Monopoly Big Baller Live

Monopoly Big Baller Live

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Monopoly Big Baller review

Monopoly Big Baller is a bingo-style live game show based on Mega Ball and Monopoly Live. It uses a bingo-style machine and has a river theme. The game is exciting and has large multipliers that increase the overall payout. It has a bonus game where Mr Monopoly walks around a virtual 3D monopoly board to collect multiplier prizes. Most of the live game show, however, is centred on the ball machine that matches numbers and lines to win. It is easy to win with a 96.10 RTP.

Monopoly Big Baller live is a live-action game that combines virtual reality and livestreaming to get the best of live casino gaming. The multipliers and free spaces on cards are generated by Mr Monopoly pulling the levers. The ball machine draws 20 balls, and if any numbers on the ball match the number on the cards, a daub is placed on the number.

How to win?

Match the numbers and complete one or more lines to win a multiplied payout. You will be entertained through the whole nerve-racking moment of ball drawing by Mr Monopoly. Additionally, you can participate in the bonus game by drawing three or four numbers of the bonus bet. Here a virtual monopoly world (with Go, chance and Community chest, jail, and super tax) is unlocked, and Mr Monopoly collects the multiplier prizes. Players that did not qualify for the round can watch and enjoy the whole scene as they await the next game.

Game Rules

The game's excitement also has to do with the easy-to-follow rules that make it possible for both novices and experts to fall in love with the game. Here are some basic rules when playing Monopoly Big Baller:

  • You can select the type and number of Bingo cards to play between the Chance and Free Space cards.
  • The game has three multipliers, standard, line and global: one covers the whole card, the other a line and the fine one just a number.
  • A line multiplier pays 20x or 50x; a standard multiplier pays, a standard multiplier pays 10x or 20x assigned to a unique number, while the global multiplier pays 2x or 3x
  • You need three rolls to win three numbers and five rolls to win four numbers.
  • You get two bonus rounds if you get 3 and 5 rolls simultaneously

Mr Monopoly

When the roll is done, Mr Monopoly moves the same number of steps on the board as the dice roll. The number of rolls depends on the bonus card activated. If Mr Monopoly lands on the tax square, you lose 10% of the earnings. Landing Mr Monopoly in jail will place him in jail till you can perform a double roll. The chance and Community chest can award or charge a mystery amount. Going round the board and landing on the go doubles all subsequent multipliers. Mr Monopoly will move around the board, collect multipliers, and add them before multiplying with the bet amount.

How to Play Monopoly Big Baller step by step

Time needed: 3 minutes

Monopoly Big Baller is found in most online casinos that have Evolution in their collection. You can find this game in most casinos' live casino section. Hence the first step in paying for the game and finding an online casino that offers the casino game. You can play the game from a mobile device or desktop. Here is a step-by-step follow-up:

  1. Place Bets

    Once you enter the Monopoly Big Baller Live game, four bingo cards and two bonus cards with numbers appear at the bottom of the screen. You can place your bets on at least one of the cards but are at liberty to bet on all the cards beforehand. You can bet different amounts on each card.

  2. Mr Monopoly prepare the set

    Once the bets have been placed, you will witness Mr Monopoly come into action and pull the handle, which activates various multipliers. He also removes some numbers from the card to make it easier for the punter to follow.

  3. Ball Machine Draw Balls

    Once Mr Monopoly is done, the Ball machine starts drawing 20 out of the 60 balls. If a ball is drawn, it is daubed with red on the cards if it exists. If a number with a multiplier is drawn, the multiplier is activated on the prize. If all the balls on either bonus card are drawn, it activates a bonus round.

  4. Bonus Game Plays Out (Optional)

    The bonus game takes place in a virtual Monopoly game, those who never made a bet can just watch. All the squares have an assigned multiplier till it's boosted by a random hotel or house falling on them. Mr Monopoly comes and raises several multipliers on the board. When he is done, a dice comes into view and rolls.

  5. Prizes paid Out

    Once the game is done, prizes are paid out immediately and credited to your account, and the next game begins immediately.

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Payouts, RTP and Potential of winning

It is easy to win playing Monopoly Big Baller Live as it has a high RTP of 96.1. However, it is very volatile, and you may need to play several rounds to win in some cases. The odds are very, very high since the game compounds the odds per card with the added bonus round option.

The game allows you to make small and large bets, and the wagers can range from C$0.10 to C$4,000 maximum wager. You place bets on the card and not on the individual lines. You can place bets on all the cards, increasing the possible payout. While there are no maximum odds per game, the maximum payout per single player per game is set at C$500,000.

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The Best Monopoly Big Baller Strategy

Many strategies have been discussed online on how to increase your total payout or chances of winning Monopoly Big Baller. Guaranteeing a win with any strategy is difficult as the games rely on chance. However, the game has several avenues on which you can increase the total payout.

For starters, do not bet your entire bankroll on each game. You can start with, say, 10% unless, in the unfortunate case, you have ten successive losing streaks. Bet on as many cards as you to help spread the chances of winning. However, this tactic may lose you more money as you bet on each card individually. Bonus rounds are a much safer option should they be activated as they raise the odds.


Monopoly Big Baller is a fresh breath of air that mashes two classic games to bring you an exciting time playing casino games. Evolution made sure that this live game show gives you a feel of a bongo game, with the classic monopoly game stealing the show to keep you entertained in each round. What the game has in excitement is that it has no actual maximum payout bag for huge wins. Overly it is easy to play and streams clearly with chat features that you can recommend to both novices and seasoned players.


What is the maximum multiplier?

Evolution Gaming has not revealed the maximum possible payout you can reach from playing the game, depending on your luck. You can get to even 1000x; hence the maximum payout is capped at C$500,000

What is the RTP for Monopoly Big Baller Live?

Monopoly Big Baller Live has a high RTP of 96.1%, which guarantees that you will win most of the time you play the game. Nonetheless, you can also have a lucky streak so play responsibly.

Do All Players Get the Same Numbers

All players get the same Card with the same numbers while playing Monopoly Big Baller Live. However, each player can independently choose the card and bonuses they wish to play. The variation in the player option means in the same game; one player can earn a large reward while another goes empty-handed.

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