and bolster the security of your account further with the biometrics security feature.

The United Kingdom's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates Luxon Pay as an authorized Electronic Money Institution. Many trusted online casinos already use Luxon Pay as a payment method, and the list continues to grow. This affirms Luxon Pay's favourable reputation in the online casino industry.


Bizzo Casino

  • 100% up to $250
  • 200 Free Spins

Sign up for Luxon Pay, the e-wallet for online gamblers

Luxon Pay is the online gambler's ultimate money managing side-kick. The Luxon difference is in the speed and simplicity of moving funds to contacts or online casinos in 120 countries and in different currencies. The e-wallet platform understands the fast-paced nature of online gambling and has designed a payment platform to accommodate it perfectly.

Instant currency conversion can give you access to more online casino gaming experiences from around the world. The service assures hassle-free, instant transactions that are free of any charges so you can get on with placing your bets and safely store all your winnings.

Regular online gamblers need to keep a close eye on their money, so having a cost-effective and reliable online payment method is a must. As a regulated e-wallet service with a special focus on online gamblers, Luxon Pay comes highly recommended.

The Internet has many apps and sites that make shopping online safe, quick and convenient. Thanks to Luxon Pay, online casino gamblers can enjoy the same online payment convenience and security with the potential to earn benefits.


Is it legal to use Luxon Pay for casino paymenst in Canada?

Yes, Luxon is a new e-wallet that support safe and super fast transactions for Canadians too!

Is there a Luxon App?

Yes, you can find the app here. That's super handy for use with the two-factor authentication when making secure payments to online casinos.

Are Cashouts free too?

Yes, but keep in mind that only the first withdrawal of the month is free. C$ 5 per withdrawal will be charged
thereafter. By climbing up the VIP ladder these transactions become cheaper and cheaper!



  • 100% up to $400
  • MGA License

Woo casino

  • 100% up to $500
  • 200 Free Spins

National Casino

  • Up to $1500
  • License CA


  • $330 Bonus
  • $150 Free Sports Bet

Bizzo Casino

  • 100% up to $250
  • 200 Free Spins

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