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Boom City – A New Live Dealer Game Show by Pragmatic Play

Boom City is a new live casino game by Pragmatic Play. It is based on betting on the results of a two-dice bet. Boom City is played on a 6X6 gaming board, with each grid representing one of the results of rolling two dice. Dice are color-coded to help determine the winning square with ease. The game has great mechanics, video clarity, and a great user interface to help you make the correct prediction. You are at liberty to bet on all the one to all outcomes in a single game. There are bonus rounds, prize squares, burst squares, power-up squares, and different multipliers up to 20,000x depending on where you land.

Playing Boom City

Boom city is relatively easy to play as all you have to do to place a bet on a square that you believe will be chosen on a dice roll. You can play the first and the other bonus rounds to win big odds.


  • 100% up to $150
  • 33 Free Spins

Playing Boom City in a few Easy Steps

Here are the steps to playing the game.

Time needed: 2 minutes

  1. Take seconds to bet on the spots on the grid

    The dice rolls represent the winning grid.

  2. Once Betting closes, the prize roll refreshes with Bronze, Silver, Gold, bonus, powerup, and bust squares.

    Check the multiplier value at the bottom of each column.

  3. The presenter activates the dice platforms to roll some dice

    The results are displayed

  4. Winning a multiplier or a bonus round?

    Check your bets, maybe you won the one of the four bonus rounds, if you placed bet on them!

Boom City game rules

Boom city games reward the gameplay based on a few simple and easy-to-follow rules.

If the dice roll result is bronze, gold, or silver square, you will receive the multiplier on your active bet.

When the dice roll lands on a bonus symbol, it activates a bonus round; you have to make an active bet you still have to watch as the bonus round plays off.

If the dice land on a power-up square, the bust squares are transformed to bronze with 20X multipliers. Power squares also boost random squares in the grid with multipliers.

If you land on a bust, it plays over, and you lose.

  • Up to $1500
  • License CA
  • Up to $1,200
  • 150 Free Spins
  • 100% up to $1000
  • MGA License

Features and Bonus games

Pragmatic play broadcasts Boom City from dedicated studios in Romania. The footage is high quality as they use a 4K camera and stream the game to any of your devices without any latency. The game features incredible visuals, excellent animation, and an interface that will keep the players relishing the gaming experience. There is a live chat feature to help you communicate with the rest of the players. Boom City by pragmatic has been optimized for gaming on phones, desktops, and tablets. It also features special features and bonuses such as:


The Power-up feature is one of the most outstanding features of the game as it lets you draw a corresponding power-up symbol from the grid depending on the rolled dice. Once you land the symbol, it transforms all the bust symbols to a 1x multiplier. It also applies several other bonus features to increase rewards and bonus games for a higher chance of winning.

Each game has 3 power-up squares out of the 36 X 36 grid. During the power-up round, the multiplier can be boosted from 2x and 5x. All busts in this power-up round get converted to bronze and may receive a multiplier ranging from 20x to 50x. All grid squares may have the multiplier increases randomly, including the bonus grid.

You can get consecutive power-ups which may increase the multiplier exponential through each new power-up round. During the consecutive power-up, multipliers are applied to 24 random squares. During the fifth consecutive power up all squares convert to gold squares with a 50X multiplier. You can make great wins in bonus rounds whenever you have a power-up multiplier.

Bonus Rounds

Apart from the main game, Boom city features three bonus side games that can help you increase your winning substantially. The three rounds you can play are:

Dice Battle Bonus

This is a rather easy-to-play bonus. All you have to do is to pick either the blue or gold dice. Both dice are rolled, and the results are logged on the battle board. After three dice rolls, the value of the sum of the two dice is compared with the dice with the highest total winning.

Your only task in this bonus is to pick which of the two dice will win this round. Easy right? Predicting the winning side grants you both the winning and losing multipliers, while losing only gives the losing multiplier. So, if you backed the winning dice, the payout becomes a multiplier of the bonus round and vice versa.

Additionally, rolling 6 three times in a row may activate a special mega bonus that awards you 500x of your initial bet. If the rolls tie, then both sides get the same payout. The lowest win in this round is 3x, while the highest is the aforementioned 500x. You may increase the multiplier if a power-up is brought to the mix. You can get multipliers between 15x and 25x in the bonus round.

Luck Drop Bonus

The Lucky drop features a 6-column grid to represent the number of dice. Each column has four multipliers at the top. The multiplier ranges from 10x to 200x, though the initial value is 5x, which is the least you can win in the game.

Pick a dice number to replace a column to start playing. Two dice are rolled thrice. Each day's result leads to the corresponding column's multiplier to drop. The more times your column number appears, the more you win.

Boom Or Bust

Do you have the guts to play a multilevel game to get a bigger multiplier, or are you afraid of busting from the game? The game is played on a 7-row, 6-column grid and uses the golden die. The columns represent the die numbers. Each row contains multiplier and bust squares.

The game's main aim is to climb more rows without landing a bust, but like in the main game, landing a bust means you lose all your rewards and bonuses. The rows have a level-up square that moves you to the next row and a hyper square that will catapult you to level 6.

Roll the first die to get a safe multiplier that pays out, even when you land on the bust. The safe multiplier effect applies to all players in the game round. You can cash out at this round or keep playing. Each dice roll determines the next square in the row to be picked.

You can cash out the multiplier or continue with the game for bigger wins. A safe multiplier means you do not lose your current winning when you land on a bust. If you land on a bust symbol, then your game is over. If the square is a level up, you will move up a row to land a multiplier field.


National Casino

  • Up to $1500
  • License CA

The best Boom City strategy

Boom strategy is a mathematical game you can try to beat with a good strategy. You, however, have to be very keen on the numbers and the types of wagers you make to avoid getting bankrupt in the hopes of making big wins. Also beware of playing this game on casinos with a bad reputation. Better find the best casinos online first to play this game safely! Here are some more tips and Boom City strategies you can consider:

Bet on silver, gold, and bronze squares

Choosing numbers 1 to 36 gives you a very low chance of winning. You can, however, improve the odds by choosing colors. That is because out of the 36 squares, 28 to 31 are colored, representing 77% of the grid or 77% chances of winning.

The groups 11-14 are bronze, 7-10 silver, and 3-7 gold. Say you wage $10 placing $6 on bronze returns 12 for a win, $2 for gold and returns $10 and $2 n siler returns 4. This strategy may, however, eat your bankroll unless you get power-ups.

Bet on all Squares

Placing a bet on all squares is the only way to ensure that you will land a win. You can also play strategically by only betting on bronze spots. Distribute the wagers in a way that covers the entire wager when you win. This tactic helps to reduce losing cash from the bank with each bet.

Bet Only on Bonus Rounds

It is no secret that the bonus rounds have lucrative bonuses. Just bet on one of the bonuses and how you will get the large multipliers. Place as much as you can on the tree side bets.


Boom city integrates the die rolling and RNG to create an awesome gaming experience to keep you playing for hours. Additionally, the game has good graphics and a powerful chat function to keep the stream exciting. Try this live game show out for a chance to make big wins.


What is the maximum multiplier?

Boom city offers many chances to win both small and large rewards. You can reach up to 20,000x of your bet if you get some consecutive powerup through the in-game multiplier range from 1x and 25x.

What is the RTP for Boom City Live?

Boom city has a very high RTP of 96.21%, which guarantees that you will win most of the time you play the game.

Where is the Boom City Studio?

Pragmatic Play's studio hosts Boom City to the best Live Casinos worldwide, from the Romanian capital of Bucharest.

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