Legal Gambling in Quebec

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Gambling Laws in Quebec explained and the latest news about regulations for gambling at Quebec online casinos Quebec, Canada

The fast-growing gambling industry is taking Canada by storm and the national government has now legalized online sports betting and casino gambling in Quebec and also in the biggest city of the province; Montreal.

Previously, residents could only participate in land-based games of chance. Espacejeux was the only provider of online games, competing with some offshore North America providers. But, with the recent legalization of online single-game sports betting, there are bound to be more online casinos betting sites available in Quebec.

History of gambling in Quebec

Since it started in the 1960s in Quebec, gambling has grown in popularity as a convenient entertainment option. It is also a way for residents to utilize a portion of their discretionary income to gain more money. Hoping to earn revenue from this expansion, the Canadian government made all forms of gambling legal. But, the federal government left the regulation and running of the industry to the discretion of the provincial governments.

So, although gambling is legal in Canada and also in Quebec, the specific rules and regulations for each province depend on where you live. Also, since the particulars of gambling online are not laid out, there is no uniform set of rules to follow. There are different rules based on the type of gambling you choose.

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How we find the best Quebec Sites

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When you gamble online, security is crucial. We always prioritize security at all sites we check. Online casino licences are typically held in offshore jurisdictions, including Malta and Gibraltar. We present details on all of these bonus programs so that players will understand all of them clearly. Payment: There are multiple banking options available at all our Quebec online Casinos. Flawless Platform. Choosing the best platform will ensure you have an easy bet. We only provide online casinos that offer top casino games and that are fully functional with a reliable reputation.

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Gambling in Quebec

Gambling is legal in Quebec. The province comes second to Ontario in terms of gambling popularity. It has some of the country's most prominent and luxurious land-based casinos, with games like slots, poker, roulette, blackjack and bingo. Quebec also has an online gambling portal created in 2010 called Espacejeux.

Espacejeux offers a wide range of online lottery and casino games and online poker. The Quebec government once attempted to create a monopoly on online gambling with Espacejeux. They sought to make it the only legal online forum, ruling out other offshore gaming providers. But, the case went to court and the government lost.

Sports betting is also available in Quebec and goes by the name Mise-O-Jeu. The games are a version of the Proline games that are now popular all across Canada. There is also animal racing betting in Quebec, although only one option, harness racing, is available.

Except for animal racing, all forms of gambling are under the Quebec Alcohol, Racing and Gaming Commission through its subsidiaries. But, the overall national authority is the Criminal Code of Canada, although it also delegates power to the provinces.

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Promo and Bonuses in Online Casinos Quebec

Generally speaking, the different online casino sites offer the same promos and bonuses. Larger casinos and more famous ones are also offering such options and this makes online gaming easier for the new players. You will receive a nice bonus when you register. Some casinos have one free spins and some combine free spins with a deposit bonus.

Legal Gambling in Quebec - Betting on Sports in Quebec and the Law

The latest legal update regarding gambling across all Canada including Quebec is the legalization of single-game sports betting in August 2021. The law passed under the C-218 bill that sought to expand sports betting, allowing single-game wagers. From this development, provinces can now run and regulate single-event sports betting products even from private developers.

Previously, the law only allowed parlay betting, where players bet on multiple events using the same ticket. But this arrangement was not popular and the larger sports betting market turned to offshore sportsbooks. It meant significant revenue loss for Canada to other countries. For example, out of the can$14.5 billion bets on sports each year, only can$500 million went to Canadian provincial lotteries.

 Quebec Alcohol, Racing and Gaming Commission or RACJ: Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux

To stop the revenue bleed, the House of Commons adopted the C-218 bill in April 2021. The bill passed as law in August 2021, allowing single-game sports betting. As of now, provinces are laying down the framework that will guide sports betting as they launch it in future.

The launch could open more doors for the online market all across the country. With time, other forms of online betting could soon be legal in Montreal and other cities in Quebec, as many more online casinos start coming up. But, this is only speculation seeing that the government is currently the only entity running online gambling games.

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Online Gambling in Quebec

Espacejeux is an online gambling portal set up in 2010 to offer players a range of games. There are slot machine games, sports betting, poker, skill games, lottery games, and bingo. With this platform, gamers need not get into a casino physically for entertainment. They can access any game on the casino floor remotely through the internet.

Espacejeux also promotes responsible gambling in Quebec. It has a self-exclusion feature designed to keep players from going too far with their gambling. This protective feature has become the standard for a long time when it come to MGA licensed online casinos that operate outside of Canada. The government included this feature because although it collects revenue from this entertainment site, its priority is to promote and preserve the welfare of its people. The self-exclusion feature exists to protect the people from significant losses which is a great solution for problem gamblers.

Who Regulates Sports Betting in Quebec?

Quebec regulates its gambling under the Loto-Quebec. Loto Quebec is a crown corporation that conducts and administers lottery schemes operating as businesses in the Quebec province. The corporation works under the Espacejeux website, from where gamers can access state-sponsored online gambling games.

Still, the overall authority for all gambling activity in the country is the Criminal Code of Canada. The local authority that regulates games in Quebec province is the Quebec Alcohol, Racing, and Gaming Commission.

Will There Be Taxes on Online Gambling in Quebec?

No, both the national and provincial authorities do not impose taxes on gambling winnings. Even if you won a massive jackpot prize, you would not have to declare your gambling winnings when filing taxes.

But, professional gamblers who make are an exception to this rule. Since gambling is their primary income source, you must treat the winnings as regular income and pay taxes.

