Instadebit / iDebit

InstaDebit is one of the most popular payment methods in Canada that players use to transfer money instantly and very securely from bank to Instadebit casino.  The advantage is that these transactions  are without revealing any personal banking information. If you don’t have an INSTADEBIT account yet, you will be able to simply create one at any Instadebit casino and register your bank account easily during your first transaction.


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Instadebit Casino Payment Method Guide and Best Sites
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About Instadebit Casino Payments

Canadians have a real penchant for online gambling. While online sportsbooks and casinos are not allowed to operate within the country, there is nothing that prohibits Canadian gambling enthusiasts from using the best online gambling websites around the world.

None of this is lost on big trusted online gambling operators that go the extra mile to make accommodations for Canadian gamblers. Among the accommodations they are willing to make is to ensure Canadians have fast and easy ways to make deposits and withdrawals. That's the only reason that so many online gambling providers list InstaDebit (ID) as a viable banking option.

Many InstaDebit reviews focus on the Insta Debit process and the value this option offers to Canadian gamblers. It is our intention to offer the same information as it relates to InstaDebit casinos, plus a review of security features.

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How InstaDebit works / withdrawing and depositing

One of InstaDebit’s great appeals is the ease at which customers can use it. All they need is a Canadian bank that they can link to the Insta Debit (iDebit) product.

The process starts with a simple registration procedure. Anyone who wants to sign up can sign up as long as they have the aforementioned Canadian bank account. Ownership of a credit card is not necessary. To register, the customer needs to visit the ID website. There, they will get a chance to fill out a very simple online registration form.

Canadian Banks accepting iDebit and InstaDebit

Canadian banks

The required information includes basic details like name, address, etc. Of course, the account will need to provide access to a Canadian bank account. It is noteworthy that not all Canadian banks are currently contracted to interact with the Insta Debit system. With that said, most of the major banks in Canada are linked with this cash transfer system.

As for providing banking information, the customer has two options. First, they can click on one of the bank links that the cash transfer website provides. From there, the customer’s banking information gets filled in electronically. Second, the customer can simply provide their account name, account number, and the bank’s routing number directly on the registration form.

Instant depositing at a Idebit casino

Making Deposits

Once the account is set up, the money transfer process is very simple. A request for money is made through the casino, and the casino links to the money transfer system. From there, the cash transfer system links to the customer’s bank account from where the money comes. The whole process works in much the same way as an electronic bank check system.

What makes this process particularly convenient is the customer does not have to fund their ID account in advance. All they have to do is register with one of the many available InstaDebit online casinos and request a deposit.


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Instant and safe

The applicable link for deposits is available in the banking section of each of the InstaDebit casinos. By clicking on that link, customers are immediately taken to the applicable cash transfer website where they would enter the amount. After sending the request, the money shows up in the customer’s gambling account within minutes. Subsequently, the bank sends the money to the customer’s money transfer account for settlement. The best news of all is all transactions are free on the debit side of the process.

Making a Withdrawal

All casinos that accept InstaDebit are subject to having slightly different withdrawal policies. In many cases, a customer’s withdrawal request will go through a pending process before funds are available for transfer. Once the casino approves funds for withdrawal, the cash transfer system takes over.

For the most part, the withdrawal process is the same as the deposit process only in reverse. Through the casino, the customer makes the withdrawal request. The casino then sends the money to the customer’s cash transfer account. Once the money hits that account, it will sit there until the customer initiates a transfer from their cash transfer account into their bank account. For this part of the process, there is a small service charge the customer has to pay. Also, transfers to banks could take up to five business days to complete.

Advantages of InstaDebit

There are plenty of reasons why Canadians like this cash transfer system. That seems to be especially true of Canadians who like to gamble. All they need is access to one of the many InstaDebit casinos. That right there is one of the most prominent advantages. Beyond the advantage of convenience, other advantages include:

  • Ease of setting up an account
  • Free transactions with the cash transfer service provider
  • No need to fund account prior to initiating transactions
  • This cash transfer system is very secure

Safety and Security

Safety and security should be the number one concern of anyone who would use a money transfer system to transact business with an online casino. With so many criminals out there looking for victims, the last thing anyone wants to deal with is problems related to their gambling activities. That is why so many Canadian gamblers like the iDebit system.

As a cash transfer system, the iDebit system has to have the highest level of security possible, and in fact, they do. Through the use of banking level encryption technology and an intricate system of firewalls, the cash system side is well protected from the criminal element. Unfortunately, that is only half of the process.

SSL at iDebit casinos

At the casino level, good security measures have to also be in place. The good news is almost all InstaDebit casinos have good security measures in place. For the online casino industry, the minimum security standard includes at least 256-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption technology. Also, InstaDebit online casinos need to provide the latest in firewall technology. It is great to report that the regulatory agencies in Europe demand nothing less from their licensees. For that reason, customers can feel confident their ID cash transfers are secure and safe.

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Due to the popularity of online gambling in Canada, many European online gambling providers want Canadian business. The purpose of InstaDebit reviews is to point out that ID is a viable banking option for most Canadian online gambling enthusiasts.

What is attractive about this cash transfer system is how easy it is to use. Customers will also enjoy the fact it is free. If you are a Canadian looking for an easy way to fund your offshore gambling account, this is one cash transfer system you will want to consider. All you have to do is have a Canadian bank account and locate casinos that accept InstaDebit.

F.A.Q. Section

What is InstaDebit?

One of the leading cash transfer systems in Canada. It is also one of the most popular ways for Canadians to fund their online gambling accounts.

Is InstaDebit Legit?

By all indications, this is a very legit cash transfer system. It is very safe and secure.

What is the difference between iDebit vs InstaDebit?

iDebit product is a subset of the overall ID cash transfer system.

Is IDebit free to use?

All transactions are free except for a small fee the customer has to pay to transfer money transfers from ID into their bank account.

Can I withdraw funds with IDebit?

Yes. The process is very simple. Go to the online casino banking section withdrawal menu and simply make a withdrawal request. From there, the casino will send a deposit to your ID account.

How long does a InstaDebit payout take?

After abiding by the online casino pending period, the payout should take less than one day. To transfer money from ID to your bank account could take up to five business days.

Best Casinos with Instadebit



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