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Evolution introduces Funky Time Live

Funky Time – An Evolution live game with Digiwheel technology

Evolution has launched a number of revolutionary live casino games in recent years that use Digiwheel technology. Popular live game shows include Monopoly Live, Monopoly Big Baller, Dream Catcher and the popular game Crazy Time. Funky Time was launched in May 2023, and this exciting live casino game has a return to player of 96.07% which means this game gives you a pretty good chance of winning.

Where can you play Funky Time?

The live casino game show Funky Time can be played at most online casinos. The Evolution game is offered at the following top gambling sites:

  • Up to 360% Bonus
  • Play all games in Every Canadian region
  • 100% up to $400
  • MGA License
  • Up to $7000
  • 120 Free Spins

Improvements – Funkty Time vs. Crazy Time

Evolution Gaming indicates that this new game show is an improved version of Crazy Time. The game provider says it has listened to its players and made it even better with more bonus rounds that are also triggered more often. To be precise, there is an 18.75% chance of a bonus round with every game. A bonus game is played approximately 1 in 5 spins of the wheel, which is very exciting!

Let's dive into the world of the Seventies to introduce the game Funky Time to you and see if it it true. It Is Time To Get Funky!

How does Funky Time work?

Funky Time takes you back to the disco era of the 1970s. You see a colourful live presenter standing on a dance floor. There is a wheel with 66 spaces. You bet on one or more possible outcomes. The minimum bet is $0.10, and the maximum is $1000.

There are 17 betting options. A lot more than with Crazy Time, where you only have eight different betting choices. You can bet on this game show: 1, PLAY, TIME, FUNK or on the bonus features: BAR, STAYIN ALIVE, DISCO and VIP DISCO.

The number 1 appears on the wheel 28 times. The chance that it falls on 1 is very high and that is why you only win your bet multiplied by one time. If you bet money on a letter or bonus, there is much more to win, because the chance is simply much smaller that you have bet on the correct letter or bonus. For example, for a correct letter bet, you receive your stake multiplied by 25 times.

If the wheel lands on a bonus, a bonus game is started, with which you can win even larger amounts of money. The game starts after you and all other players playing live have placed their bets. The presenter spins the wheel. As it spins, a disco ball places random multipliers across the wheel.

Step by Step guide how to play Funky Time

Time needed: 5 minutes

We briefly describe in five steps how to play the Funky Time game.

  1. Go to an online casino

    First of all, you go to an online casino where you can play this game. Log in to the casino and go to the live casino. You will find the game in the live game shows category.

  2. Place a bet

    Everyone gets some time to contribute. You have 17 betting options. How much do you want to bet? Choose the chip and place it. You can bet multiple chips on different outcomes.

  3. Watch the host spin the wheel

    The host spins the wheel and a disco ball places random multipliers on the wheel. After a while, the box on which the player comes to a stop is the winning box.

  4. Bonus Game

    The bonus game is of course only played when the wheel lands on a bonus. The chance of step 4, a bonus round, is statistically 18.75%. We explain al the bonuses this game offers below this step by step guide of playing Funky Time.

  5. Payout of winnings

    After the game and any bonus round has ended, you will be paid out. At least, if you had bet correctly! At the top right of the screen you will see the amounts that winning fellow players have won.

These are the Funky Time bonus games

There are four different FunkyTime bonus games. Large amounts of money can be won in a bonus round. We will go through all four with you.

  • BAR (6 times on the wheel)
  • Disco (3 times on the wheel)
  • Stayin' Alive (2 times on the wheel)
  • VIP Disco (1 time on the wheel)
Betting options with live presenter of Funky Time game show

BAR bonus round (Most chance to land)

The BAR bonus game occurs most often on wheel, namely six times. The bonus game takes place in a bar. A bartender pours three different drinks, each with its own multiplier. You have to choose the drink and preferably with the highest multiplier!

Stayin' Alive bonus round

Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive, stayin' alive! This bonus only appears twice on the wheel. That means even more chance of winning high amounts, at least if the wheel comes to a standstill on this bonus.

The Stayin' Alive bonus can be compared to bingo . Before the game starts you have to choose from 3 colors: green, purple or orange. You then play the rest of the bonus game with the color you choose.

There are three meters in the colors green, purple and orange. If an orange ball is dropped during the draw, the orange meter will increase slightly. He even rises a little extra with a few balls. The more your colored meter increases, the greater the multiplier.

By the way, you don't want too many black balls to fall, because with four black balls the game stops and you win the multiplier shown on your meter. This can go up to a maximum of 2000x.



  • Up to 360% Bonus
  • Play all games in Every Canadian region

Disco bonus round

It's disco time, so get your feet off the floor! This bonus takes place on an illuminated disco floor. Look at him standing there on the dance floor, that Mr. Funky. He has to do it for you, because he has to dance together the multipliers for you.

How does this bonus work? Above the DJ you will see a wheel. This leaves Mr. Make funky dance moves. The arrows on the wheel determine four different directions that Mr. Funky on can: one step forward, back, to the left or to the right.

The dance floor contains the multipliers 1, 2 or 5 on which Mr. Funky can end up. If Mr Funky takes one step outside the dance floor, the bonus round is over.

Ultimately, the total number of multipliers determines your winnings. The box ‘disco' appears three times on the prize wheel.

VIP Disco bonus round (Least chance to land)

The VIP Disco is the same bonus game as the Disco bonus above, only here the multipliers are much higher. The VIP Disco only appears once on the wheel and the multipliers and possible winnings are accordingly. In short: The VIP Disco is the place to be!

Mr. also dances with this bonus. Funky and he goes in the direction that the spinning wheel determines. He collects multipliers, but stops as soon as he steps foot outside the dance floor. At the VIP Disco you will see multipliers of 50, 250, 500 and 1500.

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Funky Time strategy and tips

What strategy should you follow to win as much money as possible at Funky Time? The answer is simple: there is no winning strategy. Funky Time is a game of chance with a return to player of 96.07%. You have no influence on the possible outcome. What are the best Funky Time tips to bet and win? You can bet on 17 different items. You never know in advance at which spot the wheel will eventually come to a stop. Each of the different possibilities has a certain probability. For example, the chance is greatest that the wheel will stop at number 1 (43.75%) and the chance is smallest that the VIP Disco bonus will drop (1.56%). Here are the the best chances of winning at Funky Time:

  • Number 1 43.75%
  • One letter 37.50%
  • Bar Bonus 9.38%
  • Disco Bonus 4.68%
  • Stayin' Alive Bonus 3.13%
  • VIP Disco Bonus 1.56%


Funky Time will become the live casino game of 2023. Online gamblers love casino games where you can play bonuses. And Evolution brings an exciting game to the market with this live casino game where you have an 18.75% chance of winning a bonus game.

This game with a 70's look takes you back in time but is way ahead of its time in terms of casino play. Leave that to Evolution Gaming .

What is Funky Time?

Funky Time is an online casino game where you can wager real money. It is developed by Evolution Gaming, one of the biggest and most reliable software providers world wide.

At which online casino can I play Funky Time?

You can play Funky Time in every online casino that offers games by Evolution Gaming. Check out the best online casino in Canada.

Can I play Funky Time on mobile?

Yes, Funky Time can be played on any device. It features a fully scaleable interface and only requires an internet connection for the live video stream.

What is the best betting strategy for Funky Time?

The best Funky Time strategy is probably spreading your bets on both letters and bonuses. With an almost 1 to 5 ratio of landing a bonus, this game is packed with potential.

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