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Dead or Alive: Saloon – New Game Show by Evolution

Dead or Alive Saloon Live from Evolution.  Game review and the best casinos to play

Dead or Alive is a card game show that let's you win big multipliers by identifying the first playing card from a deck. The game is based on the Wild West theme, with the gaming studio correctly depicting the Wild West Saloon. Evolution developed this live casino game show based on the similar videoslots named Dead or Alive and Dead or Alive II by NetEnt. Netent now also is owned by Evolution, just as Big Time Gaming and Red Tiger to name a few big names.

This game uses experienced croupiers who make the game all the more fun. You can enjoy the beauty of the studios through Evolution Gaming; it resembles the actual Wild West Saloons. The game is streamed live with fantastic video performance. Developers use multiple angles and high-definition cameras to bring you high-quality scenes and an immersive and functional interface to enjoy every angle of the game.

Best Casinos to play Dead or Alive Saloon Live

  • 100% up to $250
  • 200 Free Spins
  • Up to $450
  • 170 Free Spins
  • 100% up to $1000
  • MGA License

Good payout percentage and easy to play

The game is easy to play, has easy rules, and has a high game RTP of 97.02. The game is played on 52 regular and 52 bonus playing cards. The maximum payout per game is capped at $500,000.

Players can bet on the first on which particular card it will be its suit or value and watch the game till the first card is drawn by the dealer. If you are lucky that the first card revealed is the bonus card, you join a massive bounty hunt. The bonus card values are added to the game until the first playing card is revealed. Once a regular playing card is revealed, the game ends.

If you choose the right card, the multiplier is applied to win. This game is suspense-filled, with the reveal of each card sending emotions rising. The bonus card has multipliers running from 20x to 100x and a host of other cards that increase the benefit to the player. In essence, all you have to do is to predict the first player card that will reveal a hope to rack up as many multipliers as possible to increase your total winnings.

How Dead or Alive: Saloon works

As stated earlier, Dead or Alive: Saloon is Played on a 104-card deck. The deck contains 52 regular playing cards and 52 special cards. Most of the cards are multiplier cards. Here is how the special cards are divided:

  • Twenty 20x multiplier cards
  • Nineteen 30x multiplier cards
  • Three 50x multiplier cards
  • A 100x multiplier card
  • Six Bounty Hunt cards
  • 3 Double cards

The game starts with the player betting on any of the 52 regular deck cards. Players can bet on as many cards as they wish to increase their chances of winning, similar to roulette. Players can also bet on the card type( hearts, club, spades) or the card number( A, 2-10, J, Q, K ). Once betting is done, a croupier will deal cards from a shoe until a regular playing card is revealed.


Galactic Wins 

  • $1500 + 180 Spins
  • MGA License

Multipliers for more potential

The lowest value per game is 20x the value of the bet. Whenever the dealer gets any multiplier cards (20x, 30x, 50x, 100x), the multiplier is added to the total winnings. Should the dealer deal out the bounty card, you will enter into a bonus round. You will be taken to a bonus screen where you will have to shoot one of three wanted posters. The poster you shoot will reveal a multiplier value that will be added to your potential win.

It is good news when the dealer deals out the double card as the game pays out double the current potential win. That means if you are at 20x, it will be boosted to 40x. The game continues with the dealer dealing out all manner of cards till a regular card is dealt. Any new cards increase in multiplier with the bounty card taking you to the bonus round. During gameplay, you can chat with other players and the game show host. Evolution allows you to use Autoplay to repeat the same wager after setting it.

Bonus games and Payouts

Playing Dead or Alive is similar to playing roulette in the studio, except that your win is boosted by multipliers that push it up to half a million dollars. The game rewards players with a bonus multiplier equal to the value of the bonus card(s) revealed before the regular playing card. As stated, the card multiplier bonuses are 20x, 30x, 50x, and 100x. The Double card multiplies any current payout by two.


  • 100% up to $150
  • 33 Free Spins

You can boost your winning with the Bounty Hunt card that takes you to a bonus round. The round is immersive and takes you to the Wild west with three targets that reveal a multiplier that will boost your odds. Once the regular playing card is dealt, the game is done if you bet as the first card revealed, you win all the previous multiplier and bonus games; otherwise, you lose.

Playing Dead or Alive: Saloon in 5 easy steps

Time needed: 4 minutes

Dead or Alive is a fast-paced game that allows you to win and have a fun time in 5 simple steps.

  1. Place bets

    The game begins once you enter your favorite casino and select Dead or Alive: the saloon. You can place bets on a specific card, value, or suit. You will head to the bottom of the screen to pick a betting chip; each chip has a different amount. You then have to select a card within 15 seconds. The game's objective is to select the first regular card selected.

  2. Croupier Deals the Cards

    Once the betting is done, the croupier deals that cars face up one at a time.

  3. Bonus Cards revealed

    As the dealer deals cards, he may reveal any of the multiplier cards. The value of the multiplier is added to the total win. The Double card multiplies any current wins by 2.

  4. Bounty Hunt Event

    If the croupier deals with any of the Bounty Hunt cards, the game is taken to the Bounty Hunt Event. The player is presented with three targets holding a multiplier. Select the chosen multiplier, aim and shoot before a multiplier is revealed. The bonus multiplier is added to the total winnings.

  5. The Results

    The game ends whenever a regular playing card is revealed. If no bonus card is revealed before, the player who bet on the card gets 20x the bet. The more the bonus card, the higher the win though the win is capped at half a million dollars.

The Best Dead or Alive: Saloon strategy

Despite the simplicity of Alive Saloon, the game has yet to have a proven winning strategy. That is because the game is based on random chance, and you cannot certainly predict the card the croupier will deal out. Nonetheless, you can increase your odds of winning by either selecting multiple numbers per game or selecting a suit. You may also use the auto spin feature to make similar bets over different game rounds.


Evolution's Dead or Alive is a fun game that will keep you on the edge as you await to see which card will be revealed. The studio is played in a good studio with some of the most experienced croupiers, an excellent user interface, high video quality, and rewarding promotions. Nonetheless, do not expect to get rich playing the game, as it is hard to get the winning card or rack up 10 or more bonus cards.


How much can I win in a game?

The maximum win per game is limited to €500,000 or $500,000.

What is the maximum multiplier?

The biggest multiplier in a single game of Dead or Alive: Saloon is 100x. Still, the multiplier will stack up together so you can get the maximum winnable amount of half a million dollars.

When can I play Dead or Alive: Saloon?

Dead or Alive: Saloon by Evolution went live on November 30th, 2022, on all Casinos with Evolution games in at least 44 countries globally. Check the best Online Casinos is Canada.

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