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Casino de Montreal

Payment methods for Quebec Online Casinos

Online casino sites in Quebec offer several ways of paying. Deposits and withdrawals are possible via cash and card payments, online wallets, or even bank transfers. Let's examine this more closely. Online casinos in Quebec provide an alternative way for making payment transactions as the Skrill electronic payment system. Skrill provides another payment app to make payment. Payment using PayPal is free of any bank account and credit card requirements. The easiest banking option for Quebec Online Casinos is Interac.

Top Land-Based Casinos in Quebec

1. Casino de Montréal

Casino de Montréal is Quebec's and Canada's largest casino. The Casino stretches across three buildings and has up to six floors, all dedicated to gambling. There are more than 3000 slot games and 115 table games.

Casino Montreal also has an electronic gambling table called ‘The Zone' that produces some special effects. There's also electronic poker and multiple bars and restaurants at the venue. We can highly recommend Casino Montréal!

2. Casino de Charlevoix

Although it is midsized, Casino de Charlevoix is also quite popular. It is located in the Pointe-au-Pic tourist area and features a wide array of games. The casino has 725 slot games, electronic gambling games, and video poker.

Casino de Charlevoix also has 18 table games. Also, you can request to go into the special five-table poker room. This casino is has high customer ratings and is the players' choice.

Casino  Lac-Leamy in Quebec

3. Casino du Lac-Leamy

Casino du Lac-Leamy is one of the larger casinos in Canada. It is located in Ottawa but gets visitors from Quebec and the neighbouring provinces.

The casino has more than 1800 slot games, 60 gambling tables and a separate poker room with 16 tables!

4. Casino de Mont-Tremblant

The casino is known for the Mont Tremblant stone architecture that gives the casino a scenic setting. A trip worthwhile and a great casino!

There are over three gaming floors containing 500 slot games, three poker tables and 16 table games.

Gaming Halls in Quebec

Gaming Hall Salon de Jeux Quebec

Quebec also has gaming halls, which are just small casinos offering slots and a variety of electronic games. A separate Loto-Quebec subsidiary called the Societe des establishments de Jeux du Quebec supervises the gaming halls. Although the gaming halls do not run any table games, players can play table games on the electronic gambling consoles.

The most popular gambling hall in the province is Salon de Jeux Quebec in Quebec City. Salon de Jeux Trois-Rivieres in Trois Rivieres also receives a fair number of visitors. Between them, they have a variety of slot games, electronic table games, VLTs, and keno.

Quebec Gambling Laws

Legal games of change are legal in Quebec from as early as 1970. And, in that time, the Canadian province amassed many game options and came up with laws and guidelines to regulate them. There are many by-law respecting regulations explicitly created for each game available in Quebec, as indicated in the Loto-Quebec website.

Residents in Montreal and other cities in Quebec are allowed to play on any online platform that accepts them, including government-owned Espacejeux. If a site wants to offer local gaming and gambling, it must first seek the approval and licensing of Loto-Quebec.

The law does not permit any persons below 18 years to participate in gambling. Players who appear to be under 25 years must show proof of their identity and age. Also, gamers must not be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.

Regarding offshore online gambling, the government of Quebec does not have jurisdiction over them. If an online casino is not in Quebec, the government cannot protect residents who subscribe to it. The local government cannot force the international gaming operators to adhere to the Quebec rules and regulations.

Residents are free to sign up and participate in offshore online casino games. But, they must know that the duty to protect them from unscrupulous practices is theirs.


Is Online Gambling Legal in Quebec?

Undoubtedly, online gambling is legal in Quebec. There is already some form of government-sponsored online gambling at the Quebec online casino called Espacejeux. Check out the best Canadian online casino here.

What Is the Legal Gambling Age in Quebec?

A gamer must have attained the minimum gambling age of18 years. But, there are additional requirements for the local casinos, both physical and online.
A gamer must have a Quebec physical address. He or she must also have a valid email address and a form of payment. The Acceptable forms of payment are credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts, Bitcoins and any other the casinos specify.

Is online gambling legal in Montreal?

Yes, gambling in a online casino Quebec or sports betting, both offline and online is legal in Montreal. As long as the online casino has a gambling license en is legal. Always check if the online casino is legal first.

How Does the Loto-Quebec Work?

Using Loto-Quebec, you can access online sporting games using either a mobile app or at a physical retailer. You can cash your winnings at the Loto-Quebec offices in Quebec City and Montreal.

What Betting Options Are Available for Players in Quebec?

Quebec Residents  can bet on both online and offline games. Even the government-sponsored sports lottery, Mise-O-Jeu, gives gamers the option to play physically in local stores and online.
There are also several online sportsbooks available to Quebecers. As online sports betting starts to set in, gamers can hope for more online gaming options in the future. Join 20 Bet Sports Book for fair odds and a free bet of 150 C$.
Most Quebec players prefer online gaming to in-person because the online platforms gives access to more betting markets. Also, the online games have better odds and players can access more bonuses

Online gambling in Quebec : Is It Popular?

In Quebec the Internet gaming industry was previously mentioned. The business is still flourishing here. Imagine how much online gaming industry has in Quebec! The betting market has certainly grown in the last few months and Quebec is one of the more developed provinces in terms of online gaming. The Canadian Gaming Act was inspired by the United States law. It states that there is none of the federal laws that make gambling illegal. The government also states that all states have a right to make definite decisions in the gambling industry.

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